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What to present to you, the darling?

“Happy birthday, darling!“ - the husband whispered on an ear in the morning... I decided to wake up. Also woke up at once... at the sight of a huge box at a bed. The box was so huge that the imagination began to draw inconceivable options. Bicycle? Aquarium? House sunbed? Everything was more unexpected. It was the telescope. Well why was, it also is... Just “lives“ now in garage because in our small apartment, and on the first floor, it is impossible to use this considerable equipment. Shock is our way! I not just was surprised, I very strongly was surprised! I expected more to see a ringlet as a gift (all - anniversary at me, 30 years!). Well, a microscope, eventually, because I like everything to consider small. But telescope... I, of course, thanked the husband, but stated everything - the surprise aloud. The husband got out, having told with a romantic note in a voice:“ Darling, I presented you a star, all visible stars! Unless you did not dream of it?“ Well what to tell what to tell. Dreamed... Probably.

there Passed half a year. I did not see stars. In garage seldom I am at the nights. But the husband and sons were happy with this gift, managed both to examine the moon, and the next houses...

February Came... St. Valentine`s Day approached. Somehow we with the husband do not consider this holiday during a holiday. But suddenly the husband asked: “The darling, and what you want as a gift?“ Being already afraid to wish something material, said the first and main dream in low tones: “The daughter I want!“ “Yes not a question!“ - the husband told. And, really, by March 8 there was already available a confirmation in the form of the striped test that I will receive a gift. I was happy.

At first it is careful, then it is more active, I began to buy up pink (who has only sons, those will understand me). Term was put on November 7, exactly almost at birthday of the husband and father-in-law. The child was born exactly in time. Good gift to the father and grandfather. All joyfully congratulated me, and I... I was again a little in happy shock. But already habitual in 12 years of family life. “Girl“ the happy father called Antoshk. “As in the fairy tale - three sons!“ - he joyfully told all.

For me my boys - my pride and pleasure. The third - the most sweet, most favourite, most desired present! But all the same I hope that sometime all - the husband my darling will present to me precisely according to the list: bicycle, microscope and daughter.

Ya, probably, incorrigible optimist, huh?