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Probiotics: fashionable myth or key to health?

That it to a pra - and a probiotics about which speak very much now? Whether it is possible to cure by means of them any diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path whether they have contraindications? Passion. ru asked these and many other questions concerning to a pra - and probiotics, to the doctor. whether

are Known by you that of 2 - 3 kg the weight of the adult healthy person are made by inhabitants of his intestines - microorganisms? It is difficult not to reckon with such weight. Our “rich inner world“ it is necessary to feed, give to drink, and sometimes and to treat!


in the conditions of improper feeding, stresses, an inactive way of life to inhabitants of our intestines quite often needs artificial support. Are for this purpose thought up to a pra - and a probiotics.

microorganisms from among useful inhabitants of intestines (symbiotic bacteria), and also products of their activity contain

of the Probiotics. Accepting preparations and dietary supplements from this group, we seek to occupy intestines “the necessary lodgers“.

Prebiotics do not contain microorganisms, but create good conditions for their life. As a rule, these preparations consist of oligosaccharides, enzymes, acids and other substances which are used in food by intestinal microflora or exert the stimulating impact on its growth and development.

Classification to a pra - and probiotics

of the Probiotics is released in four main forms:

the Magic tablet exists?

the First preparations of probiotics appeared in Russia in the middle of the last century, but reached the greatest distribution to last of 10 - 15 years.

In experiment these preparations showed remarkable properties, had practically no side effects and contraindications and promised to become panacea from many diseases. Than not a magic elixir? Drank and forgot about problems with health!

However in practice the money spent for treatment to a pra - and a probiotics, quite often is wasted. The effect of therapy not always satisfies the doctor and the patient, and recently messages on negative influence of probiotics on health even more often appear.

For what to us are necessary to

a pra - and a probiotics? And when their action does not correspond declared in the instruction?

What treat to a pra - and a probiotics?

As are declared by producers, to a pra - and a probiotics has broad application for improvement and treatment of an organism.

  1. Monocelled “antibiotics“. Bacteria - a probiotics, getting into intestines, at once begin war with harmful (pathogenic) microbes for a free living space. They densely occupy an intestinal wall, without leaving empty seats for pathogenic microorganisms.
    Growing roots in intestines, useful bacteria change environment pH in the sour party. And causative agents of intestinal infections do not take out “sour life“ and in such conditions perish.
    At last, some bacteria learned to synthesize the real antibiotics. However these antibiotics “on mind“ work: only on harmful microorganisms.
    Thanks to these properties, a pra - and a probiotics apply during intestinal infections, including the virus nature.
  2. Solve problems with digestion. Pre - and a probiotics stops processes of fermentation and rotting in intestines, participates in digestion of food, absorbs the surface gases, thereby reducing an abdominal distension and improving digestion.
    Pro-biotic bacteria allocate a number of the substances strengthening and revitalizing an intestinal wall at various inflammatory processes.
    Therefore are used at violation of a chair (diarrhea and a lock), swelling, rumbling and belly-aches.
  3. Second liver. Useful bacteria - a probiotics are capable to neutralize many substances, since poisonous products of a metabolism and finishing with antibiotics, heavy metals and carcinogens (the substances provoking development of cancer). Pre`s
    - and a probiotics are capable to absorb the surface toxins, “slags“ and even viruses. Being allocated with intestinal contents outside, they clear an organism of “garbage“, showing properties of sorbents and detoksikant.
  4. Strengthen immunity. A probiotics as a part of intestinal microflora has the powerful immunomodelling effect. They strengthen our protection against the most different diseases: colds, herpes and even cancer!
    of the Probiotics are capable to nullify displays of an allergy and autoimmune diseases (when the allergy develops on own cages and bodies).
    Is established that at long-livers of the Caucasus 95 years are more senior the composition of intestinal microflora is very similar to children`s: the main link is made lakto - and bifidobacteria. At them the quantity of these bacteria does not decrease with age and has accurate communication with life expectancy. Perhaps, interpretation of the nature of this regularity will help mankind to find a secret of eternal youth.
When a probiotics “brings“

  1. of the Probiotics does not cope with the duties when we try to get rid of a symptom (an unstable chair, a meteorizm, belly-ache, etc.) without having removed its cause in advance:
    • chronically proceeding diseases and infections, hormonal frustration;
    • long deficiency of food (insufficient receipt with food of vegetable cellulose, fermented milk products, at monocomponent diets, starvation);
    • long drug intake (antibiotics (more of 7 - 14 days), laxative, antisekretorny means, corticosteroids, oral contraceptives), and also preservatives, dyes, amplifiers of taste;
    • at an immunodeficiency.

people of advanced age, and also the undergone operations on abdominal organs get To special risk group.

In all these cases in intestines it is long the conditions unsuitable for normal existence of useful bacteria are supported. Therefore a probiotics can render only short-term effect, but will never get accustomed for a long time.

remission of chronic diseases needs Originally to achieve

(especially zheludochno - an intestinal path), to get rid of the infection centers, to restore a hormonal background, to correct food etc.

  1. of the Probiotics, having got into intestines, are torn away by “radical“ microflora as alien body at transplantation, despite biological relationship.
    It occurs because at each of us the unique, “native“ community of intestinal microbes which closely interact among themselves is formed and even exchange genetic information.
    Therefore even the best probiotics with “laboratory“ bacteria not always get accustomed under natural conditions.
    In this regard appeared developments of creation of probiotics “to order“ - from own flora of the person. The essence of development consists that the sample of normal intestinal microflora can be frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then if necessary to use as a basis for a probiotic. Present to
    : on the eve of operation, the long drug intake, pregnancy, business trip or other events capable to provoke development of dysbacteriosis, it will be possible to prepare such sample in cryobank, and then if necessary to use it for restoration of former microflora.

Two strategy

All existing probiotics can be divided into two groups, essentially excellent on the action mechanism.

I. The most widespread and available probiotics are the preparations containing natural intestinal microflora of the person: live if - lakto - and bifidobacteria (“Bifidumbakterin“, “Laktobakterin“, “Biobakton“, “Laktobatsil“, “Nutrolin“, “Kolibakterin“, “Mutaflor“).

They are used by

in medicine more than 80 years and are well studied.

of Advantage

Soft physiological action and almost total absence of contraindications and side effects.


Medical action of these probiotics decreases every year, for rendering medical effect they need to pass a difficult way of “obzhivaniye“ in intestines. Besides, lakto - if - and bifidobacteria were weak opponents for causative agents of intestinal infections and pathogenic mushrooms.


Therefore scientists develops new group of probiotics.

II. Sporoobrazuyushchy antagonists (“Enterol“, “Baktisubtil“, “Sporobakterin“, “Baktisporin“, “Biosporin“). the microbes which are not part of normal microflora are a part of sporoobrazuyushchy probiotics: bacilli, klostridiya, yeast, etc. Are laid great hopes on these preparations, however so far their application is limited.

of Advantage

They contain not live bacteria, but disputes - the based, inactive forms. Therefore such preparations can is long to be stored. Disputes when passing through a stomach collapse digestive juice less and in bigger quantity reach intestines, than live bacteria.

Action of sporoobrazuyushchy probiotics begins

practically right after reception, during of 10 - 15 minutes, that allows to use them as “Ambulance“ at frustration of a chair, sharp infections.

They destroy pathogenic microbes and mushrooms more effectively, at the same time stimulating growth of normal microflora. These preparations possess good healing and antiallergic actions.

Sporoobrazuyushchy antagonists do not get accustomed in intestines and later 1 - 1,5 month leave from an organism. But by this time manage to show all medicinal properties.


as a result in intestines create the best conditions for further natural restoration of microflora. Besides, as alien to an organism, they have the powerful stimulating effect on immunity.


In a family of sporoobrazuyushchy bacteria are extremely aggressive fellows, causative agents of such terrible diseases as anthrax, botulism, gas gangrene, tetanus, etc.

Even the strains emitting strong toxins occur among harmless representatives of a look. And to distinguish these bacteria from each other in power not of each laboratory.

Therefore a probiotics from this group has to be exposed to very strict control that is not always carried out in practice. It is especially difficult to control production of the food and dietary supplements containing sporoobrazuyushchy bacteria.

at the same time do not have now

uniform international standards of production of sporoobrazuyushchy probiotics, even in names of bacteria there is a confusion.

the Sporoobrazuyushchy probiotics has the contraindications: immunodeficiency (including AIDS), radiation therapy, a state after an organ transplantation.

That treatment was effective and harmless, to resort to use of probiotics, especially sporoobrazuyushchy, it is possible only from appointment of the doctor. Very attentively it is necessary to treat the use of sporoobrazuyushchy probiotics as a part of dietary supplements and food.

the Enriched products: how to choose?

the Enriched products are a usual food to which by production in addition add prebiotics, a probiotics, vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.

the Maintenance of an additive in the enriched product has to make 10 - 50% of standard daily rate.

the Range of such products is rather big

. Not only yogurts, but also bakery products, grain, products of baby food and even sausage concern to them.


According to the existing norms, on packing of the product containing a probiotics except date of production and the validity have to be specified: exact structure with the indication of quantity of bacteria, their name, contraindications to reception, possible side effects and phones on which to report about them.

pay special attention to a product expiration date. The kefir containing live sour-milk cultures can be stored by no more of 3 - 5 days. And concentration of microbes throughout an expiration date constantly changes. Therefore the quantity of bacteria is often indicated the end of an expiration date.

Fresh kefir (in the first days) has poslablyayushchy effect, strong (3 - a daily allowance) - on the contrary, fixes. Especially it is important if you choose kefir for the kid.

That it, WHICH? Exact definition - Koloniyeobrazuyushchaya Unit. That is, it is the microbic particle capable to reproduction. The more in WHICH, the more actively it influences our health. For example, yogurt has to contain not less than 107 in WHICH of a product.

Many products possess prebiotichesky properties. This, first of all, whole milk, lactic products, vegetables, fruit and grain. Bran is considered as a traditional source of prebiotics (the best properties possess oat and wheat).

Some scientists consider that from all food getting to us to an organism, 70% have to reach a large intestine in almost invariable look and only there have the effect. It means that more than on two thirds our diet has to consist of rough vegetable food which badly is digested in a stomach, but has irreplaceable prebiotichesky effect on intestinal microflora.

If, filling the cart in a supermarket, we think not of fatigue, the forthcoming report or household chores, and of quality and advantage of products which we are going to buy, many problems with health can be avoided.

As dysbacteriosis it is reflected in appearance?

It appears h2, reception to a pra - and probiotics can solve also some “external“ problems: acne rash, dandruff and even baldness. The microbes are also on skin. It is proved that the structure of intestinal microflora and the microbes living on head skin and persons depends from each other.

the Riddle still remains only the fact that initially: acne rash or intestinal dysbiosis?

However now to a pra - and a probiotics is effectively used by

for treatment of skin diseases.

in recent years many cosmetic companies began to develop the cosmetics consisting of probiotics. Among the declared properties - not only a solution of the problem of an acne, but also delay of aging of skin, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory actions.

Efficiency of “live“ cosmetics still should be tested. But using a glass of kefir in day (with period of storage no more than 10 days) and having replaced part of bakery production in the diet with wheat bran, you will surely note positive result.