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the Nature to the person is determined to breathe a nose. The air inhaled through a nose passes on the nasal courses and channels, is humidified, dried, warmed and purified of dust which remains on small hairs of nasal bosoms. Also the receptors participating in regulation of a blood-groove and activity of a brain are at the same time irritated.


from - for violations in a condition of these receptors at children with the complicated nasal breath quite often observes a condition of alarm or oppression, frustration of a dream. Besides, free nasal breath is necessary for normal gas exchange of blood as at breath through a mouth the amount of the oxygen coming to a human body makes only 75% of its normal volume. The long lack of intake of oxygen in an organism leads to oppression of development of an organism and anemia.

As the protective factors provided to an organism at breath with a nose in an oral cavity do not work, such children have catarrhal and respiratory diseases much more often, and at the settled habit to breathe through the mouth in a nasopharynx normal ventilation is broken, adenoides - the growths complicating free passing of air through a nose are formed. Adenoides are not the prime cause of violation of nasal breath - they develop only after air ceases to pass on the nasal courses. That is why so important in due time and correctly to treat cold at children, without allowing its transition to a chronic form.

the Habit to breathe through the mouth appears at children, as a rule, in connection with frequent colds which begin at the child coming to day nursery or kindergarten. Therefore it is very important in due time to teach the kid to use a handkerchief, to blow nose serially each nostril. Parents also should pay attention to breath of the child during a dream. At the complicated breath through a nose the child sleeps with an open mouth, sometimes pokhrapyvat. This disturbing signal. If the child often breathes through the mouth, the oral type of breath with a high probability can be fixed at it as an addiction of which to get rid extremely difficult.

External signs of oral breath: the slightly opened mouth, the hitched-up upper lip, the extended face form. Children with oral breath often lick the dried-up lips therefore can develop heylit (reddening and a peeling of a border of lips). If not to be engaged in restoration of nasal breath, at the child the adenoidny type of growth of front structures characteristic is gradually formed by narrow nostrils, a wide nose bridge, flattening of infraorbital areas, a double chin. Narrow shoulders, a hollow breast and pale cheeks are characteristic of children with adenoides.

Habitual oral breath is reflected by

not only in the general condition of the child, but also considerably influences on formation of zubochelyustny system and speech skills. At oral breath miodinamichesky balance chelyustno - front area is broken as language of the child lies between tooth alignments, does not support the arch of the top jaw, does not counterbalance pressure of muscles of cheeks upon tooth alignments. At the child narrowing of tooth alignments in lateral departments, a place obrazuyetsyanedostatok for all second teeth results at their prorezyvaniye.

At oral breath the child has a narrowing of the nasal courses and an underdevelopment of gaymorovy bosoms which slows down growth of bone structures of the top jaw. Narrowing of the top tooth alignment and density of upper teeth in frontal department results. The top jaw is more narrowed, the higher at the child a vault of heaven, and it, in turn influences a configuration of a nasal membrane which as a result of continuous oral breath at the child is quite often broken. It leads also to violations of a sound pronunciation. The low provision of language, shift it down and back, and also leads weakening of a diaphragm of an oral cavity to violation of an articulation and twang.


At children with habitual oral breath as a result of the weakened tone of a circular muscle of a mouth complicated a smykaniye of lips. It conducts to an arrest of development of the lower jaw. Owing to the balance which is instinctively kept by an organism the forward ducking which conducts to an overload visochno over time - a mandibular joint, to front muscular pains, and also to violation of a bearing is characteristic of a bearing of such children.

Application of drops for a nose at the created habit to breathe through the mouth, as a rule, does not yield result. Even after removal of adenoides at many children the habit to breathe through the mouth which in itself will not be eliminated remains. In such cases it is necessary anew to teach the child to breathe a nose for what it is regularly necessary to train a tone of a circular muscle of a mouth. In the absence of pathological impassability of the nasal courses an effective remedy of training and gradual restoration of nasal breath is the elastic treyner and a vestibular plate which the child uses two times on half an hour in the afternoon and puts on for the night.

Training of nasal breath by means of these simple means made of elastic hypoallergenic silicone does not demand special skills - to place enough a plate or a treyner in a mouth and to softly close lips. A vestibular board, settling down between teeth and lips, stimulates a smykatelny reflex of lips, giving good load of a circular muscle of a mouth and muscle, raising the lower jaw. Treyner has more difficult design, than a vestibular plate, but the principle of their action is identical. Treyner provides complex influence - special “uvula“ in the top part of a treyner helps language of the child “to remember“ the physiologically correct situation during the swallowing and a pronunciation of sounds, the special massage hillocks which are settling down on outer side of the device take off the excessive pressure of a lower lip, contributing to normalization of growth of the lower jaw. Regular trainings not less than an hour plus night application provide in the afternoon considerable improvement of a tone of a circular muscle of a mouth already through 2 - 3 weeks, nasal breath at the child is gradually restored, and free ventilation of the nasal courses promotes the termination of adenoidny growths. Researches showed that at regular respiratory gymnastics with use of a vestibular plate or treyner nasal breath is restored on average in 3,2 months at 87% of children aged of 3 - 6 years and in 3 months at 83% of children of 6 - 12 years. at the same time at children with the second extent of growth of adenoides breath at treatment by this technique is restored even without operational intervention.

B the first - the second week the exercise machine can drop out at night of a mouth from - for weak a tone of a circular muscle, but training needs to be continued, dosing loading: since the maximum time which the child can hold a treyner lips, gradually adding three times a day on one minute. Time of tension of muscles needs to be alternated to the same time of their relaxation on duration. At bad passability of the nasal courses it is necessary to begin with the minimum quantity of exercises, then each time it is necessary to increase their quantity.

Application of a miofunktsionalny treyner or vestibular plate is much more effective than usual breathing exercises - in control group where children were engaged only only in breathing exercises without use of any devices, breath in 6 months was restored at only 32% of children aged of of 3 - 6 years, and only at 12% of children - in of 6 - 12 years.

Regular use of a treyner aged of 3 - 8 years (in a dairy and early replaceable bite) allows to reach normalization of a form of the sky and even a nasal partition - the bottom of a cavity of a nose falls, and the sky gets a normal form. In the second half of a replaceable bite of such effect it is not observed any more. It results from the correct positioning of language which pressure upon the arch of the top jaw allows to eliminate a muscular imbalance from within - settling down nyobno, language supports the arch of the top jaw, normalizing its form and width. Therefore it is necessary to correct breath type as soon as possible therefore today the model of treyner and is developed for a dairy bite. its use does not take time - the child can do in parallel homework, read, play. Normalizing the provision of language, type of breath and pressure of the muscles surrounding tooth alignments the treyner does not contain the natural growth of jaws, and only directs it. As a result considerably features of the child improve, the bearing is normalized and the general development of a children`s organism improves.

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