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The difficult choice of

When my daughter came it is time to go to the first class, I attended to the choice of suitable school. For a start I refused the nearest school. As this educational institution is near the house, we with the child quite often walked in a schoolyard. The children who are running out after lessons on a threshold of school got off in the flocks and spoke the native languages. To girls the relation was haughty and a little scornful.

In the new residential district, it is relative near our house, there were three more schools. As envisioned by the architect all of them were on one patch. The competition between schools was not. Each of them had the advantages: in one there was a strong emphasis on physics and mathematics, in another - a bias creative, and the third absolutely - absolutely new school declared herself as school of full day.

In several bus-stops also the language school was, but from - for its relative range and transport difficulties I almost did not consider this school as option. Survey of parents of pupils of different schools conducted by me did not lead to anything. At all schools there were happy parents and parents something not happy: the teacher`s attitude towards the child did not arrange someone, someone complained about difficulties of the school program. The administration of any school was always scattered in praises to itself and used “sneer company“ in relation to potential competitors.

When the choice is so big

, is not simple to stop on something at all. The first the school of full day disappeared: in - the first, it worked only two years, and nobody plainly knew anything about it. In - the second, I had an opportunity to be engaged in the child independently, without leaving it on an after-school club, obligatory for this school. The crucial role in the choice of school was played by the fact that at the school strenuously developing the creative direction, usual physical education classes were replaced with lessons of dances. Moreover and the foreign language as promised, had to begin already with the second class.

As soon as we became full pupils, reefs began to emerge: in - the first, our additional creative training suddenly became paid service about which to us it was not reported in advance and which it was impossible to refuse. In - the second, lessons of theatrical skill were included in educational process, and from - for them at children the academic load increased. In - the third, the promised English in the second class did not begin even as an open classroom. That time did not pass in vain, I began to drive the daughter on occupations to the tutor. In - the fourth, over time our program was a little revised and decided that it is absolutely wrong that children have no normal physical education classes, and added also them, without cleaning dances. By the end of elementary school all these factors resulted in mistrust of administration of school and the strengthened search of other school.

Now I had already accurately created requirements. I wanted that the administration of school did not lie to parents and told the true situation, there was a wish that my daughter continued to learn a foreign language, but did not begin anew. It would be desirable to know statistics entered to the UNIVERSITY from this school.

In language school us was not taken any more: said that it is not enough our occupations with the tutor for this school. Through acquaintances learned about other school which opens new classes and carries out an additional set of children to the fifth class after entrance examinations. Arrived to school, communicated to the director of studies, passed examinations. Again we were told that we lack knowledge of English for a class with profound studying of language. Besides the European languages at this school learned also east languages and that for us was important - trained from scratch. And English in these classes was learned as the second language. So my daughter got to a class with studying of Chinese.

the New school involved from us (parents) new costs both moral and physical, and financial. The class completely consisted of the recruits who are passionately wishing to study. The school in return does everything that stay of children in it was the most comfortable.

my daughter studies at new school the second year. I am very glad that interest in study at my girl still did not disappear. Studying of two foreign languages is given at once us not easy, I am not able to check homework for Chinese. In the senior classes the school will organize departures to the countries of the learned language, there children will be able to practise the gained knowledge.

the New school gave us new opportunities. I am afraid to look in the far future, but there is a wish to believe that after school my child will have a good demanded specialty connected with development of the relations with China.