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Early pregnancy or That happens when children play adult games

“Mother, I is pregnant...“ - pounding snivels and fighting back tears, by the shivering voice your girl - the schoolgirl speaks. Your darling and tender child. It played dolls still yesterday, and today adulthood played with it a cruel joke. Even in a bad dream of mother would not like to see the daughters in such situation. But it happens pretty often. Why does that happen? How to save the child from such problem as early pregnancy? Let`s try to understand.

It is known that all that occurs in time is good

. As early pregnancy (it still call teenage) it is considered to be a condition of pregnancy at girls - teenagers of 13 - 19 years. at this age the girl has a hormonal reorganization of an organism when it “any more not the girl, but yet not the woman“ as until recently the idol of all girls - Britney Spears`s teenagers sang.

Of course, in underdeveloped the country of Africa or Asia early, to our measures, pregnancy can be perceived by society quite normally, but who in these countries attaches significance to the shocking indicators of child mortality, including at the time of delivery? Eventually, in our, European latitudes there is no urgent need a bit earlier to give birth to many children - assistants in agricultural works, for example, for cultivation of plantations of rice as it was in Ancient China. And early pregnancy of the girl - the teenager will not begin to be considered as blessing of heaven as it occurs in some African villages.

In the developed countries the majority of teenage pregnancies are unplanned and, as a result, in 70% of cases come to an end with abortions, and on late terms, 15% - abortions and only 15% are the share of childbirth. Why now, in our information century, there is a problem of early pregnancy? The main reason - absence or insufficient sex education of teenagers. Very few people seriously think of consequences of pregnancy of an unripe organism, and their set.

a health Problem at early pregnancy

the Main problem is that the body of the young woman is not ready to bear physically the child at such early age.

the Teenager is in confusion, does not know whether to stop pregnancy or to continue. If the girl decides on abortion, she has to understand that in a consequence there can be gynecologic problems, up to infertility. If she decides to give birth, then will put herself on serious trial, in a weak organism of the young woman numerous complex changes which promote pre-natal development of a fruit will begin to occur, prepare an organism for childbirth and breastfeeding.

the Organism of the pregnant woman begins to accumulate construction material for the growing organism: nitrogen (for protein synthesis), fats (for formation of fabrics of a fruit), iron (for formation of blood), potassium (for work of a cardiac muscle), magnesium, cobalt, copper. And all this is additional load of an organism of future mother. Also at pregnancy work warmly - vascular system considerably amplifies that, in turn, the liver and kidneys forces to work in the emergency mode.

the Unprepared organism can just not cope with so complex challenge as incubation and childbirth of the healthy child. Weight is lower than norm at babies or babies with congenital defects - the general sad result of pregnancy of the teenager.

the Psychological problem of early pregnancy

Not less important is also a psychological problem of early pregnancy. Having learned about the situation, young girls feel shock and stay in panic. Psychologists say that usual reaction is sense of guilt, anger and unwillingness to recognize the incident. It leads to dangerous consequences, the girl can be left without necessary and timely medical care.

Often to pregnant girls could not share

the experiences, they become reserved, are often suppressed, feel fault and fear.

There is no wonder, sharp transition from the childhood to adulthood comes, the girl faces the first serious decision in the life. And she needs to make the important decision, young fathers, usually, stop being at once “cool guys“ and prefer to leave aside.

the Social problem of early pregnancy

Even in the most progressive society pregnant teenagers often face, at least, condemnation. The girl often remains in private with the problem, is afraid to admit even to parents. Besides, more often early pregnancy comes at children from dysfunctional families when between parents and children there are no normal relations, not to mention any education. Besides, having become pregnant, the girl is forced to throw school or to combine motherhood with training that is in most cases unreal. Shortage of education “puts an end“ to further self-realization of the girl, it practically has no chances to get a good job, to promote. There is no good work - means, there is no enough money that, in turn, drives young mother to crimes. Vulnerability often leads to violence in a family, the hopelessness pushes to alcoholism and the use of drugs. Such women often repeatedly become pregnant, without having reached also 20 years. And their children, in turn, are to nobody necessary and fill up houses of the baby.


Prevention of early pregnancy

“It is informed - means it is armed“ - brave intelligence agents said. You will not argue with it: it is better to prevent a problem, than then to fight against consequences.

So that need to know teenagers and their parents about early pregnancy.

First of all, it is necessary to be in the confidential relations, to talk to the child, without bypassing so-called “forbidden“ subjects. It, of course, concerns not only parents of girls. Boys also need similar communication, especially from the father. It is possible to allow to read the child necessary literature if you feel that are not ready to similar talk.“ Tossing to “teenagers“ of tablets from a headache of parents“ - condoms - option quite good, but, of course, is not enough of it. Only combining the gained knowledge of sex education and methods of protection, the girl - teenagers will be able to protect themselves from undesirable early pregnancy. Of course, here this is not about criminal cases, such as rape from which, unfortunately, nobody is insured. Nevertheless, and children have to be informed on this danger too.

Also huge value has sex education at school, carrying out lectures and demonstration of movies about human physiology and the safe sexual relations.

the Purpose of sex education at all. The grown-up children have to realize that, entering adulthood, they will have to make to learn decisions absolutely of other level. Making this or that action, the child has to be responsible for consequences. Early pregnancy can be the choice of the teenager too, but it has to be conscious.

So, the girl who began sex life, has to understand distinctly that at it pregnancy approach is possible. As far as it is ready to it? Whether wants to take out and give birth to the child? Naturally, all these issues have to be resolved before proximity. If the girl is not ready to early pregnancy, she needs to take care of contraception. Here to the aid parents also have to come, having provided the child with various and full information on this serious question. Visit of the doctor also is very important, the child needs to impart careful attitude to the health since the childhood.

Each girl has to know

that with the advent of the first periods she can already become pregnant, and even at single sexual contact. Physiologically early pregnancy is possible even at harmless, at first sight, occupations by a petting.

It is unconditional, it is impossible to tell that early pregnancy has only negative consequences. Is, of course, and happy exceptions as, for example the purposeful and not broken by vital difficulties young Katya Tikhomirova from darling many the movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“ performed by Vera Alentova. But whether there are a lot of such Kat among us?

All - exclusive is better to be in something another.