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More than 2 million students, and 10% from them - foreigners learn to become the French student of

In France. This country - one of the most attractive directions for foreign students: about 220 thousand young people from other countries choose every year France.

it is Almost free

I is not casual: the French government pays huge attention to an education system, more than 23% of the national budget are spent for education. France takes the third place in the world on reception of foreign students, conceding on this indicator only to traditional leaders - the USA and Great Britain.

B than the reasons of such interest in the French higher education institutions at young people from around the world? The matter is that the higher state education here almost free - and is available to the foreigners who are well knowing French. Year of training in France of one student costs the state on average 8 000 € students of state universities pay an only an entrance fee at a rate of approximately 200 - 400 €.


that you should study from next year at one of universities of Sorbonne where there are practically no entrance examinations, having paid, in the Russian equivalent, some 12 thousand rubles (which, by the way, are considered not as a tuition fee, but a registration contribution). Sounds invitingly.

However in reality receipt in the French higher education institution looks a little more difficult - and that the fairy tale became bylyyu, we should go deep into subtleties of system of the French education, and then to show considerable persistence on the way to transfer to the French university.

Who will help to arrive

the Important point for future study in France is a sufficient level of knowledge of French (though French, despite a reverent attitude to the native language, provide to foreign students a wide choice of opportunities to get higher education also in English). For receipt in those universities and on those specialties where teaching is conducted in French, it is necessary to show the diploma about successful passing of the test for knowledge of French as foreign - DELF/DALF, TCF.

to the Muscovite can pass these examinations in the French cultural center in Moscow, and living in regions - in one of the regional centers Alliance FranHaise which today in Russia eleven, from Rostov-on-Don to Vladivostok. One of activities of Alliance FranHaise are the projects connected with development of the higher education. Here you can obtain rather detailed information not only on how to take examination, but also about features of study in France, about the existing educational programs and competitions, about grants of the French government and various French funds. It is necessary to remember that testing for knowledge of French (which is paid), is carried out by these 2 - 3 centers time in a year. Thus, it is necessary to be in time and in time to register in test passing and to calculate that the test result came by the time of submission of documents to universities.

Krom of Alliance FranHaise the real help in the choice of educational institution in France and even record in it the CampusFrance agency can render

. The purpose of this organization - distribution of information on the French system of the higher education abroad and simplification of administrative procedures at a trip for study to France. Russia 6 representative offices of agency - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk work. They will help you to deal with the level, specialty and the program of training. Thanks to CampusFrance, since recent time there is a new way of submission of documents in the French higher education institutions - through electronic registration on the website of agency. The candidates wishing to begin training at the state French university have to pass electronic registration the website till January 31 every year. Having secured with support of this agency and having found out different administrative subtleties with its help, you get much more chances to become the French student.

Stages and diplomas


Irrespective of whether you will use services of agencies or decide to give to documents in higher education institution (or in several higher education institutions) independently, it will be not too simple to reach transfer. Preparation for your study in France it is necessary to begin a minimum one year prior to the planned receipt term. The choice of educational institution, the translation of documents into French, examination on knowledge of language and the subsequent correspondence with administration of the chosen university - all this demands serious approach and high extent of self-organization. Therefore the French experts consider that in France it is better for foreigner to arrive on 2 - y and 3 - y levels of the higher education. What it is levels?

Here three consecutive educational cycles, each of which is considered separate and comes to the end with obtaining the corresponding diploma after which it is possible to look for work or to continue training.

the French students can gain the First diploma after 2 years of training in higher education institution, the second, Licence - in a year, however France, as well as other European countries, seeks to pass to uniform system of compliance of diplomas.

Thus, basic diplomas in France it is accepted to reckon from the diploma of Licence gained after 3 years of training in higher education institution recently. However, the French bachelor degree, BAC+3, you should not confuse to the American bachelor degree - full-fledged higher education. In France BAC is only the diploma about secondary education.

After the diploma of Licence obtaining the diploma of Master which is issued after 5 - summer training in higher education institution and can be divided into diplomas of Master 1 and Master 2 is possible


the Third step - a doctor`s degree (corresponds to the Russian candidate); it, as well as in Russia, can be received in general in 8 years of training in higher education institution.

Such system gives to

the chance to enter the French university at any stage of study: being graduates of schools, students of the second and third years - and even certified specialists.

Types of educational institutions the Entrant can choose


from more than 3000 educational institutions among which 95 universities (13 of them - private), 246 engineering schools, 223 schools of commerce, management and the account, and more than 2000 other higher educational institutions.

For receipt in the French state university usually does not need to take entrance examinations, but it can be necessary to have interview in the chosen higher education institution. Despite the seeming availability of universities, their diplomas are highly appreciated very much, and the competition of the file submitted on transfer can make 2 - 4 the person into place. Having entered the university, the Russian student has the same rights here, as the French students, so - can count on the help in search of housing and receiving the place in the hostel, to use all social privileges and special tariffs, to participate in local university government and public life.

Pride of the French system of the higher education are the Higher schools (Grandes Ecoles) existing in parallel with universities. They place more great demands on future students. Two years` special preparation, and then and examination can be necessary only for receipt in some of these schools. So if you choose one of the prestigious higher schools, prepare that you will need to pass entrance tests and to show high motivation. Training at the majority of the higher schools - paid, from 4 000 to 25 000 € in a year. The similar elitism is confirmed by century experience of activity of these schools and an appreciation of diplomas of the French higher schools around the world. In a rating of 200 best higher educational institutions of the world for 2009 the French Ecole Normale Superieure occupies 28 - e the place, and Ecole Polytechnique - 34 - e (MSU and St.Petersburg State University borrow in this rating only of 155 - e and 168 - e places).

Not smaller popularity the higher business schools and schools of management have

. Here it is possible to gain the quality diploma and any level in the field of management and commerce - from Licence to the most prestigious diplomas of MVA. At the same time foreign students appreciate a successful combination of the price and quality in the French education. So, the diploma of MVA issued to the British London Business School will manage a minimum in 65 000 € while equivalent to it the diploma of MVA French business - INSEAD schools - in 45 000 €.

the List of the programs taught in English France seeks to expand

. And it not only business - programs, but also education in the field of the exact sciences and technologies - and also tourism, art, design and fashion.

to What to study

For what diplomas foreign students go to France? The general statistics shows that 21% of foreigners choose studying of economy and management in which teaching French are traditionally strong, then the exact sciences (16%) follow.

However the profile of the Russian students in France does not fit into standard indicators. Most of students come here to study literature and philology - about 23%. The economy and management attracted 19% of the Russian students, after them the Russians who arrived to learn French (about 15%) settled down.

the French higher education by right is proud of successful teaching and other disciplines: political and social sciences, medicine, right and, of course, arts.

In what city and on what to live

In France the network of higher educational institutions is almost evenly widespread by

on all territory of the country. Provincial universities and the higher schools do not concede in anything to Parisian - and successfully compete with them, showing good results of educational and scientific activity. Students profit also by the fact of accommodation not in the capital as life cost in regions much less, than in Paris.

Preparing for receipt in educational institutions of France, it must be kept in mind also financial conditions of transfer. The foreign students who are not scholars of the French government or other private funds have to prove presence at them of sufficient means for residence in France. Extract from a bank deposit, checks or other financial documents have to confirm that you have the sum about 430 € in a month. it is important to p to know

also that, as well as the French students, students from Russia have an opportunity to work (no more than 19 hours a week) - and thus to provide the residence in France.

you wait for

Representatives of the French Embassy repeatedly emphasized in recent years that they would like to see in France more students from Russia. It is about attraction for study to France of potential representatives of the Russian scientific and economic elite who in the future will be able to play an important role in development of the Russian society.

Annually the Embassy of France in Russia allocates with

to the Russian students and scientists about 250 grants. Several types of grants are intended for students: educational grants for persons interested to continue training within 2 - go a cycle (Master); the grants which are partially covering expenses on training in France (are provided to the students leaving to France within interuniversity agreements), and some other.

France attracts foreigners the quality of life, rich cultural heritage, idea of equality of students - and, of course, a wide palette of the offered educational programs. Every year in the French higher educational institutions about 3000 students from Russia are trained. They gain prestigious diplomas, there take place training at the French enterprises and just travel around Europe. Why not to try also to you?