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Mad tea drinking of

my reasonable part of a brain consoled me in arguments that sudden arrival of grandmothers or the visit of theater which fell from the moon and other human reasons at least not much more will reduce number of guests. But, it is visible, gods pranksters that still, and to them it became not childly curious how I will cope therefore they sent to me guests in full strength.

The closer birthday drew near, the more actively there was to approach a daughter. She already did not even ask whether we will celebrate birthday, Alice asked matters of substance - that and as we will put. To put was once, there is nothing and there is no place. Only one thought to bring together 13 people in the one-room apartment without balcony was madness in pure form.

B one of days I touched significant events of year of Alice and caught myself on thought that my child as nobody else, deserved the holiday, best in the world. In a rush of mamsky kindness I allowed the daughter to call her friends.

If to speak frankly, I strongly got excited!! My reasonable part of a brain consoled me in arguments that sudden arrival of grandmothers or the visit of theater which fell from the moon and other human reasons will reduce number of guests. But, it is visible, gods pranksters that still, and to them it became not childly curious how I will cope therefore they sent to me guests in full strength.

was Sent by days, the daughter diligent watched the next film version of “Alice in Wonderland“ and shared tasty remarks. The idea of the scenario impudently looked at me from the screen of its DVD.

“Mad tea drinking“, on my plan, had to be at the level of unostentatious ekspromtny nonsense - unclear, not clearly, but it is cheerful. Inventory in the house of seats (3 stools on 13 expected guests) finally brought me to the handle, and I decided not to refuse to myself in any unreasonable ideas.

As the work genre differs in

from domestic “Kolobok“ a little with “Turnip“ that children not strongly went crazy, parents were instructed - they read to the children the book “Alice in Wonderland“ in advance, having in detail stopped on the head “Mad tea drinking“, and commented on the events with Lewis Carroll`s heroes.

to Fill the house with the fairy tale it appeared not that not simply, and unexpectedly long. Each free minute I drew, cut out and decorated. A stationery registered at me in a bag, at least, for a week. To sellers of paints and papers I became family member. I tried to do everything possible that from first minute of stay each child like the atmosphere of a holiday at once. Garlands from playing cards and candies were groundless. I bought cards incidentally on disorder, stuck together them a shirt, punched a puncher and hanged out at the different levels. After the termination of a holiday I cut off garlands from candies and distributed to children. The poster with Alice hung on a door to the room. We puffed over the young lady several hours, in turn adding her parts of a body. Looking on created, I was not abandoned by suspicion that a look at Alice, to put it mildly, unhealthy and that, judging by her face size, it needed the urgent stomatologic help.

of an Eye was scaredly watched on created, but that left - that left. Besides eyes simply had no time to be afraid. The days off became creative everyday life. I had a plan of prime affairs and minor. For some time I partially dropped out of life - I had no time for manicure and cleaning, but I was come to the rescue by the husband, he prepared and read me world news. The sleep debt and fatigue could not stop me any more.

Alice was my ideological inspirer, the consultant and the assistant. She wised up and changed water for paints.

In any disputable situations I forced itself to return to the childhood and to answer a question: “If I was a child, it would be pleasant to me / there was a wish?“

Constructive thoughts behaved in the most slipshod way. They came to mind at the most inappropriate moment and took off from there when to them likes. Inconvenience was that all these creative streams constantly threw out me to the open ocean of still unrealized ideas. As if the small child, they took me by hands and took away brought to absolutely unexpected corners of the apartment and consciousness, more precisely. So, per day they brought me to a plate. Stirring slowly with a wooden stick paraffin with lipstick, I felt... However, it is unimportant.

At that moment the most important was to weld candles. To admit, the idea with candles was realized only half, six identical at me did not leave therefore I used self-made candles for “Mad tea drinking“, and in the baked cake put purchased.

Of course, it was possible not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to weld figured soap for children. But to tempt destiny and ingredients I did not become.

our “Madness“ was advertized by the color invitation. The subject of a holiday initially assumed an individual approach if not to each letter, then by a holiday in general precisely. Therefore I sat down to write invitations. If to own elements of “Photoshop“ and “Word“, it is simple to make the brochure. I printed out the invitation to guests on the color printer (thanks to the girlfriend) on usual paper. The following text was a part:

“In view of the fact that before my birthday there were some more days not - the births, I invite you to the most senseless, but cheerful and a little bit the mad tea drinking devoted to my birthday which will take place in my hugest one-room house in the most suitable day and in the necessary hour!

I Hope that you will not begin to waste in vain time and you will surely come. Alice“

All illustrations were taken

from the Network, but slightly processed: processed the drawings which are available on subject in “Photoshop“ (cleaned brightness to a minimum (Ctrl+L)), printed, painted together all drawings (more safely, marriage can always be corrected paints or a photoshop).

Alas, in a pursuit of design I missed an important point - legibility. My option was not the most suitable for reading by children. But me parents to the aid hurried - they helped to read the text of the invitation. In the invitation I deliberately did not write exact time. You never know could change at me or at our guests.

the Forthcoming guests were different in age and temperament, but they were united by the general status: all of them were Alice`s friends. As not all children were familiar among themselves, to all participants of a holiday I made badges which children took away together with souvenirs. Badges consisted of drawing and a name of the guest. Were painted with gouache manually.

the Special suit was only at Bolvanshchik. Hat, a butterfly from a crepe paper, a bright shirt and slightly released look.

the Wish to dresses of guests was only one - in what to the child comfortably and comfortably, in that let and comes. Alice was just a girl, guests were just guests, the March Hare - happened to him a small embarrassment. I did not manage to make his ears, and was at the last moment decided to appoint ears daughter`s socks. But star minute of ears did not take place - while 11 - summer the March Hare welcomed guests, he unintentionally forgot about the uniform.

the Denrozhdenyensky poster was with already traditional headings:“ Event of year“ “I learned“ “My friends“. In our case this participation in the championship, the first medal, sure development of the two-wheeled bicycle.

As Alice`s friends are scattered by

on different photos, it was necessary to unite them by means of a photoshop in one. Considerably recovered the poster of weight - the dimensional parameters and preferences formulated by the birthday woman.

Parents knew

to whom they trusted the treasures. Mothers and fathers with understanding treated our living conditions. Parents handed over the children to us in hands together with numbers of the cell phones, ahead they had three hours of free time.

Children had an opportunity to get used slowly to a situation, to look round, like the atmosphere of a holiday, to congratulate the birthday woman and, at last, to take part in opening and studying of gifts. This process acquainted children more feasibly than badges.

By the way about gifts. All children after competitions in the state suspended on a string were waited by small souvenirs. Each child chose to himself the pleasant parcel.

the First among requirements to food. I replaced ice cream with jelly, citrus excluded completely, in general nothing unusual in the menu was - cake, apples baked in pastry with cinnamon, sandwiches, juice, candies, baking, bananovo - grape fruit. Placed emphasis not on quantity, and on a variety.

According to the scenario, children was waited by ponaroshechny tea drinking therefore the real food needed to be hidden somehow. The part of food was in the refrigerator, I covered food on a table with ordinary-looking material. As the table stood in a room corner, it did not draw attention to itself(himself) at all, besides to children was obvious not to it.

for about five Minutes children were sent to

for fact-finding excursion on the apartment. This time was enough to spread out plaids on a floor, to put in the center of the room a tray with self-made candles and ware for mad tea drinking. As you understand, to write in detail about the most “Mad tea drinking“ there is no sense, it cannot simply be committed to paper.

Competitions were different, them was much and all of them equally came to an end before time allowed for them. I selected competitions for the principle - interesting, not tightened, dynamic that did not manage to bother participants and, the most important, compact in relation to our one-room house. Thank God, my brain was filled up to the top with unrealized ideas and thoughts, this baggage strongly helped out our holiday. I held the first two competitions, having divided children into teams. Obedient “the car was started“, I needed only to maintain the set speed and the atmosphere, without allowing an engine overheat (overexcitation of children) or, on the contrary, a hint on despondency. To keep an emotional situation under control, I alternated noisy competitions to rather quiet. The brain, a body, emotions - after intellectual competitions came a turn of dances, and behind it gestures and so forth pantomimes. The best group anti-reexciting means are animated cartoons which I left for the end of a holiday, and handed to parents of children many holidaymakers, but already calmed down. The dancing competition for everyone is long, and for crowd senselessly and injury-causing. A duet - the simple decision which I used. On a desktop of the computer I was waited by the big range of a dance music of a different genre familiar to children and speed.

To my undisguised pleasure, children were not only well well-mannered, but resourceful and observant. For creation of the atmosphere of “Alice in Wonderland“ there was a set of different illustrations from work everywhere, especially cats managed to breed. Even in the evening we carefully counted all individuals. Cats there were exactly 19 pieces. And here hour X“ came “, children, according to a competition task, regularly ran on the apartment, considered diligent each cat and at last announced the correct answer. But me little naked number (I meticulous). I demanded to show cats. Further there was what I could not foresee - children showed me everything, everything, cats in the house - figurines, the badges and hours with a cat. Even the tiger on a windowpane and that was entered to murka.

the Holiday ended with

, guests dispersed. Arrangement of things in the heat. My tired face stood in a smile - in one ear of a hare someone zanachit a big chocolate...

Councils from skilled mad mother.

Photo report here