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Let it smell not of a lily...

Garlic, really, smell not of a lily, though belongs to family of lileyny. It is one of vegetables without which it is impossible to keep for many years youth, health and beauty. Garlic contains more than twelve antioxidants.

In days of old it inspired creators. So, Aristophanes, the Ancient Greek playwright, the creator of comedies, devoted to garlic several poetic lines for the fact that it is capable to install courage and courage.


Garlic - the plant is more ancient. It was well known to ancient Egyptians. So Herodotus wrote that on construction of pyramid of Cheops in Giza slaves daily received garlic and when it was not delivered once, there was a strike first in the history. Slaves refused to work until they are not given garlic. Garlic was found by archeologists in a tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and also “The book about preparation of drugs for all parts of a body“ is mentioned in the Egyptian papyrus.

Garlic is long since known to

also in Russia. At Vladimir the Gorgeous Sunshine it was called “combed onions“. It is known also that in 1720 in Europe garlic, infused on vinegar, saved lives to thousands of people during plague epidemic.

Garlic - Allium sativum - a perennial grassy plant from family lileyny height to of 50 - 60 cm the Stalk at garlic upright, hollow. Leaves are long, narrow, flat. Flowers serovato - white, are collected in inflorescences umbrellas. Sometimes instead of flowers in inflorescences tiny lukovichka are formed.


grows up garlic from - for bulbs. Though greens are eaten. The difficult bulb of garlic consists of 6 - 12, sometimes more “zubk“ or the segments fitted white or light-violet films.

the Homeland of garlic the Southern Asia is considered, but it extended all over the world long ago. Garlic has sharp taste and a strong specific smell, thanks to essential oil and sulphurous connections. Except them garlic contains vitamins A, groups B, C, D, sulfur, calcium, iron, copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc, potassium.

the First Dioskorid in detail described garlic as a herb. But already Hippocrates, and later and Avicenna recommended to apply garlic “from any diseases“. Really, in the world there will be not much diseases at which garlic would not facilitate a state.

Modern scientists claim that if to eat in day 4 - 5 garlic gloves, then they risk of development of a heart attack and stroke decrease by 60 - 70%. There is it thanks to contents in garlic in a large number of an allitsin who reduces a high pressure and level of cholesterol, more actively, than pharmaceutical drugs. Garlic brings toxic agents, toxins out of an organism, actively fights with free radicals, allowing an organism to keep youth and vital activity about advanced years.

Garlic is considered an effective remedy of the prevention of development of oncology. Possesses antiseptic and soothing action. It increases immunity, preserves against viral, infectious and catarrhal diseases. Takes off fatigue after heavy physical and intellectual activities. Reduces sugar in blood, improves work of heart and zheludochno - an intestinal path, expels worms.

Garlic helps

with fight against excess weight, without allowing to be laid fat and accelerating process of the burning which is already available. The regular use of garlic helps to cope with impotence and frigidity.

garlic Decoction: To pour 1,5 glasses of water in the enameled pan. When begins to boil, to add 1 - 2 a clove of largely cut garlic, to boil 5 minutes, to insist 40 minutes, having covered with a cover. To filter and drink on a half-glass at cold and flu.

youth Elixir: to miss 100 g of garlic via the meat grinder, to add juice from of 5 - 6 lemons, 1 tablespoon of honey, to stick a gauze and to insist days. To accept on 1 teaspoon for the night, washing down ½ glass of warm water.

Garlic is long since used by

in national cosmetics.

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noticeable benefit if to do their once a week during of 2 - 3 months.

I Hope, I convinced you that garlic is necessary for beauty and health. And to get rid of a smell, after the use of garlic it is possible to chew a leaf of parsley, a celery, a lemon piece, a coffee kernel. Or to use 2 - 4 garlic segments during a dinner, washing down them with curdled milk.

to the person not less floor needs to use

In a year - kilogram of garlic for healthy and full-fledged life.