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Leviziya - pearls of a rock garden

of each of fans of the Alpine plants, likely, are the favourites who are especially dear, but I think that many will agree in a consensus that one of the most attractive plants for a rock garden are leviziya. The glory of the finest aristocrats of a garden was strongly consolidated to them.

the Sort contains about 20 types, in the nature growing in mountains of North America.

For the first time about these fine plants I learned

from I. Kreycha`s book presented to me many years ago, A. Yakabov “A rock garden in your garden“, 1989. But then there was no opportunity to get neither seeds, nor plants. There were years, and here, at last, in 1999 the dream to decorate the garden wonderful with flowers was achieved by these, and I was lucky to buy several already blossoming plants! It were Lewisia cotyledon hybrids (Leviziya kotiledon) which gained now the greatest distribution among all types. I will also tell about this type of a leviziya.


well got accustomed in my garden and successfully wintered, only in severe winter of 2002 / 2003 2 plants died, but I think that it was connected rather with their age. The matter is that in culture this type of leviziya is considered not durable, lives several years depending on the conditions which were pleasant to them in a garden and needs periodic renewal. The record term of life of a leviziya kotiledon in my garden 6 years (I consider since the beginning of blossoming).

sockets of a leviziya - evergreen are Very original

, reminding threshed the large size, with leathery dense leaves of the most various form, even fancifully corrugated meet. It would seem, nobody waits from such small socket of rough blossoming! But already in May, and at times earlier from it the numerous tsvetonosa bearing on themselves umbrella-shaped inflorescences on which one by one begin to be dismissed not comparable with anything, full graces leviziya florets begin to appear! Here it is difficult not to admire unique creation of the nature - mothers!

Flowers quite large, with a diameter about 3 cm, a coloring range - white, yellow, orange, pink, crimson with various transitions of one color to another. Each floret remains decorative within several days, gradually changing the coloring. To replace faded new and new flowers open all, sometimes blossoming is so plentiful that even the socket does not become visible! In my garden leviziya kotiledon blossom from spring to fall, arranging only short-term breaks for rest.


so I was inspired that there was a desire to grow up them as much as possible, for this purpose I got seeds and seeded them. In literature met information that they blossom only for the third year therefore I also did not expect fast development of seedlings. But it turned out absolutely in a different way!

the Seeds seeded in the winter and which stood at first for swelling at the room temperature within two weeks, and then sent to the cold place about +5 º With, approximately in a month began to sprout quite amicably. At first seedlings developed slowly, but with improvement of conditions of lighting gradually achieved of speed, and by fall rather large sockets some of which managed even to blossom were already created, having very much pleased with the first flowers!

Towards the winter they and left with flowers and buds, and in the spring of the next year snow as they continued the blossoming again descended only. For summer of the socket strongly increased in the diameter, some of them reached more than 20 cm! On many plants affiliated lateral rozetochka which at desire the leviziya can also multiply were formed. And here they not always willingly tie the seeds in culture, and it is possible “to help“ with it to them a little. For this purpose the small brush undertakes, and pollen is accurately transferred from one plant to another, seeds of leviziya never happen too much! At the same time it will be interesting to see what will be new seedlings.

the Main condition of successful cultivation of a leviziya kotiledon - a right choice of the place of landing. It needs to be prepared carefully and thoroughly, trying to provide whenever possible plants with those conditions in which they live in places of their natural growth. My leviziya are put with a small bias for a water drain on the full sun and, apparently, such location quite suits them. The soil well permeable (with addition of the draining materials), peaty, nutritious (the organic chemistry should not be too much that there was no zamokaniye), having sour reaction. It is important that whenever possible the socket always remained dry, and fleshy, long as at carrots, roots could always extract to themselves from deeper layers moisture necessary for them and nutrients. In such conditions of a leviziya feel quite comfortably and successfully develop.

cultivation of this type of a leviziya and in pottery culture does not present to

big difficulties. I grow up the most interesting Lewisia cotyledon forms in pots in which they feel very comfortably since are protected also from excessive moisture, and from any other negative factors which can affect faultlessness of blossoming. Such pots in the light cold place winter.

in conclusion of several words about Lewisia cotyledon grades. Among the most known grades such as:

Many hybrids of Lewisia cotyledon have no special high-quality name, but all of them are worthy admiration!