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After-school club at school: a stick - a lifesaver or a duty?

the Grandson go to the first class, an after-school club - till 4 o`clock. When all work, it is an exit. But unless it has to be a problem if the child is taken away earlier?

Parents of those who have children till 16 o`clock on an after-school club, complain of fatigue, fatigue, tearfulness of children.

We pay

for an after-school club, but we take away the child earlier - in 13 - 14. the Teacher told that if all do not visit an after-school club, then it will be closed. Thus, the grandson has to visit her not to do harm to those to whom it is really necessary. But then we have to refuse music school because there occupations for first graders take place at this particular time. After school we manage to walk, eat, make lessons and to descend on evening lessons - either swimming, or English (colloquial).

the Teacher considers that the grandson is engaged besides school too much, and it is necessary to refuse something. Tried to find out from the grandson what he could refuse. He grudges everything. From swimming derives ogoromny pleasure, especially from swimming under water and divings, music (plays a piano) comes to it very easily, it is pleasant and even tries to compose something and had interview in a muzshkola itself (before it went to sambo, dances and without regret threw - not its it appeared), several years go to colloquial English, they speak only English with humour and games there - too is not going to refuse.

Tried to leave to

the grandson till 15 o`clock on an after-school club on Monday (day off) and on Friday. But it came such tired and squeezeed out that decided to take away it these days in 14. He is tired less when changing activity. And even at such big loading as the teacher considers, he got sick only once before New year. Besides after an after-school club it is all the same necessary to do homework. All do them in the evening, and we - in the afternoon at a daylight. Really it - not argument?

I here before March 8 to us was let know in quite ugly form that the child will feel if does not visit an after-school club. When I on video watched this “holiday“ recorded, paid attention to many trifles which jarred on me.

When the grandson left to read to

verses “And what gift to mother we will present on Women`s Day?“ the teacher began to talk to someone, noise began. He several times tried to begin and could not, and then was confused when thought what gift will hand to mother. When I filmed with the camera, I did not see that it handed to the daughter, I was only surprised that it pressed a leaf to a breast the face and long crept to mother who sat in a corner about a window, without wishing to give a gift. In a week before when we brought a crepe paper and a cardboard on work for this hand-made article, he told “in confidence from mother“ that they will do small baskets with florets by quantity of the received five. Then I asked and what will be with those who will not receive the five? I felt sorry for those children, but I could not even think that it will appear my grandson and his friend. And not because they had no five. Just florets did on an after-school club when it was already taken away. And florets were allowed to do to all who, how many want. Here such gift was received by our mother, not guilty of anything. It is good that she only laughed, having understood in what business. But the child - that received absolutely undeserved portion of a stress.

on - kind could even give to be completed in the last day to boys a gift at the first lessons or changes not to afflict mothers.

When we came home, I suggested the grandson to complete a gift (mother escaped for work). He refused and when I suggested to make other basket with flowers, lit up and told that the basket should not be pasted to paper and flowers have to stand in it as live. I helped it, of course, and council and which - that corrected. For an hour such basket turned out. We had only corrugated fibreboard, but I liked idea of leaflets (cut out under a different inclination, cut in half and pasted on a half napkin in a specular reflection). Someone can already and did, but for us it was own opening, and we were very happy with ourselves. It was pleasant to mother. She told that she wanted to suggest it to complete a school gift too and that this gift was pleasant to it more.

I Can I am mistaken in something, but it seems to me that the teacher and the psychologist (by training) could find other methods of belief.