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Rescue of the captain Telnyashkin (the scenario of a children`s holiday) of

during a lunch, arises closer to the end idea to drink fault for health of the birthday man. The bottle, but in it instead of wine the note which fairly got damp gets.

“Subjects who will find this letter.
the three-mast vessel “Moscow“ was wrecked on December 16, 2000 near Nadezhda`s island. I, the captain Telnyashkin, managed to reach the coast, but was captured by pirates. I appeal to the help and mercy.
Apparently, pirates are going to move to other place. When their plans become clear to me, I will try to leave information on a lonely palm tree on the easternmost tip of the island.“

of the Task for accuracy

the Role of a palm tree is played by sport center. Above the ball is attached, it is necessary to get to it a dart. There too note on a scrap of a palm leaf: “Pirates go to an extinct volcano“ .

cannot get Into a volcano. Parts of the following note (places of singed) are spread out in big cubes, and they should be got by means of the radio-controlled machine.

“Eruption begins

. Pirates escape on the island of the Sphinx. Coordinates of the island of 14 °C. highway 95 °v.“

the Intellectual part

the Sphinx promises to give to

a note only in exchange for the guessed riddles.
  1. Without windows and doors is full a room of people. (cucumber)
  2. Will fall - will jump, will strike - does not cry. (ball)
  3. Hundred clothes and all without fasteners. (cabbage)
  4. Not water and not land. By the boat you will not departure and legs you will not pass. (Bog)
  5. the Gold sieve, black lodges fully (Sunflower)
  6. Who in a beretka is bright
  7. - red, in a black jacket satin? He does not look at me, everything knocks, knocks, knocks (Woodpecker)
  8. That it before us: Two shafts behind ears. In the eyes on a wheel and the nurse on a nose (Points)
  9. What is visible only at night?
  10. Without hands - draws (stars), without teeth - bites. (frost)
  11. Without wings - fly, without legs - run, without sail - float. (clouds)
  12. Black curves, from a birth all mute, will rise in a row - now will start talking. (letters)
  13. Not the mouse, not a bird, in the wood frolics. On trees lives and gnaws nutlets. The squirrel)
  14. Hangs a pear, it is impossible to eat. (bulb)
  15. Beat with
  16. Gavrilka a nape, and he does not cry, only a leg hides (nail)

the Sphinx gives the note written on a newspaper scrap with a crossword puzzle.

“The sphinx tortured pirates riddles. They are going to run for the island of Papuans. Coordinates of the island of 16 °C. highway 110 °v.“

the Sign language

On the island of Papuans do not know Russian. The Papuan needs to explain with gestures “We look for the captain Telnyashkin. He was kidnapped by pirates. They escaped from a volcanic eruption and from the Sphinx. Where they?“

the Papuan beats with

himself a forehead: “And, understand!“ also gives a note.

“Pirates could not agree with natives. Departured on the island “Opposite to“ the Coordinate of the island of 16 °C. highway 106 °v.“

of the Riddle with a dirty trick

On this island love riddles too, but not simple, and with a dirty trick.

  1. On a birch grew 90 apples. Strong wind blew, and 10 apples fell. How many remained? (On a birch apples do not grow).
  2. On a table the ruler, a pencil, compasses and an elastic band lie. On a sheet of paper it is necessary to draw a circle. What to begin with? (It is necessary to get a sheet of paper.) whether
  3. Can light a match under water? (It is possible if you in the submarine.)
  4. How to jump off from a ten-meter ladder and not to hurt? (To jump off from the lower step)
  5. Small, greyish, to an elephant it is similar. Who is it? (Elephant calf)
  6. When to a black cat is the best of all to make the way to the house?
    (Many say at once that at night. All it is much simpler: when the door is open.)
  7. On a table two coins lie, in the sum they give 3 rubles. One of them - not 1 ruble. What it is coins? (2 rubles and 1 ruble. One that not 1 ruble, and here another - 1 ruble.)
  8. From what ware cannot eat anything? (From empty.)
  9. to what
  10. of Ha a question cannot answer honestly “Yes“? (You sleep?)
  11. What can be prepared, but cannot be eaten? (Lessons)
  12. the Dog was attached by
  13. to a ten-meter rope, and passed three hundred meters. How it managed it? (The rope was not attached to anything).
  14. On what often go and never go? (On a ladder)

the Native gives to

a note. “Pirates have no sense of humour at all. Natives became angry. We come back to Nadezhda`s island. Coordinates of the island of 14 °C. highway 96 °v.“

Sports part and an award

So far travelers “floated on islands“, on Nadezhda`s island there is a captain Telnyashkin (a doll on a hand) in an environment of pirates (to size the drawn pirates are pasted). To rescue the captain, it is necessary to knock down size. The captain thanks effusively, gets from a cave (under a table) a chest with treasures and distributes treasures to heroes. Among treasures there are gifts, heroes go to drink tea.