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Spring aggravation of

These painful feelings are familiar to much: sharp gripes in a stomach and frequent jogs to a toilet... But why it more often happens in the spring?

On the one hand, March - fine month: beginning of long-awaited spring, awakening of the nature. On the other hand, this time is very artful: deceptive heat induces us to get rid of the bothered warm clothes ahead of time, and the organism weakened after winter becomes especially vulnerable. Doctors - urologists consider March most busy season - at this time numerous victims of cystitis, mainly women direct to them on reception.

Female illness?

Cystitis (or a bladder inflammation) - a disease from which women suffer much more more often than men. It is connected with features of an anatomic structure of an urethra: urethra of women wider and short, in comparison with man`s, and its exit is located very close from an anus and a vagina. At the healthy person the bladder is quite protected from penetration of pathogenic bacteria, but during the cooling and cold they quickly get inside and begin the destructive activity.

Characteristic signs of this activity are shown by


At the first similar manifestations needs to run to the doctor, and to the urologist. And in parallel it is necessary to register to the gynecologist. Remember that the above-stated symptoms - the first symptoms of cystitis.

not to start


Uncomplicated sharp cystitis is treated by

quickly enough, sometimes happens rather single reception of an antibiotic. But self-treatment of cystitis is inadmissible - only the doctor after inspection can appoint suitable medicine.

the Standard complex of inspection includes


the Started cystitis if it is wrong not to treat or treat him, passes into a chronic form, and it means that it will come back at the slightest cold and cooling - usually in the spring or in the fall. Besides, the bacteria which caused bladder inflammations gradually take also kidneys, and it can already cause serious complications - piyelit also pyelonephritis.

of the Reason and a consequence to
about causative agents of cystitis, experts disagree. One claim that the main responsible - infections, sexually transmitted (an urelaplazma, microplasma, hlamidiya, etc.) .
Others accuse colibacillus which can easily get into a vagina, and then in an urethra during sexual intercourse (especially if practice anal sex), and also at violation by the woman or her partner of rules of personal hygiene.
Third connect a bladder inflammation with chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys, airways and even nasopharynxes. Can provoke development of cystitis also the general condition of an organism if immune protection after the postponed flu or constant stresses is reduced.

the Correction of mistakes

needs to be remembered that only the expert - the urologist has to be engaged in diseases of urinogenital system. The matter is that modern preparations which should be accepted strictly according to the scheme appointed by the doctor can provide effective treatment. The main mistake in treatment of cystitis is uncontrolled reception of traditional uroantiseptik (furagin, furadonin, 5 - NOC and so forth) and various antibiotics, including last generation. The reason is that self-treatment and the wrong treatment of cystitis usually reduce a susceptibility of microbes - its activators - to such treatment further. Process is dragged out and takes roots in a chronic form.

Other popular belief - at the first familiar symptoms to take medicine, “which perfectly helped the girlfriend or the neigbour“. Or to try to manage exclusively house means - to lie down with a hot-water bottle on a stomach or to take a hot bath. It can lead to an aggravation and deterioration in a state - under the influence of heat inflammatory process only amplifies.

Competent treatment includes

“correct“ - individually picked up - an antibiotic, the preparation improving blood supply of a wall of a bladder, and also a resolvent.

this complex only the urologist - by results of inspection has to select


As everything eaten and drunk is brought by

out of an organism together with urine, at cystitis it is necessary to exclude products and drinks which can irritate already inflamed bladder walls: alcohol, carbonated drinks, sharp, marinated, salty and smoked products.

the following councils will help to Avoid recurrence:

  • Drink more liquid - it will help to reduce concentration of urine which irritates a bladder, and with a stream of wash away urine of a bacterium from it.
  • to
  • From drinks recommend cranberry drink, broths of diuretic herbs (their choice it is better to discuss with the doctor), tea with milk, still water.
  • Intimate relations during cystitis are undesirable
  • - they, as a rule, provoke an exacerbation of a disease.
  • Try not to overcool.
  • Be examined on existence of urogenital infections (along with the partner) and take for the rule before each sexual intercourse and after it to urinate.
  • you do not wear the close fitting clothes (jeans, the dragging-away linen) - it provokes developments of stagnation in a small basin.