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To arrive - and to mature “I a pilyulka will swallow

, old I do not want to become“, - these words Pippi Dlinnyychulok designated desire always to be a child. In Astrid Lindgren`s books it such also remained. In real life it is not possible to avoid a growing. But to add year to figure in the column “age“ - it does not mean yet to mature. To feel any more not as the child, it is necessary to get a certain experience. As in a computer game: level up to move to a new level. Someone with it is helped by communication, to someone - work. Study in higher education institution can be considered as a peculiar ceremony of initiation and the beginning of new life too.

an initiation Ceremony

What, actually, is initiated - that is begins - at that moment or the period when we from adults become children? There is a sense of responsibility, the person gets acquainted with a new framework of the existence. In other words, it ceases to be guided only by own commands of soul and reason - and begins to accept the word “has to“ as norm, but not as the awful law of “adult“ life. At once I will notice that such initiation can happen, and can be absent. Today it becomes the optional annex to a usual growing, but the need for high-quality transition to an adult state remains in any person. The real growing is followed by more difficult ritual, than obtaining the passport or certificate.

dedication Ritual (or initiations) was present at societies of the past. To prove that the teenager is ready to become the member of adult society, he passed certain tests. Sometimes these ceremonies were cruel, sometimes - just demanded knowledge and abilities which would confirm knowledge and abilities of the examinee, but any ritual such divided human life on “to“ and “later“.

Ceremonies of dedication remained and today - in religious cultures it is possible to carry a baptism or confirmation at Lutherans to them, however, the ceremony in this or that form is present almost at each religion. The purpose of such ceremony - to show that the person (or his trustees, for example, God) realize what part of culture they become, the basic rules know and are ready to observe them. There is no cruelty in modern ceremonies of dedication. Most often their form is closer to game. If to continue analogy to the world of computer games, then initiation means that the player understood what keys need to be operated as there takes place communication with the world - and that it is ready to the beginning of game.

What happens if you reached a certain age, skills got, and there is no dedication everything? A situation quite typical - not for nothing modern society call infantile or society of “adult children“. In general, nothing tragic occurs. Just the person does not develop, and continues to exist as if in an image of the child. Changes happen not down, and across. It seems as well as it is not necessary to refuse children`s habits, but it is already possible to receive adult privileges. It would seem, it is remarkable: live and rejoice - but for real life “not growing“, this dream of Pippi, it appears a medal about two parties.

What qualities is got by the adult? Losing children`s irresponsibility, it accepts rules according to which, it - part of “the big world“. So, he has to make the choice, bear responsibility for it, know laws, observe them if does not wish to be punished, to correlate the requirements to world around. It seems boring and difficult? But also advantages at the adult - considerable. The adult is perceived seriously, to him trusted more and consequently, before it more opportunities for change of and the world open. The adult relation to work is more often capable to lead to career development, in the relations with an opposite sex - to confidential partnership, with friends - to confidence in each other. The child is perceived surrounding as object which can behave suddenly strange, in own way, and therefore it needs to be learned he can specify what to do, in fact he also wants it. To the adult other relation even at teachers. Even the simple status “big“ when the student, for example, has a family and work, can make model of communication “the teacher - the pupil“ absolutely another, more valid and tolerant. Adult is approximately as the clubman where everyone can be any, but he has “a member card“ by which it is recognized and pass on meetings.

to Feel the hero

How to receive this “card“? We already understood that it is not given together with the passport or the certificate. But in many respects study in higher education institution can become analog of a ceremony of initiation.

to understand whether it is valid and each student passes all stages of such ceremony, it is necessary to understand what stages are.

So, the first, strangely enough, is conditional “death“, that is parting with the past. And first of all - with the last status. (By the way, one of the remained transition ceremonies - a wedding - kept part of symbolics of ancient cults. So, in many cultures the dress of the bride is associated with a dress of the dead man because she says goodbye to old, unmarried life. Therefore in such symbolical death of the old status there is nothing terrible.) In practice it means that you say goodbye to school, and at the same time, to school habits, often - to a circle of contacts and old traditions.

needs to make after that a choice. In one of archaic cultures which still exists in the north of Russia the ceremony of initiation is connected with climbing the dangerous mountain. The one who managed to rise, spend some time there, to pass tests (they group, like joint first hunting there), and then to go down - already adult. The similar mountain for the modern young man is a choice of profession, higher education institution, examination and, at last, transfer.

However it to be p on the mountain - there is more to come. Eventually, unless everyone who entered to the university (not very well on what basis he), already feels as the student? Of course, no, it is possible therefore in many higher education institutions there is a special dedication in students. However, its purpose - it is most often simple acquaintance to undergraduates, sometimes - preparation of some self-presentation. In many respects acquaintance and to the new community - with group, development of skills of collaboration appears the purpose of such dedication. Therefore you should not underestimate similar actions, though a dedication ceremony true they are not.

After such team communication, that is a stage number three, there comes the most important part of test. It is, actually, game in the relations with the adult world. In traditional cultures play a meeting with a monster or severe conditions of existence. The person has to fly into a rage, that is say goodbye finally to himself - the child and to meet himself - the adult. Most often the first session becomes such ceremony. Even the most self-assured excellent students worry as new experience is new experience. It is possible “to slip“ also this stage, to hand over on a habit with a crib, to treat all events with detached irony. But whether costs? All study in higher education institution is, in effect, a long ceremony of transition to adulthood. But if you pass the main stages on the first course, then on older years will communicate much more simply with teachers. From terrible opponents they will turn into tribe fellows. Also do not think that you will assimilate to them (though it is quite reasonable treatment too). More likely, the teacher appears some kind of translator of rules of the adult world. Generally speaking, the figure of the teacher deserves special attention.

the Teacher - whether is the Baba-yaga

you Know what is represented by the Baba-yaga if to consider it as part of a ceremony of initiation (and fairy tales in common form most often tell us about a growing therefore it are told children as if training them for adulthood and imparting the first skills of behavior in it)? The baba-yaga, with a bone leg, a hut on chicken legs and ability to feel the Russian spirit is a conductor of the hero from one world in another. In fantastic reality mean the world live and the world of the dead. Respectively, the hero, getting to its izba, eats, drinks, washes in a bath and it here, in the most direct way comprehends rules of other world. After that the Baba-yaga tries to eat it, but the hero leaves, receiving besides the admission to the new world where he makes feats and conducts the history by the known end about “they lived long and happily“.

If we return to our realities of university life, then it will turn out that the teacher is and there is that Baba-yaga. You judge: half it - part of the adult world, half - student`s. The teacher suggests the student to receive food of the new world, to gnaw that granite of science, to check the knowledge. Always at a background danger to be eaten, that is not to hand over session flashes. But the most important, the Baba-yaga speaks in two languages - language of the hero and language of the fantastic world surrounding her. And after communication with it and the hero seizes skill of communication with this world. And teacher: he, on the one hand, translates professional and language of science for students, and with another - helps to learn the main methods of use of such language.

as a result, after several years of communication with the conductor, systematic tests, development of a modern language, attempt of game by adult rules (and why, in your opinion, practice in higher education institutions is still necessary?), cooperation with adults (it if to you representatives of business or science come from the big world with lectures and seminars), you leave walls of university absolutely another. At once we will note that growing term at everyone the. Someone after the first course feels readiness “to climb down a mountain“, begins to work, starts serious private life, settles in the certain apartment and so on. And someone and has not enough five years.

Anyway, the relation to higher education institution as to the place for the real growing and initiation can only help. Initiation is almost always game today, but, understanding what interesting and serious consequences such game can have, we only profit from it more.