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The birth of my baby

Well, I will begin with the fact that pregnancy was for me pleasant surprise. Month May, session (I am a student 4 courses, in absentia I study), and something “these days“ do not begin... Well, as always I think, examinations, a stress and I do not get enough sleep. Was tired. There passes week. And the second. And is not here, and is not present. And in the head one thought:“ I cannot be a pregnant woman“. And all here. Though we with the husband were also protected... Without having sustained, I go to a drugstore and I buy the test. I do houses in a bathroom unknown to the husband and... Oh, My God! Two strips! I do not trust itself and I tell nobody nothing. Thought, rejected. Also it is necessary to buy the test more expensively! I remember it, and I want to laugh now: what for a stupor on me then found.


Next day, having bought the most expensive test and having seen 2 strips again, I rushed off on ultrasonography. And here I in the paid medical center wait when I am called in an office. The lovely woman, doing me ultrasonography, so attentively looks at the monitor, and then turns it to me, and I see a small ball. She speaks daily tone: “Four weeks. Let`s keep?“ I shocked by such question also say that, of course, we will be. Having left an office, at once began to call the husband. And he does not trust, says that it do not joke. Houses only believed when I showed it already our small ball! Here so my pregnancy began.

As soon as my pregnancy was confirmed by

, next day since the morning already felt sick me bile. And it proceeded 2 more months. And the first 4 weeks even signs any were not...

of PDR was on January 23. On 4 - ohm month the back began to hurt strongly, and I, having put on a bandage, at once forgot about this pain, and from fifth month pain was not any more, could do without it easily. Looked forward 22 weeks to learn who at me lives in a tummy. And the doctor on ultrasonography told that, probably, the girl. I believed it and with even big impatience began to wait for it.

Strangely enough, at all was not afraid of childbirth. The last ultrasonography was in 7,5 months, there was confirmed that the girl, and the ultrasonographer declared that a large fruit - 3 kg 40 gr., and abundance of water.


On inclusion at the gynecologist in 38 weeks, having made repeated ultrasonography, heard: “Oho, what girl - 3 kg 800 gr.!“ Also told that in 39 weeks if I do not give rise, then on reception. In 39 weeks on January 18 my “crumb“ did not want to appear, and we came to the doctor again. Having made KTG, the doctor told that heartbeat weak, and it is bad. And here still the first time for all pregnancy pressure jumped up and plus abundance of water and a large fruit, here and the direction in pathology on preparation for childbirth. Also it is necessary that I laid down today surely! Left an office drowned in tears (there was a wish to arrive with fights to maternity hospital). I call mother and I tell everything to her.

U me the familiar midwife in 1 maternity hospital (we agreed with it that I will have it on childbirth). She told that I laid down in pathology. Well, there`s nothing to be done - went home, up to the end collected packages and called “ambulance“.

reception office me looked at

B on a chair and told that disclosure of 1,5 cm, began to make out. Issued quickly.

I here I in pathology. Monday, evening. In 2 chamber - x local the girl on preservation, I with it puziky big. Talked to it, she told that I got “a happy bed“ - at it already 3 girls left to give birth. Speaks supposedly day you will lie down and too you will go to 2 - oh the floor (delivery room).

I Want to notice

who will lie in pathology 1 - go maternity hospitals (especially in winter time) there very cold! In a corridor blows on legs awfully as if all windows are opened, and in chamber though the battery was very hot, was all the same very cold from - for old windows. Next day, on Tuesday, me appointed a lot of analyses to hand over, and time till a lunch passed very quickly. I noticed that the stomach began to sip a little as before monthly. Just before a lunch of all the manager of office looked, and I had already 2 cm disclosure. He told that I will enter patrimonial activity at night, and so painfully made the fingers that I even screamed on a chair. Later I noticed blood with slime - it the good doctor helped to depart to a mucous stopper.


to me appointed in the Evening ultrasonography. There I learned that my “bittock“ weighs 4 kg 100 g! The doctor asks: “And how you are going to give birth to such big?“ And I also do not know... I go along a corridor, and tears slide. Also it was not a pity for itself, I can calm down. And towards my midwife, asks what it I pay. Measured to me pressure, and it began to read off scale again. She says that if it and is, then only Caesarian so do not roar. And I burst into tears even more. Gave me a tabletochka and told that it is necessary to sleep to lay down earlier.

In chamber with the girl before going to bed was drunk to tea with candies, I drank a tabletochka and a pustyrnik for calm. And in 22. 00 we already fell asleep.

At one o`clock in the morning I woke up: as if it is a little... peed the pants. Well, I think, it is not surprising - and the dropper was in the evening, and the tablet lowered pressure, diuretic effect... Generally, there were I, changed clothes and again went to bed. Also I did not manage to fall asleep as I feel what again flows. Well, really waters depart? But so it is not enough - to steam of drops... Read stories about childbirth, there girls wrote that as will rush - all floor in water, and on legs flows.

I Call the midwife, she speaks: “Descend on a post - let will look at you“. I go on a post and I speak: “Probably, waters depart“. Conduct in a viewing office. And precisely - waters leak, disclosure 2,5. Directs to an enema, I go and I do not understand that here - here and in patrimonial will translate. I will tell at once: the enema is a tin. How many they liters pour there? Probably, half-bathtubs... Well, it is better to send all contents of intestines to a toilet bowl, than to midwifes to hands during attempts. And then speak: “Get up and go to chamber, to a toilet (and my chamber is in the end of a long corridor)“. It was cheerful to take a detached view, probably, as I with a towel between legs ran in chamber. After an enema felt easy fights with an interval of 5 minutes at once and was delighted that is not sick yet. At 02:00 my midwife for me came and speaks:“ Well, went already to give birth. Also take the most necessary“. I took the mobile phone, a water small bottle. Any more she allowed to take nothing.

was Brought into chamber, put on a bed and at once connected KTG. There were 02 h 15 min. Disconnected at 02:45. The doctor looked and told: “What beautiful, accurate fights. Keep in there!“ Also left. Disclosure was 3 fingers.

Ya rose and went. Decided to resemble - it was so unpleasant to suffer fights, lying on a back. It is much easier to go. Left chamber and I watch in other chamber (a door glass there). There are 3 girls, one shouts loudly, another with a dropper goes on chamber, and the third lies and reads the book! And here my midwife speaks:“ You do not say that to you it is painful, to you it is not painful. I will believe only at 6 in the morning that to you it is painful“. I agreed that to me it is still tolerant, and it left. At 03:00 suggested to pass in a shower, told that there it will be easier, I with pleasure went. Really, it is much easier to water with hot water a stomach and a back on fight. I stayed in soul nearly an hour and felt that it becomes more sick and more painful to me that there is already a wish even to shout in soul. The doctor began to look for about 04:00 me: where I was gone. Told that I already left a shower. And at once I laid down on a couch that she looked at disclosure. This is awful when it thrusts fingers on fight... Everything hurts and at once. Pleasant news - disclosure almost full. And it directly on a couch broke off the fingers to me an amniotic bubble, and waters appeared transparent.

Ya rose, and the doctor was going to leave. And here attempts began. The feeling is such that everything runs around below like a mad, and eyes get out just on a forehead, but to me the doctor did not allow to make an effort. I couple of attempts of a prodyshal, and again survey - disclosure full, hurrah! But to rejoice early - the child highly and did not fall to patrimonial ways. Also it is necessary that fell. As I made an effort, nothing was impossible. And on a toilet bowl sat, and all the same the child did not want to fall in any way. Attempts became weak, and delivered me a dropper. Already near me both the midwife, and the doctor, and everything shout: “Tuzhsya is stronger!!“ Where it is sick... And legs should be pressed to a breast... And I cannot just press them: it causes very severe pain... Also I shout loudly, and they shout what would not shout, and that all pathology I will wake. At last, it turned out to be extinguished correctly, and enjoin to give birth.

Then everything so quickly occurred... Climbed on a chair, it appeared soft... Also began to make an effort. During an attempt the doctor pressed on a stomach, and all shouted: “Stronger! Stronger!!“ And I already began to see how the midwife brings up the child for a coat hanger... And here to me it is already spread on a stomach.

it became so easy for

At once and it is not sick, as well as there was nothing: neither fights, nor attempts. I look at the girl and I iron her on a back, then took away, processed. Told that it looks as the monthly child - the weight of 4 kg 380 gr. and 53 cm growth, 8/8 across Apgar!!

Gave rise to

at 5:10. And then were accepted to me. It appears, I was cut, and I did not even feel. The doctor was afraid that the large child. It for this purpose that there were no internal gaps. Quite painfully sewed up, though stuck a lot of anesthetic, but at this time to me put it to a breast, and I only admired “crumb“. Shifted to a wheelchair and left for half an hour to have a rest, but came, pressed on a stomach that the uterus was reduced. This was very sick! It is better to endure fight strong!

Already in chamber the child was left next day for ever, and just brought on feeding. Here also all most interesting began. And all for the first time: and on handles to take, both pampers to change, and the first clothes. Then small troubles with a breast, rassosat a nipple strongly, but us Solkoseril and a slip silicone on a breast quickly rescued gel. And on second day everything passed. To me still gave injections for reduction of a uterus, it is awful they painful. I lie on couches and I cannot get up, and the midwife asks: “What, painfully?“ I answer that yes, she told: “After the delivery - and it is sick?“ Here such there medical staff, with humour! And so, of course, the seam had an effect for a long time, and it was impossible to sit 2 weeks, and now everything began to live, at all disturbs nothing.

Now to my baby one and a half months, and we grow before the eyes. Now time flies imperceptibly, and day passes very quickly. And I am so happy that I became a mother and I consider that I very quickly and easily gave birth to the girl.

to All I wish to

easy childbirth and healthy children, and all pain will be forgotten at once when you see the baby.