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Victims of fashion. To please beauty of

On a question what woman it is possible to call without reservations the beauty or just beautiful, will not be answered, probably, by nobody. It is clear, that different social groups, in the different countries, at the different people have the representation about fine, but here opinions of three famous judges of female delights - people of one time, one friendly circle.

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin a sample of “the purest charm“ considered by

the wife Natalya Goncharova. However he could not persuade the painter Karl Bryullov to write her portrait. Bryullov refused under plausible excuses, but admitted to the brother that “pale can“ madam Pushkina inspires him. It was admired by the blossoming, “Italian“ beauty of the countess Samoylova which Vyazma, meanwhile, called “swarthy and thick as the cook“. So that`s that.

And still I will risk to tell

that that lady whose appearance corresponds to fashion is considered beautiful. What is fashionable, and it is beautiful. To argue with it it is useless.

To please to changeable fashion of the woman is adjusted to the fashionable standard not only dresses and hats, but the person and a figure. As they manage it to do, it is better for men not to know because when they learn it, business is come to a bad end... For example, in the XVII century the European women so changed appearance that own husbands did not recognize them, meeting in light. Gathering on a visit or for walk, the lady at first covered a face with mix from whipped whites and rice powder. When “basis“ stiffened, on it traced blue streaks - as if through the thinnest skin illuminate vessels. Then applied blush, used eye shadow, made up eyelashes, lips. If did not arrange rotundity of cheeks, enclosed wadded balls. Eyebrows were fashionable dense therefore often atop pasted strips from mouse skins. Hair were hidden by a wig. The figure was “corrected“ by a corset and high heels. And here, having married the fashionable beauty, the young husband suddenly found in a bedroom absolutely other woman!

was so many

of Such cases that almost at the same time in the different countries there were royal decrees allowing the disappointed husbands to return “artificial“ beauties to parents. In England in similar cases husbands as compensation were even allowed to keep a dowry. The women attracting men with artificial delights, which - where considered as witches and were even burned on fires. But nothing stopped beauties before desire to look stunningly and fashionably!

the Fashion demanded a high forehead - and they shaved eyebrows and hair nearly on the half-heads at all! Pallor was necessary - saw vinegar and were smeared with whitewash. Well, all right, the person still can be changed by means of cosmetics, but and the figure was changed. Here the corset was the ideal assistant. He could make a waist thin, hips magnificent or opposite - flat, a breast high, shoulders sloping. There were still farthingale, shoulder pads, special cups for increase in a breast. High heels extended legs.

In school times, without knowing still fashion tricks, I, looking at portraits of ladies of the Pushkin time loved by me, thought: “There were women! In total as on selection with slender waists, with small handles. And what dense all had hair if they were enough for such hairdresses?!“ I then did not know yet that all these curls and bunches decorated with flowers were consignment notes that turbans popular at that time with clusters of the ringlets falling from - under them, so together and were on sale. And even the well-known ocharovatelnitsa Natali Goncharova wrote in letters to the brother that brought it from the fair “fashionable hairdresses“.

Terrible torments were suffered by the women wishing to correspond to fashion. Imagine that in Pushkin times the waist of 56 centimeters was fashionable, and during a modernist style era celebutantes had an unspoken rule: the volume of a waist has to equal to the volume of a neck of the lover! The waist in 40 centimeters was usual for a ball dress. But how at the same time they, poor things, breathed? It is not surprising that at balls of the lady continually fell in faints, however and they forced to inure it to themselves to benefit: the pier, faints happen with tender feelings, from thin trembling nature!

It is hard to say that initially - the dress or a figure, fashionable dresses demand a certain outline or on the contrary, but without one there is no another. And if it happens that the woman with an improper figure puts on a fashionable dress, then it looks just ugly. At a boundary of XIX and the XX centuries fashionable magazines dazzled with type caricatures: “Same suits not all“, deriding the ladies who blindly obeyed fashion. But all the same all carry same. To go nearby: to whom to the person rather to a bottom, it is low - low put trousers? Only very much - very thin, with absolutely flat hips to women. But carry - that them everything today, without paying attention to the fat folds and stomachs crawling over a belt. Even very mature and full ladies do not hesitate to put on such trousers and short T-shirts. Well, so always was.

When at the end of the XVIII century the fashion came to easy antique dresses, they were worn by all. The famous memoirist of that time F. F. Vigel remembered:“ ... On young women and maidens everything was so pure, simple and fresh; the hair collected in the form of a diadem so decorated their young forehead. Without fearing horrors of winter, they were in translucent dresses which densely covered a camp and truly depicted charming forms. But what was to elderly and portly women? It was not so favorable to it to show forms; well, and they from Russians Matren send in the Roman matrons“. By the way, Catherine the Great at the end of whose government such dresses appeared very much criticized them, it is possible because itself dared to become bare especially any more. She called them “nightgowns“. And as in water looked! In Paris fashion-makers on a bet came for walk in one shirt, claiming that nobody will notice it, and won dispute. The nude fashion was sharply opposed by observers of customs, but ladies did not hurry to refuse it as it was extremely sexual and irresistible. Even doctors could not convince them to refuse antique dresses. And only the bright terrible example worked: on the Montmartre cemetery there were whole big sites with graves of the women who died of various catarrhal diseases aged of of 15 - 30 years.

Everything the known expression “the fashion demands the victims“ turned back the new party. Yes, of course, it is possible, endowing fashion, to suffer inconvenient, on too high heel of a shoe, or a hard corset... But the fashion turned into Moloch who demanded the real, bloody victims. It is today`s fashion on leanness.

If, say, in the XVIII century of beautiful the woman reckoned with a beautiful face as

(to those measures - white, ruddy, with sable eyebrows and languid from povoloky eyes), then today legislators of fashion proclaimed: give us a figure, and we will draw a face. But also from a figure one is required - to be a convenient “hanger for a dress“. To be considered beautiful, the woman has to be high and thin. At current achievements of cosmetology and plastic surgery in general it is possible to forget about defects of the person. With growth, alas, there`s nothing to be done unless heels or “platforms“ slightly will help, and here leanness with our hands.

Such statement of a question - paradise for “dealers in leanness“. I do not represent how it is possible to grow thin in forty minutes for six kilograms? Even if it is possible, what will be with our kidneys - the livers which got used to be in a certain situation?

I will not begin to transfer hundreds of miracle funds and ways which offer us for disposal of excess weight, but I know that miracles do not happen, and here that the girls who believed in these miracles are ill and die - I know.

Only under torture I will agree that thick to be good. It - is very bad, both for health and for fashion. But when question: that it is better for full - to live or to die thin, I decide towards death, all - for life. The expert in the field of studying of problems of obesity, the leading researcher of the Moscow medical academy of Sechenov Lyudmila Bal also agrees with me:

- the Hobby for fashionable diets, food additives and tablets for weight loss comes to an end, as a rule, with loss of health, - she claims.

- And what the fashionable diet differs from a diet in in general?

- the Diet is a method of treatment of this or that illness by means of special medical foods. And the fashionable diet is a way to lose weight at any cost. However excessive leanness is dangerous too. Women by word of mouth transfer “weight loss secrets“ - there is one rice or one meat, or only pineapples, and then are surprised from where sores get out. The diet, let us assume, of separate food or on blood types and so on, has to be well studied, but we can study only it by those methods which we have at the moment. Appear new, and the relation even to separate products changes. So, until recently insistently advised us to replace butter with margarine, and now it became clear that it is far more dangerous than oil. I can long tell about the diseases caused by bacchanalia of diets, but the most awful - anorexia: mental violation which is expressed in permanent disgust for any food. It is already direct threat of life. It is the most terrible that, as a rule, anorexia develops at young girls.

- food additives and tablets are How dangerous to weight loss?

- For hundred percent. What is propagandized as “food additives“, actually pharmacological active preparations. Part of them it is simple - naprosto appetite oppresses. It can lead to heavy mental disorders. And there are tablets which interfere with absorption of fat and intestines. It would seem how well and simply! But not poorly to know that together with fat many vital vitamins come to a human body.

- What exit if nevertheless there is a wish to grow thin?

- Idle time - moderation in food. Also it is not necessary to live the one and only aspiration - to leanness. Think first of all about health and pleasures. Yes, yes! It is not necessary to go angry and hungry. There is a wish for some chocolate? Please! But do not swallow a tile hurriedly, eat two - three segments slowly, enjoying each piece.

During an era of nude fashion of the doctor managed to convince women of fashion of its deadly threat. After that antique dresses were almost instantly replaced closed, with a kerchief or even a fur boa, closing a neck. Warm boots on a fastener, a coat and rotundas on fur became current. Today, frightened of results of “pokhudeniye“, fashion-makers decided to forbid too thin models to participate in displays that did not set “a bad example“. It is still difficult for p to assume

, than these good intentions will end, but I am afraid that the desire of women to be at the height of fashion and golden mean are impossible, especially at us. Long ago one more French traveler noticed: “The Russian women the fashion there is more woman of fashion, than“.