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Glass ceiling?

Why do not give the man to women of increase? Career of women is prevented by invisible barriers.

of the Woman often complain that their chiefs raise only the friends. And the woman not to break through above a certain level. Similar to the truth.

of Research is shown that women in the USA still receive 77 cents where the man receives dollar, - the situation only in universities is slightly better. And how many women among managing directors of 500 largest companies? In their 2009 was only 15, including Carol Barts from Yahoo!, Indra Nooyi from PepsiCo and Ursula Byorns from Xerox. But they are exceptions in the man`s world of top managers.

I Will be honest

. For the career I raised more men, than women. I even pay men more. Perhaps I am a misogynist? Or men cope better? Naturally, no.

Actually women are guilty

. They do not ask about increase in a salary or promotion is as frequent as it is done by men. My organization interviewed hundreds of women from America, Europe and China. It seems to the majority of them that if they work hard and are useful to the company, sooner or later will promote. Still they are afraid that they will be dismissed if they are too persistent, especially in crisis.

seldom are given

of Increase only because you well work. It is necessary to declare itself. It is especially important at low positions: there more sharply the competition and is more difficult to be noticed.

to the man, and the woman it is necessary not only to deserve

I increase, but also to report to the administration that it is time to raise his / hers. Heads raise not just valuable people, and those who insist on advance. Good leaders know what is best of all worked in an environment of professional employees, and help those who want to grow together with the company, but not to run away to the competitor.

It is unconditional, there are also such corporations where treat women badly. You steer clear of them. It is difficult to remake corporate culture, fish goes rotten by the head. Can seem surprising, but, according to our research, most of men are ready to work under supervision of the woman. Many admitted even that they would prefer the chief - the woman because women respect the right for private life more.

What to do if the main obstacle to increase consists in you? Here two councils - and to women, and any who begins career.

In - the first, it is impossible to receive about what you do not ask. Therefore you ask promotions and increases in a salary even in crisis. Most of chiefs will not begin to dismiss you only because you want to move forward. You sometime heard that the person was dismissed for a request for increase? (Certainly, we do not speak about political struggle for the highest position.) Very often chiefs do not even think of the one who should be advanced and who is not present. They are too loaded. They should throw thought that you should be raised.

As? Do not go to the boss with threats that you will leave if do not promote. This cheap trick became outdated long ago. Approach a question in the long term. Agree about a meeting to discuss what you can make in closest of 3 - 6 months, to deserve increase. Prepare several subjects which would show your achievements. Try to show how you promote the income of the company and you show leadership skills. When you explain to the chief the achievements (he can be surprised), ask what to do to you now. Try to meet its expectations. If in several months you do not promote, perhaps, it will be time to think of other place of work.

In - the second, women should not use the sexuality for advance. In the world of business appearance matters. But you want that you were appreciated business qualities, but not a short skirt, hardly it will force to perceive you as suitable chief. The little flirtation is admissible, but that you were taken seriously, it is necessary to concentrate in practice. Try to look professionally and attractively, but it is not sexual. The same concerns also men. The person in the bright, shouting clothes will not be taken seriously - unless in show - business. it is difficult to p to ask

About increase, especially if you are not sure whether you deserve it. But any woman who wants to reach heights in the business world has to look for actively possibilities of increase and take the responsibility. Offer the chief the plan, execute it and be convinced that all remember your business abilities. And soon among the top officials of the companies there will be much more than fifteen women.