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Snow reflections of

there was snow. The most usual white snow. He laid down heavy flakes on benches, branches of trees, shoulders of passersby... City fires ridiculously fought against twilight. Down the street there was an old man, he squinted and angrily muttered something dissatisfied with cold, the government, neighbors and other pieces of the life. Somehow too quickly everything rushed around it: people, events, snow flakes. He was too tired of this roundabout, there was a wish to be hammered into some warm corner with a mug hot to tea, to extend disobedient legs. He also up to the end did not understand what he after all is angry with, on surrounding reality or on himself, such ailing and tired. Gloomy glancing around, he habitually condemned also these show-windows, tired of abundance, both snow, and loudly laughing youth.

the Dark-haired guy, quickly paced, overtaking passersby. With irritation having rounded the old man: “Well who lets out such antiques on the street?“ - it slid a look on the same show-windows. What to present it that? he thought. Remained to time just barely enough, in half an hour it is necessary to be there, near doors of its apartment, with a gift and flowers, and to the chief took in head to arrange to the moron meeting. And having curtailed into one of shops, jerked to the very young shop assistant, having decided that here she also will advise, a pier. The shop assistant quickened having seen the nice young man. However, when she heard that that urgently needs a gift of darling revival a little pouvyalo. Well it is fine, it will be more pleasant to chat with it, than with that old grymzy that detained it before, minutes spent forty to choose some unfortunate face cream.

A old grymza... Any it was not old not a grymza at all. Just woman of years of forty. It it is captivated looked at surrounding snow and slowly went towards the house. Where in the three-room apartment it was waited by children and the husband. Well of course, they will not be able independently to make a dinner, will not guess to be tidied up. It pulled these minutes when it was possible to create independence illusion. It already became a habit - to endow daily itself to a family, but sometimes so there was a wish to send everything where - nibud far away and it is simple to be oneself as, for example, today. For this reason she so long chose cream:“ Though I am able to afford it“.

of Three teenagers, following it, no duties in this world burdened. Everything was obliged turns around them exhausted with spots and far-fetched problems. Of course, it seemed to them that nobody understands this life better them, nothing this life of not seeing. They carelessly lived fast, without suspecting as that is short. Communication with parents was reduced to a vyklyanchivaniye of money and new belongings, and plans for the future is unreal are optimistical. Of course, there was an easy work, bringing big money and a beautiful sports car or not sports, and here is how at that old man in a blue coat.


the Old man in a blue coat, waited when lights up green, anxiously tapping on a wheel some melody finger-tips. It calculated something, he constantly calculated something, considered, beat, planned. Even in a dream, probably. Of course, that rate of life that he to himself set, mercilessly exhausted an organism. Even more often heart plaid pranks, took a stomach. But how differently? It is necessary to provide also the wife and children on legs to put. Still thanks from them to wait. “Gad probably, now somewhere as these three blockheads“, - he gloomy thought, watching leave teenagers.

People went, ran, stood, went by buses and cars, sat at stops and thought of something special. They created the life, they glued life from thoughts, words and acts. They interwove into it everything new and new seconds, minutes hours... Where here to think of what is created in foreign souls.

A over all this was turned by snow. The most usual white snow. He laid down heavy flakes on benches, branches of trees, shoulders of passersby... City fires ridiculously fought against twilight.