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Myunkhgauzen`s syndrome, or Inclination to treatment of

Which of us does not have heard a lot about feats of the famous baron Myunkhgauzen - the tamer of the enraged fur coats, the eight-armed hares hunter and simply “the most truthful person on Earth“? However not all know that the name of this charming hero to Raspa entered a psychiatric lexicon long ago and strongly. No, patients with Myunkhgauzen`s Syndrome do not tell tales about deer with cherry trees instead of horns, do not tell tall tales how they lived in the huge big fish and do not claim that they were on the Moon... Instead the people having this disease continuously and everywhere complain of imaginary serious illnesses which pursue them. They demand from doctors of careful medical examination and fastest hospitalization. They insist on surgical intervention and all are ready to give for an opportunity to appear once again on the operating table.

In love with a scalpel

For the first time Myunkhgauzen`s Syndrome was described by the English researcher R. Asher (R. Asher) in 1951. In many respects this disease reminds the Syndrome of the Albatross already known to us (the people subject to a syndrome of the Albatross, mistakenly consider themselves as seriously ill patients) - a difference that “successors“ of the famous baron, besides continuous complaints about an illness, are firmly convinced that only the scalpel in the surgeon`s hands, and differently - can rescue them in any way.

Asher allocated to

three kinds of this disease: sharp stomach, hemorrhagic state and neurologic frustration. In the first case of “Myunkhgauzena“ skillfully represent symptoms of an acute appendicitis or an ulcer, in the second - literally bleed profusely (previously with own hand skillfully having made itself a two-three of cuts), and in the third - give faints, attacks and paralyzes much.


described also other options Later: fever, abscess, gematuriya both other, and other... Obsessed with passion to treatment, “Myunkhgauzena“ often go on various cunnings and make the most improbable acts on purpose as long as possible not to leave hospital walls. Up to swallowing of nails, keys, office buttons and causing to heavy mutilations.

the case when the woman complaining of abscesses which constantly appear on her body was noticed by the nurse in a hospital toilet for Is known to

... drawing to itself having pricked with a dirty needle. Here - that the answer to a question, the tormenting medical personnel all this time also became clear: “Why these abscesses appear only on the left half of a body?“ . Now it became clear why - “sick“ - that the right-handed person. Alas, at this history the sad end: the lady went too far in the attempts to collect as much as possible purulent wounds on the body and as a result died of blood poisoning.

Wendy Scott`s History

A here one more instructive case of Myunkhgauzen`s Syndrome. It is especially remarkable the fact that the patient completely recovered from this illness that occurs, alas, very seldom. History of the woman - Myunkhgauzena Wendy Scott shakes also because it, having composed itself a heap of sores, transferred for no reason at all the whole 42 surgeries! And it was hospitalized in hospitals in total 600 times! Madam Scott so authentically and colourfully described and represented symptoms of the fictional indispositions that hundreds of times cheated even skilled doctors, and those really took her for tyazhelobolny.

having Already recovered from the illness, Wendy frankly told doctors about the life. She tried to analyse the reason for which stepped into Myunkhgauzen`s path, and told here of what. As it became clear

by p, the woman had very heavy childhood: being a little girl, she was raped, houses with it nobody was engaged, she never knew parental care, is warm. And so it turned out that time spent in hospital became the only light episode in children`s life of Wendy. It had an appendicitis, it was operated, and then the nurse - the kind woman began to come every day to chamber - and to look after her. When she ironed Wendy on the head, carefully asked: “How are you doing?“ corrected for it a pillow, Wendy who never before was not knowing caress felt like the happiest girl on Earth...

So since then it was also moved: from loneliness, indifference of people around, from a hard work and gloomy life, from the gushed depression and despair Wendy Scott ran to people in white dressing gowns from which she received the portion of attention. The hospital marathon came to the end for two reasons. In - the first, the next operation ended with such strong complication that Wendy with all distinctness understood that she so played in the patient that approached already the edge of the grave. In - the second, she did not want to die at all because in Wendy`s life at last there was that for whom she became the main person in this world and with whom she fell in love with all the heart too, - her cat...

From where they undertake

As a rule, Myunkhgauzena grow from nedolyublenny children. Often, having got sick and having received an attention share, such child quickly realizes that the illness bears with itself the mass of advantages. And then - all the life is played by a role of the seriously ill patient. Wendy Scott`s history - superfluous to that confirmation.

the woman having this disease tells to

In well-known series about doctor House where the whole series is devoted to Myunkhgauzen`s syndrome, such words: “When I was a teenager, my mother was seriously ill, and the world began to rotate around her: all attention of relatives and friends was chained to it, everyone tried to help something, to be it useful... All sympathized with it, cared for it. And then I understood:“ The attention and care of people around can be received only when you are sick“.

Usually such people were brought up by

in incomplete or dysfunctional families. Having deficiency of parental love, they did not feel necessary and protected. Besides, as a rule, patients with Myunkhgauzen`s syndrome possess peculiar features of character: they are demonstrative, isteroidna, adore being in the center of attention. They are infantile and psychologically nezrela, have the rich imagination, are inclined to exaggerations and simply - to frank lies. These are very artistic natures, - decide by such “Myunkhgauzen“ to make actor`s career, he can fine succeed in it. But life at all develops differently, and often the similar unaccomplished actor becomes the hostage of only one role - the eternal patient needing treatment.

At last, one more feature unites our heroes: all of them as one, perfectly understand diseases, medical terms and medicines. If to remember the same series about doctor House, then the venerable doctor and the ingenious diagnostician Gregory House was much surprised with deep knowledge of the patient with Myunkhgauzen`s syndrome in the field of medicine and first even took it for the colleague.

Parents - Myunkhgauzena

also one more kind of this syndrome, - a so-called syndrome of Myunkhgauzen by proxy Exists. The people manipulating health of own children are subject to it, - parents try to discover at them nonexistent diseases, put these or those damages, stuff with various tablets... The purpose such a grief - mothers (vast majority of these patients - women) - at any cost to pay general attention to itself, to earn glory of the self-sacrificing mothers who entirely devoted themselves to fight for health of the child.

For example, mother 14 - summer the Italian boy forced the son to absorb such quantity is made drugs not necessary to it that the child grew fat even to 140 kg, from - for what stopped not only attending school, but also to move independently. Fortunately, social services were noticed wrong in time and partially deprived the woman of the parental rights.

American Julia Gregory, in the childhood mother “healed“ so that the girl hardly waited for majority to run away from a family. Having hardly escaped from a native home, Julia: a) at once recovered, b) wrote the book under the name “You Did Me to the Patient“ where described those infinite wanderings on hospitals and doctors, inspections, procedures and operations to which it underwent thanks to the unruly mother. Meanwhile, Julia`s mother did not calm down: forced to release the daughter in free floating, she adopted two more children. Whether it is worth being surprised that at each of kids healthy until right there “arose“ on a huge bunch of diseases?

It is unconditional, to find similar parents very much and very not easy, - many of them make impression of people of quite adequate, sincerely worrying about health frail children. Therefore that unfairly not to accuse anybody, strong evidences are necessary. As was, for example, in Jerusalem where the video cameras established in hospital chamber recorded as mother disconnects nutritious tubes to the baby (and to doctors the woman complained that her kid does not gain weight at all).

Unrealized it is professional, socially, at the same time, ambitious and eager for attention and recognition, parents - Myunkhgauzena use the children for realization of the purposes, doing those by hostages of own psychological problems, depriving of the normal childhood, and happens, as the life...