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Good kindergarten of

Kindergarten - institution which, according to most of psychologists, most of the children who do not have direct contraindications needs to visit. But kindergarten to kindergarten discord.

the Campaign in bad (or simply not suitable your child) the kindergarten can turn back

serious problems. Therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of kindergarten very seriously.

Very first what it is necessary to remember, sending to

the child to kindergarten, - tutors will work with the child every day, and adaptation and further kindergarten life of the child will depend on them. it is important to p to understand

that not always prestigious, expensive kindergarten is that place where to your child it will be good.

Many generations of parents use such source as “poll of acquaintances“ for making decision on the choice of kindergarten. Today it is one of the most reliable. But it is important to begin “poll“ long before alleged receipt. Then you in due time will be able to register in the kindergarten chosen by you.

many parents use

in the conditions of insufficiently wide range of communication the Internet, or just write out from reference books of the address of the nearest kindergartens and begin round. In that case it is worth printing out for himself the list of requirements, having placed them on importance, and by results of visit of kindergarten do the corresponding marks. Houses together with the family analyse the made records.

Survey of kindergarten begins

with visit of the manager, it is possible to call and register previously in reception, without record it is better to come from 10 to 12 o`clock in the morning.

Questions which the head of the kindergarten needs to set:

pay Special attention to the analysis of training programs what classes are given out of the standard program what experts work whether surely all children attend additional classes, or it is possible to choose.

At survey of a garden surely pay attention to how tutors talk to children and among themselves: whether attentively they concern kids; whether raise the voice; as organize game. It is necessary to understand whether will respect and understand your child here.

Examining premises of kindergarten, attentively study exhibitions of children`s works about all groups, look whether there is information for parents, recommendations of experts.

Having visited groups, pay attention: whether toys are various, they are how available to children whether they correspond to age of children for whom are intended. In collective children play with pleasure in syuzhetno - role-playing games, look whether there are corresponding corners.

In some kindergartens happens that meal and occupations occur at the same tables - it is it does not matter. It is important to pay attention - whether this furniture suits the child on growth whether it to it will spoil a bearing.

In kindergartens have to be

specially equipped musical and gyms, they can be combined, but surely have to be spacious.

Surely examine toilet rooms, they have to be pure and safe.

For obtaining final information approach kindergarten to to 17 - 18 hours, and have a talk with the parents who are taking away children, the majority of them were in “your skin“ recently and willingly will answer all questions.