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To whom it will be similar? What your child will have

eyes - mother`s or father`s? And hair? And ears?. Whether it is possible to foresee in general how yet not born successor will look?

Boy or girl?

Who will be born

- the boy or the girl, depends on the father. More precisely, from what of its spermatozoa will impregnate an ovum. In half of spermatozoa contains X - a chromosome, its merge to an ovum leads to the girl`s birth; in other half - Y - the chromosome programming appearance of the boy.

of Boys is born slightly more - obviously because they more fragile and less steady against diseases.

Vulnerability of boys, by the way, too is connected by

with Y - a chromosome. At the girl if she received any damaged gene in X - a chromosome from one of parents, his action is compensated by a healthy gene from other X - a chromosome. At boys genes are not duplicated therefore the nature and creates them as if with a stock.

But overweight it is so insignificant that we will not violate the truth if we tell: at each of us identical chance to receive in successors of the son or the daughter.

Grey or brown?


We at school were taught that genes happen weak - recessive, and dominating. A goluboglazost gene - weak (recessive); a kareglazost gene - strong, dominating. If the child receives from one parent a goluboglazost gene, and from another - a kareglazost, it will have brown eyes. Only how to guess what gene will be given by each of parents if at them these genes on two?

the Standard scheme of inheritance looks so: for example, both parents with brown eyes, but bear in themselves a goluboglazost gene. Means, at this couple 3 chances from 4 to give birth to the brown-eyed child and only one chance - blue-eyed.

If to adhere to this technique, at blue-eyed parents can never turn out brown-eyed children. Each of them bears in himself only recessive genes. But geneticists know that it not so.

Very much - very seldom at blue-eyed parents nevertheless kids with brown eyes are born


the Explanation in what, appears at us is responsible

for any sign not on one gene from each parent as earlier scientists thought, and the whole group of genes. And sometimes one gene answers immediately for several functions. Here and for color of eyes otvetstven a number of genes which every time are combined differently.

I all - the simplest regularity of color of eyes can be tracked. Parents with black - black eyes have no place to wait for blue-eyed children. Owners of brown, nut and honey eyes can quite have blue-eyed children, but everything is more often - turn out brown-eyed. Gray-eyed and blue-eyed couples with high probability will receive the same kids.

Direct or curly?

the Fair hair - too a recessive sign. If mother and the father fair-haired, and the kid turns out belobrysenkiya. And if one of parents with a dark head of hear, and another with light, the successor has dark hair or an average shade between a hair color of the father and mother. Only consider that descendants of east Slavs everything in the early childhood are svetlenky, and only to 10 - 12 to years hair get that shade which remains up to emergence of a gray hair from them.

Curliness - the dominating sign. If at least at one parent hair curl, the child with a high probability will be in ringlets or at least with wavy hair too.


Mother`s darlings


Ordinary opinion that girls are more often similar to fathers, and boys on mothers, it is faithful half. Really, boys are more often similar to mothers. They inherit only one X - a chromosome from mother, and this chromosome is rich with the genes responding to appearance: shape of eyebrows, face form, skin color...

At girls a situation another. They receive one X - a chromosome from mother, one from the father therefore they with equal degree of probability can resemble both parents.

Big-nosed or big-eared?


With a high probability to the kid can get a dimple on a chin if his mother or the father has it, and also large ears of one of parents. Some geneticists believe that the genes which are responsible for a form of a large aquiline nose also dominate.

Scientists in general noticed that some obvious, marked-out feature of appearance often is transferred in a sort from generation to generation. A typical example - persons Gabsburgov: on the remained ceremonial portraits of the emperor Maksimilian, Maria - Theresa Avstriyskaya, Alphonse XII Ispansky the identical narrow, acting forward lower jaw and a loose-hanging lower lip is clearly visible.

Most likely, children will get both a korotkopalost of one of parents (very short phalanxes of fingers of hands), and the sixth finger if that is present at mother or the father.

Pudge or lanky fellow? here growth of future child it is difficult for p to predict

A. Influence of the environment is very big in this case: as ate, than was ill... If to assume that everything will be safe, at high parents the child, most likely, too will shoot up.

As a rule, the child stops on an average value between growth of mother and father. But if the kid well eats in the childhood, moves much, sleeps the put hours and eats at teenage age properly, it has a chance to outgrow low parents.