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The Fashion, as we know, repeats retrostyle in fashion of

itself: in the world of fashion rather new opening - a big rarity, and all so-called “new trends“ actually are repetition already passed, “well forgotten old“ and earlier with success applied by designers of former generations.

Retrostil in fashion - one of the key directions; from year to year only eras change, however designers with enviable constancy continue to address archival collections and stylish decisions, representing their modern interpretation in the new collections. It is necessary to recognize that eventually retrostyle not only does not become outdated, but also becomes more and more actual - not least because of a combination of elements of vintage style to modern design ideas.

So far in the center of attention of the largest fashionable designers and brands remain

brilliant the eightieth with their recognizable signs - the high, raised shoulders, square silhouettes creating an image of such imperious, strong woman. However style of the eightieth, in turn, became the embodiment of retrostyle of the fortieth years brought to a maximum.

Marc Jacobs became one of first “pioneers“ of return of retrostyle of the eightieth to a fashionable podium, having embodied in the last collection the nostalgic atmosphere of a nu - York night clubs: abundance of skin, brilliant metal shades, deliberately threadbare denim.

After Jacobs of the disco - fever of the eightieth were adopted by Antonio Berardi and Frida Giannini heading Gucci and the last collection constructed only on modern interpretation of style of the eightieth with its dizzy platforms, flared jeans, short brilliant dresses embroidered with spangles and the sparkling crystals. Donatella Versace did not resist temptation of style of the eightieth, having presented a series of extraordinary sexual evening dresses with retrostyle elements.

to the French fashionable house of Balmain style of the eightieth is obliged to

by one more chance to return to fashion: the high shoulders which became practically “business card“ of Christoph Dekarnin together with jackets in style of a military won not only a podium, but also a red carpet. Stylish jackets with the decorative epaulets embroidered by the sparkling crystals, and obligatory high shoulders appeared in clothes of the largest Hollywood trend setters, beginning from Rihanna and finishing Beyonce. After them stylish brilliant dresses from Balmain with structural shoulders were tried on by Keith Moss, Diana Kruger, Penelope Cruz, Sara Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham.

the fashion Set by Balmain on high shoulders as the obligatory indicator of style of the eightieth was embodied by

also in a set of collections of the most famous fashionable designers: Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. High shoulders in combination with a strict, square silhouette - a recognizable sign of style of the eightieth, peculiar “hi“ eras of the cult TV series “Dynasty“ which existed all era of the eightieth and incorporated all distinctive features of this era. Strict women`s suits with obligatory high shoulders of heroines of “Dynasty“ found the place in many winter collections.

the Undoubted proof that retrostyle of the eightieth is also not going to concede a new trend. This time Patricia Fild, the permanent stylist of both cult series, and the movie which followed it, made a basis of clothes of all main characters various parties of style of the eightieth. Carrie Bradshaw, Sara`s heroine of Jessica Parker, in the second part of “Sex and the City“, shines in vintage dresses from collections of an era of the eightieth of the Halston fashion brand. And stylists of “Sex and the City“ chose much more radical and provocative manifestation of style of the eightieth for the heroine Kym Ketroll: the punk chic embodied in threadbare jeans, jeans vests with numerous decorative lightnings and metal klepka radical pass - skirts in combination with original, figured tights and an obligatory high, massive platform.