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Games on the real card

will serve as the Game field as you understand, a map. It can be the world map, the map of Europe or Russia.

the Card on pieces


two identical cards of the small size. Hang up one of them on a wall, paste another on a piece of a leaky cardboard or a sheet of paper for drawing and dry up under a press. Cut on 12 - 15 rectangles. They will turn out quite big.

Consider the whole map with the child, show and call large geographical objects - continents, oceans, big islands, the rivers, the seas. Take one cutting card, consider. Suggest the child to find the same fragment on the card, to call what parts of objects on it can be seen. Let will try to assemble all card entirely.

cut the available rectangles on two parts After a while - some lengthways, some across. Play also.

Try to find

the fragments represented on your cards on cards of other scale.

of Game with the card lying on a floor

If the card big, it it is possible to use as classics. Suggest the kid to jump from Africa to Australia, North America or India.

you Can divide the card a felt-tip pen into sites, for example, each hemisphere in half and still in half. Jumping on “cages“, the player can call any geographical object which is available in this “section“.

Show to the child the equator, suggest to walk on the equator, as on “rope“.


small toy ships, for example, from chocolate eggs “The Kinder - a Surprise“. Play round-the-world travel, moving ahead on cages, throwing a cube. Or along routes of the famous travelers, having divided these lines into “courses“ tochechka. In passing discuss those seas and oceans in which you “are“.


pictures from a zoological lotto. Spread out them on the card on continents or more precisely - in this or that part of the continent - to mountains, to the river or the lake, to the desert or in the woods.

of Game -

Draw travel with

on the map of the line for the courses, as in usual game with counters and a cube. Lines can go from one edge of the card to another, or around, or to branch in different directions.

in the course of game, moving ahead on lines, tell the kid in what place it “is“ that there is interesting, unusual. Ask children of school age the questions or tasks connected with this place, or type of geographical object (the river, the sea, the mountain).


the well-known travel - pass along Columbus, Magellan`s route, Beringa or Cook. Before game you can consider the necessary chapter in the children`s encyclopedia.

you can use

Instead of counters small toys, for example, from the kinder - a surprise.

the Game “I Know!“

Game reminds the acquaintance to all since the childhood oral game in which players in turn tell approximately such text: “I know five names of girls - Masha, Olya, Katya, Lisa, Lena“, “I know five cities - Moscow, Kiev, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol“ and so on. List various categories of names.

only place names will participate In our game, of course. Play - the adult and several children.

the adult takes

before game a pointer and shows various objects on a map, calling the name of object (the sea, the lake, the city etc.) and its name. For example: “City of Paris, Caribbean Andes, Sea mountains, Lake Victoria...“ . Each object can be shown one - three times, depending on age of the playing children.

Then children in turn take

a pointer and show any of the objects which were remembered by it on the map and call it: “I know the city of London! (river Neil etc.). The player receives one point for the correct display. Points can be written down on paper or on a board. Or to give for the correct answer some sign - a button, a stick, a counter from some game and so on.

If the child in game shows to

something, not called the adult in preview, that is, what he foreknew, then he receives not one, but two points.

Game “Guess, What Is It?“

the children familiar with a map participate In game.

the Adult gives to

the description of this or that object - gradually, since the general definitions, passing to more concrete. For example: it is the island, it is in east hemisphere, is located in the Pacific Ocean, on it the city such - that is located.... Or it is the river, it is located in Eurasia, falls there - on it there is a city such-. In the course of game children suggest. Who guessed quicker about what he there is a speech - receives a point.