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How to avoid the conflicts of the house and in office if the husband and the wife in one business

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of What in joint business - pluses or minuses? Whether it is possible to divide related and labor relations? How problems in business are reflected in a family, and personal quarrels - in business? ForbesWoman discussed this subject with three married couples in which both the husband, and the wife participate in one business - the project.

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. Family business: pros and cons

Natalya Kasperskaya, the CEO of the Infowatch company and the board member of “Kaspersky Lab“, speaks about business much more willingly, than about family life. It is possible to understand it: when in March of this year at Natalya the daughter was born, in the Internet - community options of the exotic names which reflected communication of both parents with information technologies were with might and main discussed. Igor Ashmanov, Natalya`s husband, the guru the Internet - marketing: his company “Ashmanov and Partners“ since 2001 specializes in search optimization. Natalya - one of the most authoritative Russian managers in the sphere of information technologies: under its management “Kaspersky Lab“ from small family firm turned into the world`s fourth developer of antiviruses.

“Kaspersky Lab“ Natalya created

in 1997 together with the first husband Evgeny - the direction of antiviruses was not profile for the Kami company where both of them worked, and it seemed to spouses that prospects are huge. Evgeny developed an antivirus, and Natalya had an experience of sale of IT - products and two attempts to start the business from scratch (the truth, not really successful). The idea to include a name in a brand of the company, and then and a product, belonged to Natalya.“ It seemed to Evgeny that it is immodest. But I then insisted. He was a developer, famous in narrow circles, and it was our only resource. When you start from scratch, it is difficult to break through on the market“, - Natalya says. She remembers that at first both worked as damned, children - at them are two sons - were abandoned. In a year after start of business of Kasperskiye divorced, but a few years more suppressed this fact from colleagues not to demotivate employees. Evgeny was still engaged in developments, and Natalya supervised all other questions - marketing, finance, international sales.

B 2007 when the company in a year grew by 147%, and business - processes did not manage to change under so rapid growth, Kaspersky himself decided to operate the company. Natalya became the chairman of the board of directors of “Kaspersky Lab“, and drives now the Infowatch company which specializes in development of the software for protection against information leakages.

“It is bad to work with

together with the husband. Perhaps, of course, our tandem was not really successful though from the point of view of business we also achieved success, - Natalya says. - Anyway, beginning business with relatives, it is necessary to agree about everything ashore and all papers about that, to a lump how many actions belong, to sign at once. I do not see other way to avoid the conflicts further. Not only between relatives, but also between friends when business becomes large, the cat often runs. And people over the years change. Kaspersky in 1997 and in 2007 different the person“.

they business of each other do not discuss

With Igor Ashmanov, work at different offices, during the day often call up, but it is more - on household chores. Igor, however, managed to involve Natalya in one of the projects - she was included as the investor into the Nanosemantika company specializing in technologies of recognition of the natural speech. First she was skeptical about the project. And then the idea for attraction of audience to start the iii project came to Igor to mind. ru - on the website everyone can create to himself virtual characters (inf) and communicate with them. About 10 000 people used service already. Natalya admits that she plays in inf with senior, four-year-old, the daughter - that does not read yet, but she very much likes to change clothes of little men.

“I saw a real opportunity to make interesting business“, - Natalya tells. There were paid accessories and business - clients on whom developers initially counted: someone brings virtual consultants on the website, someone orders interactive advertizing banners (the average time of contact 3 - 4 minutes, the banner answers five questions). The project is translated into English - Natalya insists on the international development.

the Board of directors usually passes

at the dacha at a fireplace. Happens, reaches also disputes. But Natalya recognizes that especially you will not argue with Igor - he always finds arguments to explain why also who is not right. “I not often win dispute, I will honestly tell. I have a specific status there: I as the investor can bulge and ask only a lip the CEO “Where money?“ . But if Igor nearby, business cannot be discussed - all of them tell time about developments and functionality“, - Kasperskaya says.

About work is spoken a little at home. And with children they with the husband go to holiday much more often now.

At everyone the glade

Philip Ilyin - Adayev, the founder of information portal “Banks. ru“, says that its business - the project only won when at the beginning of 2008 the spouse - the TV host Elena Ishcheeva joined it. The revenue in rubles for 2009 (from September to September) grew by 70% in rubles, for 20% in dollars.

They got acquainted even during study at faculty of journalism of MSU. In 2004 when Philip, being PR - the director of large bank, together with the brother - the journalist started the portal, Elena treated the project watchfully: repair in the new apartment had to be done completely on the money - it worked then in “Domino effect“ for NTV, there were also advertizing contracts.


“I am grateful to Lena that it then with my money released me“, - Philip says. While it together with the brother filled databases of bank rates on deposits, the wife had every day airs, to discuss affairs was once. And when TV - Elena`s career came to the end (in the summer of 2007 her program on “House“ was closed), the website already gained steam.

Elena herself suggested Philip to start

on a portal of video and expressed readiness to undertake this project. Now at “Banks. ru“ there is the television: video news, Top officials programs, “Private opinion and “Hunting for Work“. Thanks to Elena`s acquaintances also the heading “Stars in Bank“ is filled.“ Lena very talented and open person. She easily finds a common language both with stars, and with the top officials of banks, many of which visit the website daily now. Attendance grows, the number of advertisers too“, - Philip says.

Everyone is responsible

for the block of work and does not climb on the territory of another.“ Once it was not pleasant to Philip how I mounted a press - conference, and he tried itself - three hours was taken, does not interfere any more“, - Elena tells. She considers that collaboration even rallied a family - constantly there is a subject for conversation. During the last holiday their ten-year-old son Danila, having had heard plenty about banks, too joined in conversation.

spouses do not manage to Bother

each other. They work at one office (the truth, in different offices), but move across Moscow in the autonomous mode and live in different rhythms. Elena leads more bohemian life, Philip admits, as houses comes off the computer only during football matches.

“When I come back with interview, I run at once to tell messages from fields to Philip, - Elena says. - A salary my same, as on television. But at the same time I still study much, and all events are madly interesting to me“.“ All understand that Lena here not because it is my spouse and the shareholder but because works for three and sincerely worries for good reason“, - Philip confirms.

the Loyal partner

to Tatyana Bicheva and Sergey Aksenov for 27 years. They are partners of Lidings law firm, got acquainted at school and together studied at institute. Joint business for them became three years ago, in several months after began to live together.

the First year Sergey built the company without Tatyana (she at that moment recovered from a serious injury). At first alone, then together with the friend Andrey Zelenin. Tatyana was going to return for the former work - the head of legal department in large holding. “Sergey was afraid that I will have a terrible schedule, and we will not be able to see each other therefore called in team. And I gave in to emotions. As far as it is difficult, I understood only then. If he offered now, I still would think...“ - Tatyana admits.

the Partner in Lidings it became not at once. In - the first, it would break the atmosphere in small collective. In - the second, at Tatyana were not in a stock of clients whom she could bring into firm to confirm the status of the partner. Sergey took Tatyana to a position of the senior lawyer. “Works was much more, than on the former place, and salaries any. Efforts first did not pay off. I felt sharply sorry for myself“, - Tatyana remembers.

a year Later the situation changed. Tatyana “earned“ the status of the third partner in firm. “More loyal partner, than the wife, it is impossible to find“, - Sergey explains the decision. Powers were divided by itself. Sergey`s ancestral lands as managing partner - development of firm and coordination of work with government bodies. Tatyana undertook implementation of projects in several directions.“ I completely trust Tatyana control over these projects“, - Sergey admits.

Both spouses are convinced by

that it is better not to advertize the matrimonial relations. Tatyana still works under a maiden name. And even at corporate parties they try not to appear together. On a deep belief of Bicheva, colleague will not appreciate her as professional if know that she is a wife of the founder.

the Main lesson which was taken out by Tatyana from the new status - in joint business by the leader by it not to be. “If you want to live with the man long and happily, it is necessary to remain playing a supporting role in business. At home can be differently“, - she says. Not so long ago between spouses there was a dispute who the first will go to learn languages abroad. After much debate the wife had to concede.

Tatyana recognizes that she is to it much more difficult, than to the ordinary partner.“ My ideas are perceived with big scepticism, than Andrey`s ideas. The husband is not ready to perceive me as equal. It is necessary to remind him what I tell not as the wife, and as the partner. It seems to me, he underestimates my mind therefore I work with the trebled force. It is worth beginning business with the spouse in case you stocked up with sufficient patience“, - Bicheva summarizes.

Now business extends, spouses wait from each other for new fulfillments. “If the person does not grow, interest in it will die away whoever it was - the partner or the wife“, - Aksenov argues. “Sergey waits for breakthrough from me, and I - from it“, - echo Tatyana. Also adds:“ It seems to me, he does not finish, and I constantly speak to him about it. The husband becomes angry in reply“.

here family life the general work enriched

A. At first spouses tried to enter a taboo on talk on work “after eight in the evening“. Experiment was not successful - 60% of conversations were all the same reduced to business. Having decided to diversify subjects for conversations, everyone got to himself new hobby: Sergey went in for archeology, Tatyana - painting. Spouses try to give more time to sport and a thicket to communicate with the general friends.