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Cry on health!

Why women cry in 4 - 5 time more often than men? This obvious proof of their weakness or an instinctive way to remove stress? Anyway a certain way - sometimes it is useful to cry for health!

of 14,2 g - quantity of tears which our eyes produce every day

Why we cry?

Since the birth of people is able to cry. Maturing, we begin to be ashamed of the tears and we cry much less often, but all the same there are moments when it is difficult to keep from tears or it is even impossible.

Animal, as well as people, can shout and cry with pain, but we are the only beings on Earth who possess ability to shed “emotional tears“. Tears - a distress signal which we give, unconsciously expecting sympathy and the help.


Those who do not hesitate to express openly the emotions are less subject to influence of a stress and quicker cope with it. For this reason at a nerve strain psychologists strongly recommend to indulge and splash out the collected experiences in crying. Much more difficultly than subjects who in any situation got used to behave and considers tears as weakness. Sometimes in plenty to cry will not damage at all. However, tears give bigger relief only in that case when provide “social support“ - help to find emotional understanding and a consolation at people around.


As form tears and why they are necessary

of the Tear are formed in several glands around an eye. With each morgatelny movement eyelids distribute a tear on an eye surface. Its surplus flows down in two thinnest plaintive tubules in an internal corner of an eye. Plaintive tubules open in a plaintive bag which is reported with a nose cavity. Therefore when crying from a nose liquid also flows. Though tears for 98% consist of water, experts allocate three types which differ on intensity of allocation and structure - depending on by what they are caused and what functions carry out.

  1. Mechanical. They flow constantly and almost imperceptibly. In their structure fatty elements, slime, proteins and antibacterial substances which wash out humidify and protect eyes from infections and scratches.
  2. Reflex. Are automatically allocated in response to irritants - the eyelash which got into an eye or caustic couples, for example, when you cut onions. Their mission - intensively to wash out an eye therefore they are less saturated.
  3. Emotional. The heaviest - dense, salty and saturated tears - that we call bitter and we spill at the moments of sufferings. They contain hormones of a stress and help to wash up quickly them from an organism. As showed researches, 85% of women and 73% of men at strong experiences felt much better after crying. Tears of joy or affections spill more often than bitter. They though does not bring harmful substances out of an organism, but soften effect of adrenaline. Also also the tears which are involuntarily flowing from uncontrollable laughter work.
It is important
Protect eyes from dryness
of the Reason of dryness of eyes can be the most different. As a rule, such feeling arises from - for violations of quality of a plaintive film which greases an eye surface and covers it with a thin layer. This film needs to be protected especially - it protects an eyeball from drying and pathogenic microbes, and also contains the substances feeding a cornea.
the Syndrome of a dry eye - feeling of burning, “sand“, gripes in eyes, bad shipping of wind, reddening of eyes, a photophobia, dacryagogue or feeling of dryness, fast visual fatigue and the arising desire to close eyes. As a rule, these signs amplify by the end of the working day.
of the Reason
  • the Factors connected with a way of life: big loading when reading and long work at the computer which demand concentration of attention.
  • Contact lenses can also cause unpleasant feelings from - for dryness as lenses absorb in themselves a plaintive film, from - for what the proteins which are its part are laid for them. If you carry lenses, let`s eyes have a rest from them more often, at home try to wear glasses. And it is more preferable to use lenses of daily replacement.
  • Attentively read to
  • instructions to drugs. Certain preparations, for example, some antidepressants and anti-histamines (allergy medicine), can cause dryness of eyes. Diseases of a thyroid gland, deficiency of vitamins A and D also provoke dryness of eyes.
  • One of the most frequent reasons - normal process of aging. In process of aging our organism makes less fatty secret: in 65 years it makes 40% in comparison with 18 - summer. It is stronger expressed at women as skin at them drier, than at men. The lack of fatty secretion affects also a condition of a plaintive film.
What to do?
  • Minimize risk factors. Try to support the sufficient level of moisture in the room. You do not sit in the smoked rooms.
  • Include in the diet the products rich with fatty acids an omega - 3: fat fish and, having discussed with the doctor, cod-liver oil in capsules. It is noted that fatty acids influence moistening of eyes.
  • do not abuse eye drops. Avoid drops which “refresh and quickly remove reddening of eyes“. They narrow eye vessels and can aggravate a problem only.
  • Drink enough liquid: 8 - 10 glasses of water in day will help to support the normal level of moisture in an organism, including moistening mucous an eye.
  • Try to blink
  • more often, especially when you read, you watch TV or you work at the computer. Do not rub eyes - it only strengthens irritation.

Three most frequent questions concerning tears

the Blitz - councils
How quickly to remove redness?
  • Exclude a disease. If the redness of eyes became the frequent phenomenon, then it is necessary to seem to the ophthalmologist. The redness can be connected with an illness a century, an eye, an allergy (including on contact lenses).
  • Moisten with
  • mucous an eye. The redness often arises from - for dryness mucous. Air whenever possible more often the room in which you sit. From time to time use the moistening drops for eyes, for example, natural or artificial tears. But do not abuse them!
  • Cool with
  • eyes Apply to the closed eyes ice in a napkin or the scarf which is simply wetted in cold water. The cold promotes narrowing of vessels, and water will be an additional source of moistening.
  • Do to
  • compresses. The simplest - apply the made and cooled bags of black or green tea. Or make strong leaf tea and put the wadded disks moistened in it to eyes. Tea has to be without additives. It is also useful to do compresses of broth of a camomile, parsley or lime color. Compresses can be applied warm, cold or contrast, alternately putting the wadded disks moistened in warm solution then in cooled (or ice cubes from these broths). It is useful to put circles of a fresh cucumber (an additional source of moisture) to eyes.
  • Accept vitamins. The redness of eyes can arise from - for a lack of an organism of vitamins A and B2. It is necessary to enter black berries (currant and bilberry), parsley and crude carrots into a food allowance. Grated carrots with to - a bavleniye of fats - vegetable oil, cream or sour cream are especially well acquired.
  • Protect eyes from bright light. You wear sunglasses of high quality with protection against UF - radiations not only in the summer. In the winter the ultraviolet also influences our eyes. Especially negatively - at a combination of a bright sun and snow-white snowdrifts: their joint blinding action overloads eyes, forces them to strain to focus sight, and dries mucous.
  • Observe purity. Before going to bed surely remove a make-up from eyes by means of special means. If the mote got into an eye, do not get it fingers at all (better to wash out an eye or to dig an artificial tear).

Why we cry more often than men?

It is considered h2 that in an occasion and without it 2 - 3 once a month 74% of women and 20% of men, however, cry the last never admit this weakness. From pain 36% of women and 25% of men, cry with love and experiences connected with it - 41% of women and 22% of men.

we blink
of 12 times a minute to distribute moisture in eyes

Why women shed tears easier and more often? According to one experts, it appears, it is not courage or feminity. Women slezlivy of - for the hormone of Prolactinum which is contained in their blood which is responsible not only for allocation of tears, but also for production of milk during feeding with a breast. And to men testosterone which interferes with accumulation of plaintive liquid in enough prevents to shed “avaricious man`s tears“ hormone.

Some psychologists assure that social stereotypes which are put in the childhood when parents speak to the kid are guilty of man`s avarice of manifestation of emotions: “It is a shame to cry, you are a man!“

Tear ten

Favourite movies with which cry.

We interrogated the friends, relatives, colleagues and just familiar, and we present you ten leaders. Look - and cry sweet tears!

White Bim - a black ear
  • Life is fine
    • Where give dreams
    • to you and did not dream
    • Hachiko`s
    • - the most loyal friend
    • the English patient
    • Once in America
    • the Ballad about the soldier
    • When trees were big
    • to Reach heaven
    Moscow (on polls of residents of 10 cities) - the rigid city, not for sentimental (to tears does not trust).
    of 6% of women say that they never cry.
    of 45% of men say that they never cry