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Short-sightedness and pregnancy of

Pregnancy are not only most remarkable period in the woman`s life, but also very responsible. Now in your hands not only your health, but also health of future kid. In the list of doctors - experts with whom you need to consult surely are costed also by the ophthalmologist. What for?

Supervision of the ophthalmologist. Why it is necessary?


to prevent possible complications from eyes during pregnancy and childbirth, it is necessary to determine in advance, whether all as it should be with sight at the pregnant woman.

Irrespective of existence or absence of short-sightedness and complaints to sight, all pregnant women have to be examined by the ophthalmologist on 10 - 14 to week of pregnancy. Besides usual check of sight research of an eye bottom after expansion of a pupil is surely conducted. If no changes are revealed, repeated control inspection is performed in four weeks prior to the estimated term of childbirth.

If at the first survey gaps or rough dystrophic changes of a retina are found, the preventive lazerkoagulyation at which the retina “is as if soldered“ to the subject vascular cover is carried out. In these cases of the patient are observed before childbirth monthly, and at the last survey in 4 weeks prior to childbirth at reliable blockade of gaps it draws the conclusion about a possibility of an independent rodorazresheniye. At emergence of new ruptures of a retina its repeated lazerkoagulyation is made, and at development of an otsloyka of a retina surgical intervention.


If during pregnancy at you showed such symptoms as flashings, light flashes, floating turbidity before an eye, distortions of a form of objects, loss under review or its narrowing in the form of so-called “curtain“ which can demonstrate development of complications, you should address the oculist immediately. At detection of changes the doctor will recommend drug, laser or surgical treatment.

to Give birth it is impossible to operate. Who will put a comma?

the Main risk of deterioration in sight at childbirth are complications from a retina: probability of its otsloyka with loss of sight or hemorrhages in a retina or a vitreous body.

the Look and degree of a clinical refraction at the same time do not matter. Therefore widespread opinion that at short-sightedness to 6,0 dioptries perhaps independent rodorazresheniye, and at a miopiya of higher degree is shown Cesarean section, incorrectly. Only existence of complications - otsloyka and gaps, and also the revealed rough dystrophic changes in a retina posing threat of development of complications can define indications to Cesarean section for health reasons of eyes. The absolute indication to Cesarean section is the otsloyka of a retina revealed and operated during pregnancy, and earlier operated otsloyka of a retina on the only able to see eye.

the Risk of development of complications in the course of childbirth is often overestimated by

. In the international practice it is considered that the woman can independently give birth if pregnancy proceeds normally if is not present otsloyek in the past. If the previous childbirth took place without complications, even at detection of the dystrophic centers on a retina.

Of course in spite of the fact that the ophthalmologist draws the conclusion about desirable conducting childbirth, the decision on concrete tactics of a rodorazresheniye remains for the obstetrician - the gynecologist, delivering.

we Are going to maternity hospital, we take only the most necessary!

If you use

contact lenses, then there is a question “And how to Be with Lenses?“ Whether it is possible to continue to use the contact lenses or it is necessary to be limited to points?


only you can answer this question. Choose that way of correction which you consider for yourself more convenient. Points? Then we take with ourselves points. Lenses? Then it is worth consulting at the specialist in contact correction - whether your lenses will be suitable for a trip to maternity hospital. The simplest and convenient option - disposable lenses. They are attractive that they do not need additional leaving, it is not necessary to take with itself solution and the container, at the same time they are very convenient and comfortable. The silikongidrogelevy lenses possessing high most oxygen permeability and which if necessary can be not removed more than 12 hours can be alternative to disposable contact lenses.

Questions and answers:

Question: Hello. I am 26 years old. Miopiya since 18 years. Progresses not quickly. 02 / 2005 R − 2. 5 L − 2. 75 Passed inspection during pregnancy before childbirth. 06 / 2007 passed inspection in connection with deterioration in feelings. R − 3. 00 L − 3. 25. Now I am pregnant, but did not survey an eye yet (and whether it is necessary?) . Prompt, please, at what miopiya to me contraindicated to give birth independently and whether it is worth conducting any additional examinations? Thanks.
P. S.: Constantly I do not wear glasses, only during snowboarding or driving.
Answer: the Indication to an exception 2 - go the period of childbirth is the complicated miopiya of average degree and a miopiya of high degree. You need consultation of the ophthalmologist for survey of a retina. If there are no rough changes of PVHRD (peripheral vitreokhoreoretinalny dystrophies), then it is possible to give birth independently. But they are different, the most dangerous: mute gaps, retinoshizis, “trellised“ dystrophy, dystrophy “trace of a snail“.

Question: Hello! I am pregnant, the term of 29 weeks. I have a high miopiya of both eyes (-11 left and − 10. 25 right eyes). Also the diagnosis says:“ Central horioretinalny dystrophy of the left eye“. I was interested in a question of possible physiological conducting childbirth. I passed inspection in the Center of therapy of an eye, to me allowed to give birth most, and the doctor assures of district clinic that it is necessary to do Caesarian. Now I am tormented by doubts, there was no strong wish to go blind at the time of delivery. Whether it is possible to give birth most with such diagnosis? Prompt, please!
Answer: Miopiya at you really high degree, but defining (from eyes) is not so much degree of short-sightedness, how many existence and expressiveness of vitreokhorioretinalny dystrophic manifestations. The final decision on a way of a rodorazresheniye is made by the treating obstetrician - the gynecologist taking into account all circumstances, including and the conclusion of a retinolog (a laser oftalmokhirurg).

Question: Hello! I am 32 years old, now is pregnant, the term of 15 weeks. There are problems with sight, and, naturally, the rodorazresheniye method - natural childbirth or Cesarean section concerns. Passed diagnostics in two independent clinics, the diagnosis is identical:“ Miopichesky astigmatism of ODES. Difficult miopichesky astigmatism of OS. Ineepodobny degeneration of a retina of both eyes“. The diagnosis is identical, but recommendations differ - in one clinic strongly recommended to make laser coagulation, in the second clinic recommended not to do coagulation, only to be observed and told that for natural childbirth there are no contraindications. It is worth - doing everything laser coagulation or not? And if not to do how big risk at natural childbirth?
Answer: Ineepodobnaya the degeneration of a retina does not belong to risk - to the PVHRD forms and does not need laser coagulation. For natural childbirth you have no contraindications.

Question: the Maternity welfare unit directed to the oculist behind the recommendation about conducting childbirth (age of 30 years, 2 - I pregnancy, 3 - y a trimester). The doctor wrote:“ Childbirth with an exception of the potuzhny period“. Actually this direction on Caesarian. (5 years ago) with a similar condition of eyes other doctor wrote “natural childbirth“ to last pregnancy, as it was made, the damage to sight did not happen. Whether it is valid at the condition of eyes described below so severe tactics is necessary? It was not would like to do Caesarian if in it there is no real need...
Answer: Miopiya of high degree is not contraindication for an independent rodorazresheniye. Also in favor of the last the previous childbirth testifies. You need to consult at the ophthalmologist - a retinolog (the specialist in retina diseases), where to do it, solve. If you live in Moscow, ask the direction in KDTs corresponding to the place of a registration or address for consultation in ophthalmologic clinic.

For selection of optimum means of correction of sight, will very important address the competent ophthalmologist - a kontaktolog.

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