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  • 13. 2. 2000 17:39:5, Ekhomama Who it was already engaged in
    - prompt how there take place “shows“? If to look for not through agency, and according to the newspaper whether then to demand the recommendation, and whether it is possible to rely on them? Tell, please, in more detail about a technical aspect of a question.
    • of 14. 2. 2000 23:59:58, Nyush
      the Nurse is obliged to know rules of first aid.
    • 13. 2. 2000 21:59:37, Katya
      Concerning recommendations. The best way to recognize the person - to talk to her previous employers. If the person has nothing to hide, he will give a phone number that you could be convinced of its professional qualities. It can be both parents of kids, and heads of kindergartens, schools etc. where the person worked earlier. Happens, of course, that these employers “not gifts“, can tell a heap of all unpleasant. But the good expert of subjects also differs that can “peacefully“ leave and agree even with the most shitty owner. So it is better nevertheless, it seems to me, to go in such way. Reserved nurses - not the best contingent, you and about the child of an objective picture will not wait then. I always surely asked, than the previous family (child) did not approach. If brought down on impossible character, excessive insistence, cavils etc., then seldom such person suited me. And here if out of time paid it, to go far etc. then these reasons were considered as objective. References. Of course, it is possible and to ask. The normal person will understand it (you care for the child), and surprised - probably, will ignore these interests. And one more. Pay attention to behavior of the nurse when it comes to your house for the first time. If in conversation it is focused only on you (separately), and addresses the child only after your conversation - it is not the best option (everything will do COMPLETELY, without any improvisation and tolerance) and if the first to what “will stretch“ - your kid, then some hope for “quality“ is. In general, the best option - the acquaintance of your acquaintances, but not familiar personally to you. Everything about it can be learned, however it seems as the new person who is not burdened with a loop of the previous relations with you...
    • 13. 2. 2000 22:57:19, Nyush
      of the Reference should be asked surely - from the attending physician (about absence hronich. diseases), from tubas. clinic, KVD and PND. On a dignity. the book you should not hope - they can be bought on any corner now. References have to be fresh and from doctors of district clinic (KVD, PND and TD). It is quite good to mention that you have an opportunity to check them (acquaintances in p - ke, etc.) And, among other things, it is necessary to demand observance in your house of obligatory rules of hygiene - to have the slippers, ware, a hairbrush, etc., than it uses. I know one case when the housemaid infected owners with a fungus since was in the habit to wash the floor barefoot when they were not at home. If the person does not want to bring references, then, I think, to him is what to hide, or he not really wants to work. On the recommendation it is necessary to pay special attention - in recommendations surely there has to be phone of the employer by which it is possible to contact it. I unambiguously would not hire the person who left with the conflict. Came up itself personally against a situation when did not pay attention to the negative characteristic of the former employer, having believed that the person was “stipulated“ (the reasons for which it occurred were called). As a result the characteristic was true - the young woman was not only unbalanced and inclined to hysterics (as it was recommended), but also conflict and inclined to a showdown (absolutely there was a mad woman!!!) . My trustfulness turned back to me such side what I will wish nobody, nerves to me it costed also the dismantling which is not measured, besides, it “threw“ me at the most inappropriate moment - during moving. So recommendations should not be neglected. It is necessary to discuss a food question (or a lunch break) if the person works all day. Having faced several times work of agencies, there I will nevermore address - they check nobody, recommendations rivet, and a dignity. books are wholesaled. References provide only when you demand it from them. Through newspapers tried too - the contingent quirky and (everything with whom agreed) unpunctual, several people did not come in general and did not call back. Besides, those which in newspapers, strongly overstate the price. After long drudgeries stopped at labor exchange (regional and the express). Costs: those who send candidates do not fulfill requirements (for example, send from other area, or other age, etc.) ; if to address to the regional exchange, it is necessary to be the organization and to note “directions“, i.e. at least - to have the press; it is necessary to have contact phone and “meeting place“ (everything a home telephone number you will not allow and to invite home). It is the best of all to make the questionnaire, where to specify all questions which you would like to set to future nurse. Let candidates will fill in questionnaires on the first interview, and you, besides, will note the impressions on the questionnaire (it is possible to make an additional questionnaire “for himself“ that to forget nothing. It will give the chance to compare answers to identical questions and handwriting of the candidate is important. Balanced people have usually beautiful handwriting. And on the second interview if there is everything - several candidates by results of questionnaires, it is already possible to talk in more detail about children, the principles of education, etc., to look how will treat the child. I always conduct the first interview with filling of questionnaires at office, and it is already possible to invite to the second the person home.
    • 13. 2. 2000 17:52:16, Ivanova Sasha
      Yes, and about references! Analyses on HIV, RV, hepatitis and eggs a worm! Somebody demanded it? I have absolutely a bittock.
    • 13. 2. 2000 20:22:29, Olga P
      As far as I know in agency of the reference an indispensable condition. (and a flyurografiya not superfluous, at us now at any work it should be passed) So I think and if look for - it is the normal requirement too. Besides there demand the reference from militia, from the place of work (previous or present). Of course I understand that it guarantees nothing, but nevertheless. In agency said to us that it is possible to come to the nurse home, to look as she lives, the house - the considerable characteristic of the person. I long enough looked for the nurse through agency, but did not find and somehow there was not enough determination. Could not overcome and to leave purely psychologically itself the child with foreign person especially as the agency offered the contract well absolutely about anything. Eventually found the nurse through acquaintances, the girl works in a garden to 13 - 00, and just the second half of day is necessary to me. Respectively it has a sanitary book, etc. And about interview - at me everything solved my impression of the person. Read the story about searches of the nurse at Lena Danilova. From adopted something there. For a start discussed its formation, experience, quantity of working hours, a payment and the list of what the nurse needs to carry out. Some already at this stage were eliminated. Then its marital status, her abilities. My requirements and comparison of it to its opportunities. Well and the most important of some, more - less pleasant to me I invited for communication with the child. the truth from once sometimes could not understand, it was necessary to invite still. And said goodbye to some almost at once - since. was present almost full otstutvy interest in the child from their party (from my point of view). I consider recommendations are simply necessary, but as far as they are reliable if you receive them from strangers - it is already a question. Here I counted on the intuition. I had one candidate for the nurse - it seems quite good, knew different techniques, but when I the recommendation from the last place of work told a porosil - well I do not know if I see I will ask, and specially I will not go! On it we also left. That still struck me - so it is not punctuality and as I consider, the bezotvtestvennost following it - the person could not come absolutely, or be late, one came on an hour earlier, having justified it with the fact that finished shopping earlier. It killed me - thus that the person speaks about the extreme interest in work, arrives absolutely on the contrary. According to such we left too. Excuse that is so long and chaotic, just I so endured all this and quite recently. Here tolk two weeks as found the nurse
    • 14. 2. 2000 19:52:33, Arina demanded
      Ya. We have a nurse - the nurse, she has a sanitary book. Very much I advise to look for the nurse with medical education.
    • 15. 2. 2000 13:30:57, Ma - Mashka I agree
      in essence with everything (presuming a form correctness:) ). It seems to me that choosing the nurse, parents have the right to expose any reasonable and necessary, from THEIR point of view, the requirement. Also, as well as the nurse, choosing the work having the right to expose the conditions. Agreed, arranged it all - remarkably, now a question in observance of arrangements. And is not present - thanks, excuse. It is work, and the personal relations - a bit different. Of course, it would be desirable that also they developed to everybody`s delight. But there are a lot of questions and problems (at me, at least). So far I came to a conclusion (on own experience) that a question in this measure. Everyone has it the. To me it is important that the personal relations at the nurse developed first of all with my child, and with us rather mutual politeness and observance of arrangements (it is a minimum). And further depends on the person.

  • of 16. 2. 2000 11:56:20, Vika
    , Why the nurse is necessary? For example, why the nurse to not working woman? That is, why it is necessary, I understand: -)) I want to know which of women invited and or wants to invite the nurse. Whether they work, or stay at home. What is the time the nurse with the child carries out? How to choose the nurse? How it is possible to trust it? Whether you are afraid when you leave the child with the nurse? How to pay the nurse? What belongs to its duties? I have a mass of questions as I want to invite the nurse and very much am afraid, it would be desirable priglasiti the nurse for 2 - 3 days a week, but I do not know what to begin with. Several women came to interview, they were in old age, I do not know how to communicate with them: (It is not convenient to me to do them remarks and to point to their mistakes what to do? How in general it is possible to trust foreign person?
    • of 16. 2. 2000 15:40:16, I Will begin Nyush with
      with the fact that I have no volunteer assistants, and I do not like to be obliged. The nurse is necessary for me since I work (more true, worked and I am going to continue), I carry the senior to the pool, on chess, and on occupations in DPSh - is more right, drove, t. to. nearly 2 months I sit without nurse, I look for now. Before childbirth did all this itself, in the middle of pregnancy it was necessary to employ the housemaid since I did not cope with cleaning - it was heavy. When gave rise, employed “grandmother“ - to drive Dimka in DPSh and to the pool. He began to be ill at once, it was necessary from this idea to refuse - the pool gave up, in DPSh began to drive itself - with a carriage. It was full of determination to sit from Sashkaya to 3 years “without separation“, but the idea was not repaid. Then, when it was necessary “to drive off“ from the house on work, for an additional payment charged to the housemaid to sit several hours from Sashkaya - foolish idea! Is impossible for the housemaid also the child to charge (and vice versa) - as a result it turns out that nothing but only tell what Sasha whimsical becomes. Now here I look for separately the nurse, did not find yet - nobody arranges. But on me - it is better to look longer, and better to find. Besides, I will not hide, I like to go to shaping and in a sauna - 2 times a week cannot refuse to themselves such pleasure. Too it is necessary to go to a hairdressing salon and salon though I not really love it, but obliges... Now here I stay at home within four walls, and anywhere not to leave, everywhere with a carriage - and to Dimk to take away from a garden, and in shop, and... in a hairdressing salon was before New year last time (the mother-in-law sat from Sashkaya). Dimkina sections are thrown, the husband works from dawn to a decline (together it turns out quicker), about shaping I am silent - I am silent... Besides, such garden got that it is necessary most to be engaged from Dimkaya + it was necessary to employ the tutor on English language (and it means too - to take away Dima 2 times a week earlier from a garden), and there are no close good gardens. Generally, our adjusted life departed to depths of hell, the nurse is urgently necessary. And in the presence of the nurse I do not know how everything I will be in time. Thought already already Dimka got used to carry far away, but in a good garden, and that I began to take away, be engaged it with it earlier... And he already there made friends - it is impossible the child from a garden in a garden all the time to throw. Maybe somebody will share experience as it is possible in the presence of two children and absence of the nurse to give them normal development - circles, language, the pool and so forth
    • 15. 2. 2000 21:23:27, Olga P We, for example, took
      the nurse not because I should come to work. (fortunately I can be at home with the child so far). But it is necessary to leave the house nevertheless sometimes, I personally just begin “to choke“ with long stay within four walls. The grandmother is borrowed from us constantly though when she comes the daughter it is happy to madness. So it is not necessary to count on the grandmother often. To me it would be quieter will leave the daughter with the native person - the grandmother, the grandfather but not always it turns out. And to tell that mother of the child does not love or did not know why gave birth if in a family there is a nurse - I consider it just nonsense and horror! All the doubts and tortures the nurse is apropos necessary or not I described below. Therefore looked for long, I trust the most expensive to the person. And it is unclear why the person with education, capable it is not simple to sit with the child, and to teach something, specially found for this purpose, it is better than neigbours? It from the same opera of some grandmothers in our yard seems to me - we raised without pampers and any there jars - mixes, and you so grow up the children. And pampers and all benefits of a civilization - are not necessary, harmful etc. And that I can leave in a hairdressing salon and sometimes with the husband together I do not consider in relation to the child as treachery. When I leave, I think of the daughter constantly and when I come back - we rejoice to a meeting together with it. And in usual time she if the father is at home, does not want to approach me at all. So sometimes it is necessary to leave to understand as well at home! And the good mood of mother is a pledge of a good neastroyeniye of a rebek. And it is a whim or need?:-)
    • 14. 2. 2000 10:9:55, ket if to you is rather expensive to
      your child and you have such money why to you in general the nurse? Anyway the most unearthly with all references, beautiful handwriting and that you there still demand: that houses at it it was pure, from a threshold she rushed to the child and so on... She is a worker, and you are an employer. And she yours from a threshold will not be able to fall in love with the child, as if she in principle did not love children. Perhaps your too whimsical or spoiled or on the contrary, it too hammered and diffident. To find an ideal very difficult and whether it is necessary? To our children to live and get on with different people. Therefore, it seems to me, it is necessary to look for the nurse, a cat. just as much as possible an udoletvoryala to your not overestimated requirements. I found daughter nurse according to the announcement on a column. Before ambitious young women called from agencies and requested the sum in 150 - 200 dollars. Our nurse agreed for 700 rubles: to meet from school, to walk, feed with a lunch (I prepare), to learn lessons, 2 times a week to carry on dances. She is a pensioner, the only thing that she told me that she will not cope if the child is whimsical and spoiled. We with the daughter descended to her on a visit, looked, she it seems was pleasant to mine, 4 months works. I will not hide, there were problems with payment since she wanted to break somehow the sum, but it was quickly settled. She shows not just care of the child, it brings up it as we have no time. I not against since my Dashka is the young woman with character. They play at hide-and-seek also in cards if there is time. Of course, when the small child, problems slightly others, but I advise not to neglect similar options. In spite of the fact that to our nurse in 60 years and it has no teacher. educations, she SINCERELY WANTS NAM POMOCh, and it for me the most important. Probably, I am not right, but why to the child to be with the nurse if mother can teach everything much better and with all the heart and if she cannot itself, it is possible to work in groups the esthete. developments, well and so on, you all perfectly know. Of course, I agree that it is necessary to choose the nurse, but it is not necessary to be too abrupt and to assume airs. First of all understand that at any time each of us can fly from a nayezzhenny circle and itself to become the nurse. You will like the relation which you show to these nurses? In the majority it is brought up, it is obligatory with the higher education of the woman (ours was the deputy of hl. engineer).
    • 15. 2. 2000 19:33:15, Alain
      Ya, however, I do not consider myself as “cuckoo“ though with my child the nurse sits in the afternoon. For the following reasons:
      - to give to the child such education and such life as we want, is necessary for us both earnings
      - to the child the most important not what is the time will see off with it mother and as she spends this time (it is scientifically confirmed)
      - I want that the child was proud of my professional achievements and studied at me to a commitment to excellence
      - I do not want to wake up one morning when Petka grows up and to understand that my life is empty
      - I do not want that my son ever felt guilty that I much for the sake of it offered
      - (God forbid, of course) but I do not want to be left without kopek of money and without profession if something happens to my husband
      - and the most important: the child needs the happy and satisfied mother therefore each mother has to conduct the life as she considers it necessary.

  • of 14. 2. 2000 1:32:7, Lida Tell
    , and the age of the nurse somehow influences its professional qualities? How it seems to you, it is better young or elderly? And how about students?
    • of 14. 2. 2000 13:42:23, Olga P you do not represent
      as I was nervous when I looked for the nurse. I in general quite impressionable, and here went for interview with the nurse and there were a wish to turn and leave and leave everything as earlier:-) There was directly physical feeling of nausea. At once thoughts - yes it is also not necessary to me anywhere, I am at home to sit all the time. Why nurse?:-) There was everything - and the fact that I am a mother bad, the child is left with others aunt, and it is a lot of another. But I got it together, thought and tried to look at a situation on the other hand. I do not throw the daughter. I just leave it for a while, and it is pleasant to it when play with it and are engaged, and not only mother, it at me the sociable girl. But I leave it with the nurse not for the whole day, and not every day. It is my situation. The fact that I quite laboriously approached search result of my experiences. It is necessary to me bydo that leaving I was quiet for the daughter. Of course the 100% tranquility just does not exist, but nevertheless the confidence has to be. And with Katya I agree to all 100% at all points, especially about arrival to the house and attention of the nurse to the child. Of course at once the nurse should not rush on it, washing for example began to be very cautious with foreign people, but to try to come into contact - certainly it is necessary. And acquaintance of acquaintances, but not our acquaintance:-))) it just what we as a result received. The age is at your choice. To us the woman of 60 years came at first, but me it seemed to her already hard, it is a little heavy to energy to follow my fidget. Probably ideal of years 40 - 50. Experience, children rather adult. But we did not manage to find such for incomplete day. So our nurse is 23 years old, of course it is young. But - after school 4 years work, now graduates from the institute. But the most wide experience is her nephew, with a cat. she lives in one quartet. He is 4 years old. So it to it as second mother. With Nastya she somehow found at once a common language, interested her in games. But I will repeat, the most important was my feeling from the person. Good luck!
    • 14. 2. 2000 10:2:3, Faya
      U me was the nurse of 55 years and she is Noyke as the grandmother was - indulged awfully but was engaged a little. Now I have a nurse of 30 years with 2 - mya children and I see that it more skilled at it everything in the head is even fresher from the children and she is engaged from Noykaya much. But I feel that from elderly Noyke it was better - she completely gave herself to the child, its head was not stuffed by the children. Concerning students - I would not take everything that we passed to the small child of the person not of a past!!!