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In the mode of accustoming

the Range of schools is not limited to various “deepenings“. The organization of educational process differs. Five or six days to study the child? On quarters or trimesters? Till a lunch or in the mode of full day? Correct answer: everything depends on physiological features of your kid. Even if children are twins, they develop differently. Therefore, and for study different conditions are required for them.

5 or 6?

the Contents of the school program are uniform

for all. And if to master it in 5 days a week, loading will be more. And yes on parents too: tasks for the house will more volume. And it is necessary to do with the child homework both days off. You are ready to it?

Standard or intensiv?

different techniques of training Are. So, Zankov`s technique assumes intensive training. There are so-called “profound“ programs: for example, learning of foreign language with 1 - go a class. Intensive and profound programs do not suit children who often are ill. Any admission only aggravates loading. And it is still important: if the preschool child had logopedic problems, the language school is contraindicated to him. Even if violations of language development to 1 - go a class managed to be corrected.

Full day or...?

If the child to school went to kindergarten and perfectly there communicated (there are such children for whom already mother came in the evening, and he all does not want to leave), to it and at school of full day, and on an after-school club will be comfortable. But it is a little such children. here for the “nesadovsky“ child it is difficult to p to spend by

A at school the whole day. Earlier it was in any collective at most a couple of hours. The first class is a sharp shift of a kind of activity. And if at once to enter additional loading, tension will only increase. So after lessons of such child it is desirable to take away home at once. Let will be alone, and it is even better - will have a sleep. And at school of full day will be to difficult easily excitable children.

of a Quarter or trimesters?

Division of academic year into trimesters is hardly more useful than

to children`s health, than quarters habitual to all. In any case, I do not know of any serious researches in this respect. But results of complex researches of terms of adaptation of children to the school mode are known.


by Through joint efforts of different experts it is proved that adaptation to educational process in 1 - m a class lasts of 6 - 8 weeks. And if in 5 weeks to arrange vacation, we just will not allow the child to enter the optimum mode of study.

In 2 - 4 - m classes adaptation lasts less - 4 weeks. It turns out that only the child entered educational process, it in a week is sent to have a rest.

Sometimes can hear opinion: say, trimesters help to avoid excessive loading of the third quarter. Really, February - biologically difficult month: deficiency of air, ultraviolet, movement, vitamins. But it is all the same you will not fill with week of rest. It is better to lower loading during the whole month. Moreover, any vacation is a disadaptation to educational process. After them it is difficult to enter a working rhythm.

In society or at home?

is present

In family training nothing bad. The main thing that the reasons of the choice of house form of education were reasonable. So, if parents want to protect the child from the “bad“ environment is a nonsense. All this can complicate further socialization of the teenager.

Still option of unsuccessful motivation: the child is considered as the child prodigy. For few years it is forced to pass the four-year program of elementary school. As a result in 5 - m a class it appears not in the environment. Personal contacts are broken. And, by the way, the international experience shows that children who before peers graduate from school and higher education institution not for a long time overtake the less “fast“ age-mates.

the Recommendation - not a sentence

All listed above restrictions and conditions belong to elementary school. Also do not mean that to 5 - m a class the child will not be able to come to a gymnasium or to begin it is serious to learn a foreign language.

The matter is that the main task of the first years of study - to give to the child the chance to survive in new difficult conditions, to adapt to them. And to keep health. And then then he everything will be in time!