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Sleep debt of

such impression Is made that today time flies much quicker, than in the last centuries. We cannot live measuredly and not bustlingly any more, almost all always somewhere we hurry. And the modern equipment, cars, computers, cell phones and other, other, do not do our life more measuredly and more quietly. Also there is nothing surprising that the most part of earthlings suffers from a sleep debt.

we steal time for additional work and entertainments from a dream. And it is reflected in the most adverse way both on health, and in beauty.

Though stories are also known to

people who did not sleep at all. For example, the father and the son Drazhkovichi from the former Yugoslavia. The father lost ability to sleep after the contusion received on World War II and did not sleep within 50 years, only from time to time falling into an easy somnolence during which could conduct conversation and even to read and write. His son lost a dream in 23 years after usual sports training. None of world stars could help Drazhkovicham and they probably and not really insisted as lack of a dream was not reflected on their health.

58 years do not sleep the English farmer Eustace Burnett, reading books at night and solving crossword puzzles. In 2003 on Tibet scientists from World Health Organization found the monk who did not sleep 90 years!


Much less the resident of Manchester was lucky Joan Moore who lost a dream after a stress at work and now many years cannot fall asleep. Lack of a dream so weakened the woman that she lost any interest in life.

the insufficient quantity of a dream is quite dangerous by

To the ordinary average person. It not only ruins health, but also leads to change of the identity of the person. Not only habits, but also traits of character can change. Not for nothing in the Middle Ages there was a terrible torture during which the person deprived of a dream for a long time, beating out from it recognition in the made and imperfect sins.

For most of people norm is the eight-hour dream. However someone needs more time for a dream, someone - has less.

For example, Winston Churchill claimed that the man needs 6 hours of a dream, to the boy - 7, and to women and fools there is much more time. Well what you will tell here? It is unreasonable to take offense at the powers that be, and women that there men did not speak, in rationality will give them odds. And therefore they perfectly understand why they need more dream. For maintenance of beauty.

the man can be slightly more beautiful than a monkey, and women should be beautiful as Vasilisa Prekrasnaya, and wise as Vasilisa Premudraya. And the sleep deficit slows down reproduction of hormones, weakens immune system, at those who regularly do not fill up, there is a destruction of nervous system, intelligence quotient falls, reaction of a body and brain weakens, the person begins to make various mistakes in work. Those drivers, that often do not fill up, make the most part of accidents on roads.

the Sleep debt leads

to such diseases as a hypertension, diabetes, various neurosises, phobias. And it happens even to those people who regularly play sports and breathe fresh air.

Those women that save on a dream, quickly gather extra kilos, at them, despite diets, obesity often develops, grows dull and loses freshness skin, eyes cease to shine, hair split, badly comb hair and begin to remind tow.

A little sleeping women grow old 40% quicker, than their contemporaries sleeping of 7 - 8 hours. Life at those who do not fill up is reduced on average by 10 years.

Economy on a dream - one of the most destructive types of economy. Not for nothing Spaniards thought up a siesta... And in pre-revolutionary Russia the day dream was practiced not only for children, also adults, both citizens, and peasants slept in the afternoon.


I, of course, mankind the question how many all - it is necessary to sleep from time immemorial concerned. The Japanese scientists conducted a number of researches and removed a certain regularity - the best health and more long life it appeared at those who slept 6,5 - 7,5 hours.

life was shortened by

U of those who slept 4,5 hours and less by one and a half times, and those who slept 9,5 and more hours reduced the life by 1,7 - 1,9 times. Therefore scientists came to a conclusion that each person has to sleep exactly so much to allow to have a rest to the brain and a body, having allowed to be restored by nervous system and to wake up vigorous and full of strength.

Many of us like to have a sleep longer on holidays and the days off. Physicians categorically against it. To go to bed and wake up better and on weekdays, and during week-end at the same time.