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Exclusive wedding rings of

By tradition wedding rings have to be smooth and flat - it symbolizes equal and measured life in a matrimony. But designers even more often do forecasts about the fact that classical “obruchalka“ will finally get out of fashion soon. They are gradually forced out by exclusive wedding rings.

On a special celebration only special accessories are pertinent

. Possibly, intending spouses of couple are guided by such approach, choosing original models with intricate patterns and a non-standard combination of materials. Criteria of an exclusive assume that rings were “not as at all“. Though the similar pleasure also costs respectively.

the Most budgetary models from Breuning will cost approximately five hundred euros. The lower price level of wedding rings of Dora makes already 1600 euros for couple. The set of wedding rings from San Maurice and Peter Heim can be bought for 1500 - 2000 euros. And found platinovo - gold imaginations Gerstner will manage within 4000 euros.

wedding rings in which design esoteric signs, pagan and zodiac symbols, the Celtic and Scandinavian ornaments are used Already managed to win recognition of the consumer. The list of unusual models can be continued.

of the Ring in Twin set style

It is the direction became especially popular in recent years. If legislators of wedding fashion of the end of the last century advised newlyweds to exchange rings, different in design, showing eternal conflict of opposites between man`s and a feminine, then the philosophy of Twin set is based absolutely on other values. Rings for the groom and the bride are carried out in uniform art style and bear a reminder on the harmonious union of two hearts in semantic loading.

the “Turning“ rings

them also call

combined. Such wedding rings consist of two main parts. Over the “lower“, wider ring most often made of red gold the “top“ ring from white gold or from platinum is lengthened. It rotates around “lower“ and becomes covered by an engraving or is decorated with small jewels. Most often in a decor of the turning rings diamonds are used.

the Legendary ring of Trinity from Cartier

It became the hallmark of the house of Cartier for a long time and strongly became history of jeweler art. The design find promoting the birth of this masterpiece strikes with the simplicity and genius. Trinity also received the name of a ring - a transformer. It consists of three bound narrow rings. One of them is made of yellow gold and symbolizes fidelity, the second - from white - represents friendship, and the third - from red gold - means love. The idea of a ring belongs to the customer - the French writer and the director Jean Cocteau. He asked Louis Cartier to create ornament which could transfer an essence of absolute love in 1924.


of the Ring of mokume gane


“Mokum Ghana“ it is translated with Japanese as “metal wood of a pine“. This technology of processing of metal was invented in the Land of the rising sun even more than three centuries ago. Diverse metals are imposed at each other by layers and in the course of heat treatment turn into a uniform alloy. Then the received preparations are cut in cross section and twisted, in the eyes turning into rings with drawings of tremendous beauty. The majority of the ornaments executed in the mokume gane equipment reminds texture of wood.

of the Ring with internal varnishing from Korloff

the Jeweller house of Korloff patented the invention in 2007. It lets out the wedding rings covered from within with a color varnish. Externally they look quite traditionally: white, yellow or pink gold plus scatterings of delightful diamonds. And here what is inside as envisioned by designers, has to be associated with intimate secret of two loving hearts. Therefore each couple can independently choose a varnish shade for registration of inside of rings from a rich color palette: from gently - beige to densely - black.

Wedding rings in the form of the socket

the Exclusive sometimes looks and, to put it mildly, it is strange. As, for example, wedding rings from the designer of Jana Brevick. It seems that they are decorated with components of usual Ethernet - port. Someone even neatly nicknamed them “father“ and “mother“. Probably, the artist wanted to tell that quality of conjugal ties has to be related to quality of broadband connection.

Wedding rings for motorists

the American company Brian Bergeron Designs decided to please with

the marrying motorists. She offered a series of the wedding rings which are externally copying automobile tires with the most various options of drawings. Rings for motorcyclists with the engraved ornament in the form of a protector of a motorcycle wheel, and also a ring for fans of bicycle sport also entered a collection. The company takes orders for production of rings on the website. Modest “castor“ from silver will cost within 100 dollars, and the VIP - model from platinum - from 3000 dollars the Sounding rings from Sakurako Shimizu

the External delicacy it is already difficult for p to surprise with

someone today. Probably, so judged the Japanese designer of Sakurako Shimizu. Also thought up sounding (or “speaking“) rings. In them the laser cuts out a soundtrack and the audiotext registers. Thus, the classical wedding ring turns into the curious device capable to aloud make a declaration of love or express a consent to marry.