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Return of feelings: Sardinia and you

Work, children, economy, short respite before going to bed and again work, children, washing machine... It is easier to talk to the girlfriend on the Internet, the beloved can be seen late at night. Everyday life does not leave time for “nonsenses“ like a quiet conversation, evening walk without the purpose or pensive idleness.

If you felt that to you there is it, so it is time to stop. To sigh deeply. And to leave there where life discovers other paints - where it is possible to watch how the sun sets, and waves slowly catch up with one another. To pour sand from one palm into another, to listen to shouts of birds, to have supper long and not to hurry anywhere.

at the beginning of spring when the winter, apparently, extended all forces, it is the most pleasant to p to make such trip. Summer noisy family trips with children and friends - still ahead, and now go only together. Any psychologist will tell that each couple, even the most in love, needs from time to time to come off daily occurrence and to remain with each other alone. And nothing so pulls together and forces to look on the satellite in a new way as joyful recognition of new.

So, children are attached, work is for a while laid aside, and you are going to spend several fine days in some very romantic place. Where to go? It is possible to depart on other end of the planet where always hot and cocoes grow. And it is possible, without tormenting an organism with sudden changes, to remember the conventional center of romantics and lovers - Italy. And about the island of Sardinia.

the Certain earth

If you ask the average Italian about where he prefers to spend holidays, then he will call Sardinia. Why? Yes because he knows: here the most extended are located (more than 1800 km) and the most comfortable beaches, the most clean sea and smart service. And, really, on the coast of continental Italy you will not find such white small sand and such turquoise transparent water anywhere. Partly it is all about an arrangement. The island is in 200 km to the West from Italy, there is always much warmer, than on the continent. According to some versions, once it was part of the African continent, and then broke away and drifted on the North. And the same as inhabitants of the French island of Corsica located everything in 12 km in any do not want to recognize in themselves French, and the inhabitants of Sardinia calling themselves by sarda consider themselves by the independent nation. And still there are supporters of belief that it would be better for Sardinia to remain the independent state as in days of old. This isolation from the continent, the warm climate plus the surprising nature with its severe rocks, quiet gulfs, lagoons and caves, gorges and sources, the ancient dense woods and groves gave to the island that charm which is so appreciated today by tourists from around the world.

Here never vanity, and even in the most popular hotels so long beaches that on them it is surely possible to find a lonely corner happens. Here it is possible to wander about the blossoming meadows and olive groves, to get on tops of mountains and to buy the freshest fish, wine and vegetables in small little shops in fishing villages.

Inhabitants of the island which only 1 million people (only 70 inhabitants on 1 sq. kilometer), manage to keep traditional tenor of life, despite the centuries going by. Here too paint houses in warm green and brown tone, wear national suits, sing songs in the language, walk on carnivals, are engaged in economy.

I special pride on Sardinia - bread. In each town it is baked according to the recipe so it is possible to make the presents “grain tours“ across the island.

From the North to the South

Northern part of Sardinia - a luxury celebration. Local places are recognized as the vacation spot of elite long ago. Along the well-known beach stretched on 55 km Costa - Smeralda with his bays and gulfs goes the most expensive tourist zone on the island. Here it is possible to be engaged in all possible water sports, to rent the yacht, to have dinner at magnificent restaurant and to dance to the heart`s content thoroughly in fashionable discos. And here, on northern part, among the woods private country houses which owners are known around the world disappear. Here both the Hollywood stars, and politicians, and the most influential businessmen - from Bill Gates to Roman Abramovich come to have a rest. They say that on local small streets it is possible to greet easily Leonardo DiCaprio, Tina Turner and even Silvio Berlusconi who invites presidents of other countries to Sardinian “dacha“.

the Southern coast is deprived by

it magnificently - glamourous gloss, but it only benefits from it. In - the first, the price of rest 10 times less. In - the second, the huge number of the virgin nature - palm and pine groves, the purest lakes remained here. Especially fans of diving like to come here. For example, the area Villasimius where besides underwater reeves the sunk ships with their secrets and who knows, maybe, and treasures at the bottom are based is very popular in this sense. And, at last, the modern hotels which are under construction here seek to outdo northern colleagues in comfort - and they mostly manage it.


in the south of Sardinia can walk on sandy dunes, to see almost fantastic bog, to admire in the field of the blossoming poppies and by the boat to float by a set of the grottoes located on all coast.

the Wild untouched nature and all types of tourist service get on on Sardinia very naturally.

In general, walk by the boat or the small sailing yacht along the coast will bring huge pleasure, the view from the sea discovers absolutely new paints. Slowly dissecting quiet waters, you will float by small islands, on each of which there is an ancient beacon, and the earth is covered by the blossoming herbs. You will be accompanied by seagulls who quite willingly accept food from hands and in general look absolutely house.

in this part of the island, from - for its low-densities of population and full to absence of the industry, rare species of animals remained: martens, wild cats, Sardinian deer, wild ponies and many others.

But the main sight of local places are pink flamingos. Thanks to efforts of locals, a flamingo, earlier only stopping here on the way to Africa, fell in love to live in the quiet lakes scattered here and there. Packs of this handsome can be seen both along roads, and near hotels, and even within the capital of Sardinia - Cagliari. Close to themselves they do not admit and if you try to approach closer, than meters on 20, then they will slowly rise up and will fly far away, but to examine them and allow to photograph quite willingly.

Having a rest on Sardinia, you will not puzzle any minute over what to be engaged. The nature prompts what to do. It is possible to lie on the beach, to shake on waves, absorbing in itself all these bright paints and smells. If bores, it is possible to go to one of coral islands, for example, famous Carlo - Forte, where to dive, go deep into the deepest caves in the world located nearby. And, at last, to examine Cagliari which became the capital at the time of Ancient Rome with its set of monuments of different eras.

do not forget to allocate for

I one or even two evenings under a dinner in a traditional Sardinian tavern.

For Sardinian dinner should be

ready. Because while it seems to you: it is already impossible more! - there is the following dish which looks is even more delightful than previous.


it is As if difficult was, surely try local “vareniki“ which in the old manner women mold hands, cheese, bread and an indispensable pig on a spit. It is baked long and slowly why meat becomes incredibly gentle, impregnated smoke and herbs.

are very popular Vin Sardiniya`s

in all Italy. Simple and refreshing, they are easily drunk and do not bother. After a meal will surely offer you “myrtle“ - local liqueur, infused on leaves of a myrtaceous tree.


Where to live

Sardiniya, recognized as tourist paradise, offers the most different types of hotels: from club, with the big territory and a set of types of entertainments, to the separate country houses standing on a distance from each other and allowing not to see neighbors at all. Surprising feature of local hotels - their obscurity. For example, it is difficult to see the magnificent hotel Pullman Timi Ama located on the bank of a bay from the sea - so elegantly it is entered in the line of mountains and the wood. However in the territory of hotel there is everything that is necessary: restaurants, bars, Spa - salon, the big pool. The way on the beach lies through a grove near which one of salty lakes where pink flamingos bring baby birds.

If earlier the way on Sardiniya took with

a lot of time, then now it is possible to reach here through the Forli airport where from Moscow direct flights of the Wind Jet company fly. Only an hour of summer from Forli - and you in aero - port of the city of Cagliari.