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Secrets of the correct style for thin

you very thin, and at you quite often arise problems with selection of clothes? Actually many women dream to have the same wasp waist, but the fact remains - it is correct and beautiful to put on at excessive leanness not always easily. We know many stars which, being very thin, are considered as icons of style and very much are proud of the figure.

Kalista Flokhart

the Unforgettable performer of a role Ellie Makbil in the series of the same name is often accused of anorexia. But it is only its constitution, and the actress adopts it and bears with advantage. As if differently it managed to catch Harrison Ford!

Charlotte Rempling

the Model who became the actress Charlotte Rempling all the life with pride showed to

the leanness. In youth it did not hesitate to open the long legs pass - dresses in 60 style - x. Today she wears wide trousers and long dresses.

Sara Jessica Parker

For all fans of “Sex and the City“ Sara Jessica became an example of style. Its thin figure was to the taste to many brands which asked it to become the spokesperson, such as, of Gap. We can wear clothes which are pleasant to us even if we have no model parameters - and all thanks to Kerry!

of Fanny Ardant

the Beloved of Francois Truffo was always an example of elegance and good taste. The high and slender actress prefers the classical style sustained in is black - white scale. A white shirt, a short hairstyle, the red lipstick emphasizing porcelain skin. Ardant skillfully uses advantages of the figure.

the Correct cut to you is allowed to


a lot of things is from the styles fitting a figure to more free clothes tightly if you want to seem fuller. Remember that the long sleeve visually shortens length of legs and adds volume to hips. It is possible to carry also the shortened models.

the Correct colors

you are able to afford practically everything. Today`s fashion has more a kind feeling to women with a fragile figure, than those who “in a body“. Be not afraid to wear clothes of bright flowers: experiment with yellow or red if skin color it allows you. If you visually want to seem slightly more densely, choose light shades and play on contrasts: light top - a dark bottom and vice versa. Prints - your loyal friends at a thin figure, especially will suit you large drawings. With a high growth it is possible to wear clothes in a horizontal strip.


the Correct fabrics

Choose for yourself more dense soft fabrics. As well as in a case with a color scheme, you use force of contrasts: a silk blouse with rough jeans, a cotton t-shirt and linen trousers or a sateen skirt. Wrap up the figure with multilayered dresses - definitely you do not progadat.

the Correct accessories

the Belt

At moderate symmetry of a figure use belts of average width of bright saturated flowers. If you very thin, you are able to afford the most original, intricate belts.

the Scarf

to you very much scarves because they visually add volume to a figure go. But if you have very thin hands, stop the choice on the small kerchief tied around a neck not to create sharp contrast.

Large bracelets

Color wooden or metal bracelets give to

volume too. If you want to stand out from the crowd or just to add a highlight to a colourless inexpressive dress, put on several bracelets a wrist at once as it is accepted in ethnic style. At too thin wrists it is possible to wear such jewelry too because they create a combination of fragile vulnerability and force at the same time. Be careful with quantity of accessories, you should not fall into style hip - hop.


Flats visually cut off a silhouette and they can be carried even if you have a big size of a leg. If you small growth, choose flats on a heel. It is practically permissible to wear these shoes with anything, especially favourably they look with jeans or the shortened black trousers in Audrey Hepburn`s style.

the Clothes which it is necessary to avoid

the Top with the American armhole

If hands very thin are not the best option. In this case you carry tops with a sleeve 3/4, a long sleeve or “small lamps“. Also forget about thin shoulder-straps if you have brittle shoulders with the acting stones.

Deep V - figurative cut

He will only emphasize with

excessively extended silhouette. In exchange to it you wear clothes with round or square cut. What you are able to afford with V - figurative cut is the sweater which is put on a naked body or a white top. Besides, avoid long accessories on a neck.

the Short wide skirt

Having put on it, you risk to place emphasis on excessive leanness of legs. If you love easy skirts, give preference to longer models.

Clothes which it is possible to allow

the Skirt - a sphere

Here where needs to scoop missing volumes! Such skirt goes not everything, but if you differ in a fragile figure, it will suit you remarkably with any growth. Choose the shortened option from cotton. The advantage of such model is that it not sharply designates the lower bound. You carry it with flats - it will give to an image of ease.

the Pleated skirt

the Pleated skirt creating an image of the good girl comes to an end with

slightly below than a knee - ideal option for thin legs. Folds give the volume of area of hips. You wear a pleated skirt with a pullover and flats or boats. Only do not combine it with a shirt not to be similar to the schoolgirl.

the Top with one sleeve

Open remains to

one shoulder, and another disappears under a soft volume sleeve. Such detail of clothes cannot be carried every day, it approaches on evening more likely. This option will remarkably look in an evening dress.

the Shortened jacket

It breaks a silhouette and gives volume, of course, if it is necessary to you. Avoid too artificial fabrics which look very cheap. Skin or denim which never get out of fashion will become the best option. Choose classical forms with a long sleeve, jackets - pilots or leather biker jackets. They can be carried both with jeans, and with a skirt.

the Shirt

the Embodiment of ageless classics is A little cunnings

, white or any other color the shirt is suitable for any case. Put on it together with trousers or a skirt to create more magnificent silhouette, decorate a neck with a string of pearls which will make you even more womanly.

Jeans - pipes

the model called “pipe“ which suits thin girls even more than jeans - a flare which can opposite becomes fashionable, attract attention to leanness of legs. Such model of jeans, thanks to low landing will designate all available rotundities, having concentrated attention to them.

Wide trousers

Wide trousers win once the lost positions in clothes. It just what is necessary for such figure. They can be carried with footwear on a flat sole, on a platform sole or a heel to give growth. The option of wide trousers together with a top with long sleeves, especially in a horizontal blue strip as a stripped vest will be suitable for tall girls.