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The first questions of feeding by a breast in maternity hospital of

Almost all mothers want to nurse the kids. But the first problems arise, most often, in the first days after the delivery, in maternity hospital. How to help to adjust this natural process? whether

I will be able to nurse the kid?

any woman who has a breast can Nurse

. All given rise women have colostrum, it already is at the end of pregnancy. Inflow it will be obligatory, irrespective of the result of childbirth, this process happens automatically, but happens in different terms. The woman “dairy“ and “not dairy“, young and “not really“ can feed, it is possible to feed even “twins“ and “triplets“, and even the woman who adopted the child can nurse it!


In order that feeding by a breast was successful, the woman, first of all, needs desire! Besides, support of people around and training in maternal skills is necessary - how to put the kid to a breast how to feed in a convenient pose how to swaddle how to carry on hands that it was convenient to both the kid and mother. The nature, creating feeding process by maternal milk, made everything so that this process was the most convenient, comfortable and safe. Cases of an utter impossibility of feeding by a breast in long-term practice of specialists in breastfeeding did not meet yet.

does not have

milk Yet whether it is necessary to the kid dokorm mix?

For all the time of existence of the person as mammal being began to finish feeding newborns mix before arrival of milk at mother relatively recently, since the invention of substitutes of milk. Artificial feeding also began with the same times. Before for hundreds of thousands of years children were fed with colostrum and anybody had no desire to give to the newborn something else. Need of a dokorm, unfortunately, is strongly exaggerated by mix in modern Russian maternity hospitals. Actually, the newborn child is calculated only on one colostrum. It is developed a little - drops, and it is enough to kid! Unripe kidneys are not capable to process large volumes of liquid yet, they get into gear together with inflow of milk at mother. The nature is wise!

the Child loses flesh, it starves?

the kid can lose

After the birth to 10% of weight of the birth, it happens even on artificial feeding, and is not connected with presence or lack of milk at mother. As a rule, in several days, after return of mother from maternity hospital home, the child on full breastfeeding begins to put actively on weight, more than 200 grams a week.

What intervals needs to be maintained between applyings?

Before milk arrival, in first of 2 - 3 days, the child sucks without the expressed rhythm, but requirements can be frequent - through 20 - 40 minutes of the previous sucking, or rare - several times in days. Specially it is not necessary to maintain any temporary intervals. After milk arrival, the kid begins to suck often, on average each hour in the afternoon, and at the night of not less 3 - x time. It is a normal rhythm of sucking of the baby, it is not necessary to worry. If the kid sucks seldom and sleeps much, then mother has to offer a breast to the sleepy child. Kids remarkably suck in a dream.

the milk whether it is necessary to be decanted Came?

If the kid is with you, and you have an opportunity for frequent feedings, then it is not necessary to be decanted. Most often milk comes slightly more at once, than it is necessary for the child, but within a day the situation is normalized by frequent sosaniye, and next day milk comes exactly so much how many it is necessary for the kid. What demand, such is and the offer. Therefore within a day later began inflow it is impossible to be decanted, otherwise there can be an inflow bigger, than previous. Decantations can be necessary if the kid does not suck (is separately from mother) or sucks inefficiently and seldom.

How many on time the child has to suck a breast?

Duration of sucking is regulated by the child. He can suck of 5 minutes till 1,5 o`clock. For prevention of cracks it is necessary to be trained in the correct applying to a breast and not to limit sucking about several minutes at all.

How often to wash nipples?

does not need to be washed with

of the Pacifier absolutely. During reception of a usual hygienic shower you can wash a breast, as usual, but do not touch a pacifier, especially with soap. Frequent washing of a breast can lead to cracks of nipples.

the Child together with me, often sucks a breast, but constantly cries. Probably, it is hungry!?

After the birth children cry not with hunger! They repeatedly endure childbirth and the postnatal period. If in labor and in the first days after the delivery something was beyond physiological norm - there were interventions in childbirth, stimulation of patrimonial activity, anesthesia; after the birth the kid sucked a breast a little (less than 1 hour), or did not suck absolutely; then it was taken away from mother, fed with mix or water etc., there are many “reasons“ for crying!

Skilled consultants for breastfeeding tell

:“ Not always the child sleeps full, and not always cries hungry“. A small bottle with experience mix after the delivery will not change, but can change feeding type and lead to refusal of the child of a breast. whether


Needs a pacifier to the baby?


to the Baby - it is not necessary! It satisfies all the requirements by sucking of a breast. A pacifier - one of the main sources of emergence of problems with feeding. The number of daily applyings decreases, quality of sucking “spoils“, the nipple is injured, the amount of milk decreases. If you really want to bring up the child a breast, then among objects of care of the baby there should not be a pacifier and a small bottle!

And how to dopaivat water?

water it is not necessary for

of Dopaivat, in milk of water it is enough - about 86 - 90%.

How to define whether the child of milk suffices?

By quantity of wet diapers in days.

On one colostrum the kid pisat 2 - 4 time in days. After milk inflow - more than 6. Since 10 - 14 day of daily urinations has to be more than 12. It is the main indicator of amount of milk.

Who will help to be trained by

in the main methods of feeding of the child?

From time immemorial this knowledge and skills were transferred to

from mother to mother. From able to feed to not able. Therefore, only that woman who has this experience can pass on experience. If the woman nursed more than 2 years, then she can make recommendations about feeding to other woman.