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How to prolong rose life?

to Give and receive as a gift flowers - what can be more pleasant? Whether but all know how to prolong life of cut flowers, to keep their freshness and beauty? Today we will talk about roses.


Before putting the cut-off roses in a vase, from stalks it is necessary to remove all lower leaves and thorns: having got to water, they strongly spoil its quality. The lower part of a stalk or is split a knife, or just do a long slanting cut for increase in the area of absorption of water. It is the best of all to do this procedure under water that vials of air did not cork vessels of vegetable fabrics. Otherwise your roses, even being in water, will suffer from a lack of moisture - and it is one of the main causes of death of cut flowers. It is desirable to spray flowers also daily. It is better to use water boiled, but it is possible and defended water, and the water passed via the household filter.

Flowers in a vase very strongly suffer from

from rapid development of bacteria in water. Various ways of disinfection slow down this process. It is possible to put charcoal pieces, a silver coin in water as it was done in old times, or to add to water a microdose of laundry detergent on a knife tip. Some advise slightly to add some salt to water in a vase with the flowers at the rate of 1 teaspoon of table salt on water liter. All these tricks help to keep water of fresh longer. But, nevertheless, almost all flowers, and not only roses, demand daily shift of water. At the same time their stalks should be shortened regularly, updating a cut and previously washing out them in flowing water. The flower vase should be kept clean too.

to feed up flowers in a vase, usually use sugar at the rate of of 20 - 30 g on 1 l. waters. Time of blossoming of roses will significantly increase if to put them in water with addition 3 - x teaspoons of granulated sugar and 2 - x vinegar tablespoons on 2 l of water. Vinegar can be replaced with kristallika of lemon acid.

If wants that buds of flowers revealed rather, it is necessary to add to water of a little liquid or camphoric ammonia (½ a teaspoon on 1 l).

Recently various preparations for extension of life of cut flowers were available for sale. They are on sale in flower shops in the form of powder or in the dissolved look. Both disinfecting substances, and nutritious elements are their part. Thanks to such combination cut flowers keep the beauty much longer than usual - to a half moon and more. Not to burn stalks of plants, powders before addition in a vase are recommended to be dissolved completely previously in a small amount of water.

the Cut-off roses do not transfer direct sunshine. It is the best of all to put vases in the pritenyonny cold place, but not on draft at all. Roses are sensitive to ethylene. Therefore near a bouquet of roses it is impossible to put a vase with fruit.

For the night the cut-off roses, having densely papered, immerse in a bucket with water, and from above cover with paper. Since morning even slightly faded on the eve of a rose will look fresh and fine.

Following our simple advice, you will be able longer to keep cut flowers and to prolong pleasure to and to relatives.