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Offenses, offenses, offenses... I Want to tell

about the son. Now he is 13 years old. Since the childhood he longs dystonia for hypotonic type and still the whole bouquet of different sores. And with the very first class it began problems. He could not communicate with other children - all seemed to him unfairly and not so, all allegedly offended him. Everywhere to it it was bad.

At first I followed the tastes of the son and considered that the school pays insufficient attention to it as persons. Went to drama school, there everything is normal in communication, in a class - no.

We replaced school. In new everything began anew. Again offended, again unfairly arrived. Began to practise music and tourist sport - everything is excellent in circles, in a class - no.

Business trip - again we change school. You already guessed? In total as before. We add 2 more sports. At trainings everything is normal, in a class - no.

all this time I try to explain

Ya to the child that the world it is impossible to govern under himself around, it is necessary to try most to adapt in some not fundamental issues. Not to pay attention to obzyvaniye, to forgive small offenses, to understand, as itself is not ideal.

I Find

the psychologist. The psychologist with huge length of service does not see at the child of any problems. Except heightened sense of justice and desire to make the world just like the. Is engaged with the psychologist, the result lasts for few months. Then all over again.

Again change of school (return from business trip) - and here the same, as before. The child does not eat fast - foot, does not watch horror films, does not play PSP - children consider his and his reasonings strange and do not want to be on friendly terms.

I Arrange to

its birthday - after this relation are a little normalized, but not so that it was possible to sigh quietly. I connect the school psychologist - she again - does not see special problems.

For myself I decided that it needs to look for school with a circle of supporters that connected still something, except the lessons and hours spent in a class. There have to be general hobbies. I look for such school.

Now the child already has quite good achievements in three sports (not big-time sports, of course, as them, types, three). It has a hobby. It has purposes in life. They change so far, but he knows what to aspire to.

I Think, many face similar. Children at school different to learn to exist in society it is necessary. We did not solve all problems with it yet, but I have the finger on the pulse. I am aware of all its problems, I always know all news, I sort all situations happening to it and which he wants to discuss. So to say: I - his shoulder which, probably, in 13 years could be the, but am not present it. Education shortcomings, of course, are, features of character of the son are too - everything together led to that situation which now I have. It is hard for me, but while I am necessary to the son - I am near.