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Massage - to all the head of

knows About advantage and miracle properties of massage of people long ago. However massage is not always the massage table and the person conjuring with your body. Manual therapists sometimes specially study separate points of any part of a body, achieving a certain objective, but not the general improvement of an organism.

by means of massage of the head can improve a condition of nervous system, to take off fatigue, a stress, to increase mood and the general health of the person. This also excellent means for improvement of regional blood supply and a condition of head skin, and, means - strengthenings of hair and improvement of their appearance, giving of healthy gloss.

Massage of the head can be a miscellaneous. Usually it is divided into two main types: a facial massage or hairy part of the head (about which we will also talk).

should remember

At massage of hairy part of the head that skin of this area quite dense, it easily gathers in folds; in it there are also a lot of grease and sweat glands, and blood vessels form a dense network of arteries and veins.

Such massage are applied to improvement of growth of hair, by their strengthenings, and also at migraines, a hypertensive illness. For bigger effect it is possible to divide hair into hair partings during procedure, but it is possible to do also without it.

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of the Touch of the massage therapist various: soft strokings, active grinding or razminaniye and vibration. Massage lines on the head go from the top down extensively. The direction of massage movements has to correspond to the direction of growth of hair, otherwise they cause unpleasant feelings and injure roots of hair.

of Stroking is carried out in the longitudinal or cross directions. At the longitudinal direction for a skin exposure by means of a hairbrush do a hair parting from a forehead to a nape. Then carry out by small pillows of four fingers easy stroking in the direction in front back, repeating several times, and then more intensively, also 3 - 4 times.

Massage, by the way, promotes cleaning of skin of horn scales - dandruff. Recently special devices which call “a murashka - an anti-stress“ because during massage there is a feeling of pleasant goosebumps on all body which lead to full relaxation of the person were widely adopted. By means of such masseur everyone can make to himself massage of the nervous terminations of head skin at any time.

the mikrotserkulyation Accelerates, saturation of cells of skin active oxygen amplifies, muscles of the head, the person, a neck relax. Directly superficial massage of the nervous terminations which are in head skin is carried out.

of the Technician of such massage came to us from the East where it is considered that inflow of energy happens on channels - capillaries, main of which are in the head.

From the devices mentioned above, the model made of steel twigs with tips from natural latex most often meets. There is one - and a dvukhvolnovy masseur (by quantity of rows of twigs and their arrangement, a form), to magnetic or plastic tips.

Also different technicians of massage of the head by means of such masseur exist. Classical option: the masseur is smoothly entered into the area of the top, then make the slow movements up - down. Speed of movements is determined individually, by feelings.

At circular massage - rotary motions of the masseur entered also into the area of the top. It is desirable, to capture all surface of the head. The active technology of massage when it is necessary to remove quickly stress, is called vibromassage. It is classical option, just at faster speed and no more than 3 minutes.

you can think out also something special, to combine various options. The main thing that the desirable objectives were achieved - health and harmony!