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Ale + Lina = Elina of

did not play enough I in the childhood in “Daughters there are mothers“ therefore accurately for herself solved: “I want the daughter. And point“.

On ultrasonography I was told: “Hundred percent - will be the girl. You can select a name“. And here began: poll of the family, reading books and articles on the Internet concerning an origin and interpretation of names, infinite disputes with the husband... I wanted to Ale, and the spouse to Ling, it turned out that the full name of the daughter had to be Elvira or Angelina, but these full names were not pleasant to us.

Once the destiny intruded in our halls and solved dispute. And here is how it occurred. One week prior to childbirth to us the girlfriend came and showed photos from Egypt. On one of them there was a pretty girl of years 9. As it appeared, this nice girl call Elin. “That for a strange name“, - at the first moment I thought. And several hours later on all house cried: “Eureka!“. The husband desired to specify that I “opened“. “Ale + Lina = Elina!“ - I told. The husband understood not at once what am I telling, and me was necessary to explain intelligibly: “Compromise is reached. Elin can call tenderly both Ales, and Lina“.

We right there began to read everything about this quite rare, but very gentle name. And here what we learned: “The name of Elin allegedly came from the Greek “eol“ - the name of god of winds or from the French root meaning “hazelnut“. Communication is necessary for Elina as air. She is cheerful, talkative and curious, uncontrollably aspires to a goal, but if the purpose disappears, also quickly finds to herself new. Elina is very excitable and with a frightening speed reacts both on bad, and to good. It is very active. Great success is necessary for Elina for entire happiness, and the sharp intuition in many respects helps it.“

our parents approved such choice of a name:“ One of the most interesting actresses, whose skill did not concede to magnificent external data, called Elina Bystritskaya. So let the granddaughter will be Elina, the clear head and the beauty“.

Now to our baby 4 months, and we call it not only Elina, but also Ales, Elyunkoy, Elchey and even Elina Dmitriyevna. And here Lina, strangely enough, nobody calls her...