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Restoration of a lactation

Cases when feeding by a breast forcedly is interrupted to term, alas, are not so rare. Reasons of it the most different. Sometimes mother gets sick and is hospitalized. And sometimes the kid, having been born weak, it cannot correctly be put to a breast - and milk gradually comes to naught. It is also possible that milk does not vanish finally, but the kid lacks its quantity all the same. Options set. But the main thing that in such situation artificial feeding - not the only exit. Each woman can begin all over again and restore a lactation.

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, and restoration (or increase) lactations - any not a miracle, and quite natural process. Moreover, the lactation can be adjusted even at adoptive mothers! Not so long ago conducted research in which interrogated more than 300 women who made an attempt of a relaktation. It turned out that more than a half of mothers passed to full breastfeeding within a month, a quarter more achieved these objectives for bigger time, and other quarter of mothers as a result fed is mixed.

So, for a successful relaktation several conditions are. The first is a corporal contact of mother and kid. Many think that such means - just a certain psychological factor. But it not so. Actually, contact “skin to skin“ increases the level of “love hormone“ of oxytocin and the “motherhood hormone“ of Prolactinum which are responsible for a lactation. Besides, the kid, is more often the vacationer on a breast at mother, is more adjusted to be put to a breast - of course, so far only for comfort, but it is already important step.

If the baby he agrees to suck a breast is already a half of success. Then the main thing - to put it more often, at least an every couple of hours, without waiting for expression of discontent and, especially, shout (it is already late sign of hunger). Ideally, during restoration of a lactation mother needs to spend the whole day to beds with the kid. The more often and longer the kid is put to a breast, the more arrives milk. It is also desirable to change often a breast in the course of feeding - such “castlings“ very much stimulate a lactation.

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that such scenario is almost ideal. And what to do if the child does not take a breast yet? Mother needs most to stimulate a lactation in these cases. Perhaps, the child will agree to be put to a breast if the appeared milk becomes enough for easy feeding. Hormones oxytocin and Prolactinum are emitted in response to mechanical stimulation of an areola and a nipple, and it can be not only natural feeding, but also decantation. Even if in a breast there is no milk at all, at regular decantations it appears.

Decantation manually can yield quite good results, but only if you well mastered this process. To admit, understand it it is difficult as if you have no milk, you cannot estimate correctness of the actions and efficiency of decantation. If you plan to use a milk pump - the qualitative model which is bringing most closer process of decantation to natural feeding by a breast is necessary. From such models it is possible to recommend an electronic milk pump of Philips AVENT as this unique device possessing the unique mechanism of electronic memory. He remembers your own rhythm and intensity of decantation which are set by pressing of the button. That is, mother can imitate sucking of the kid or just choose the most comfortable for herself the mode. One more important plus: these electronic milk pumps do not injure a breast thanks to a massage small pillow. In the course of decantation five of its soft petal sections contract and unclenched, carefully massing a zone around a nipple and stimulating natural release of milk.

the Same massage small pillows are also in manual milk pumps of Philips AVENT. And if you look for the simple and available decision, then the manual models which are not needing electricity or batteries - your choice. Contrary to the general opinion, these models are not less effective, than electronic. It was proved by the clinical tests which are carried out in England according to which manual milk pumps of Philips AVENT completely empty a breast, decanting the same amount of milk and for the same time, as the electric milk pumps applied in maternity hospitals.

At regular decantation of a breast milk can appear approximately in a week, but sometimes it takes more time. It is better to be decanted on of 15 - 20 minutes, and it is desirable that in days this process repeated not less than 8 times. Long, but rare decantations stimulate a breast worse, than shorter, but frequent. Also it is worth decanting once a breast at night, is closer to morning when in blood most of all hormone of Prolactinum. Also we will notice that decantation is not less important for mothers separated for some reason from kids and also for mothers of adopted children.

After such stimulation at you surely will begin to appear (to increase) production of milk. And here it is already necessary to accustom the kid to take a breast. For this purpose you should not torment resisting the baby - better at first to gain his trust and to accustom him to be at a breast. As much as possible use magic means - contact “skin to skin“, pressing the child`s cheek to a breast. The kid can be interested, dripping the decanted milk from a pipette directly on an areola. Also offer a breast when the child in good mood or when he is sleepy.

Most of children develop for themselves a new day regimen approximately through 2 - 3 weeks. But if process was dragged out, you do not hurry to throw efforts. The stable lactation is adjusted about 2 months from the beginning of new life. Besides, be ready to what the more passed time from childbirth, the restoration continues longer.

As a matter of experience, say, that mothers who were engaged in a relaktation in the majority were satisfied. And they were glad not only to the fact that their kids ate breast milk again, but also that special proximity which arises during feeding. So, in restoration of a lactation there is nothing impossible, and you can safely begin, without being afraid of defeat - it is worth it.