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Generation of FASHION: the review of design clothes for little dandies of

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Quite recently in the largest Russian online - boutique Boutique. ru began final sale of a kidswear. On a sale design collections both for newborn babies are presented, and for school students 14 years are younger. We were not too lazy to prepare the small fashionable review and to publish several illustrations of things with discounts. To dress the beloved child in design clothes or not - to solve to you!

Small but precious a down-padded coat

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it is a pity to Whittle away a fortune on a thing from which your kid will grow up in several months. But practical approach all the same will give way to an avaricious parental tear at the sight of colored baud and & overalls D; G Junior and angelic Byblos dresses. These lovely bagatelles cost the spent money even if will be put on only few times. Eventually, if the child does not speak yet and does not go, he needs only to be dressed up! Besides, on sale we found stylish and very practical Canzitex overalls. In - the first, this Italian brand proved as the producer of high-quality winter clothes for children for a long time: natural fillers (the down and feathers which are selected in the most careful way) will warm your child even in the most hard frost. In - the second, overalls on kids - with a decent stock by the size therefore they will be pleasing to the eye several seasons. And then what else so will decorate mother on walk how the kid in magnificent overalls with the most delicate fur edge?! With the child the nurse walks? Well, it will not be prevented by additional weight in the opinion of neighbors too!

we Get on in the world

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your child grew up already enough, goes to a garden and the developing sections? The first step in adulthood will be firm and confident in fashionable footwear of famous brands! Here all on - to the adult: tiny moccasins of Car Shoe, & Byblos and D sandal; G Junior which are perfectly fixing foot, warm Diesel and Kenzo boots for active walks. Best-sellers of the leaving winter - warm and stylish jackets “just as at adults“ - Miss Blumarine, Roberto Cavalli Angels & Devils, Moncler, manudieci, Canada Goose! Such jackets - investment not only into beauty, but also into health of your child, they as if are created for games in severe snow winter. The main thing - to choose places where snow is purer, and then the thing will serve not one generation of your family!

“No“ - a school uniform, “yes“ - children`s fashion?

At school as in armies, the main thing - at once it is correct to position itself. Stylish jackets of Dal Lago or Byblos, hooligan & jeans D; G Junior and GF Ferre will become the best assistants to your child in manifestation of the identity. Will study easier and more cheerful with bright briefcases, cases and purses Oilily, and the long road to school will be brightened up in the gloomy March morning by warm Moncler and Manudieci jackets and multi-colored boots from a sheepskin of UGG Australia and NuggZ!

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