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Health of the kid in your hands!

during pregnancy and after childbirth, during breastfeeding, mother and the child are actually a single whole. The health of the little person directly depends on that, how well mother watches the diet. The child receives the same substances which are acquired by mother. About food of pregnant women and feeding already many volumes are written, but not a smaller role is played also by that water which the woman drinks and uses for cooking.

the Culture of motherhood evolved dramatically forward in recent years. Women care for the health, choosing high-quality medical care, loadings pertinent physically, listen to recommendations about special food.“ Weather in the house“ is trusted central airs to ionizers and humidifiers. And if devices for air improvement became current for a long time, then many still consider use of filters for water excessive.

Nevertheless, not only what mother eats, but also what she drinks is important

. Chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides and other pollution... You are sure that it is that cocktail which is necessary for your kid? Continue to drink water crude in addition from - under the crane? You will risk the health and health of the child?

Some more arguments in favor of the attentive relation to this question.

during pregnancy amount of the drunk water is often recommended to lower - to prevent puffiness which leads to squeezing of vessels and thus weakens an exchange between mother and the child through a placenta. Therefore at the compelled shortcoming particular importance quality of water is of quantities. The water is purer, the it is safer, the it is capable to dissolve and deliver more useful substances from mother to the kid, providing normal conditions for construction of a new organism.


in the period of a lactation the woman opposite, it is required much more water, than usually. Its organism - the real minifactory on production of food for the child. Not incidentally to mummies recommend to drink a glass of tea with milk before each feeding. If the kid is raised artificial dairy mixes, he consumes water about a liter a day. It is a lot of if to remember that a body weight of the baby only several kilogram. Only present that you should drink in a day two buckets of liquid - the comparable quantity proportional to your weight.

As you think whether quality of water which comes to an organism in such volume matters? Consider also that the resilience of the newborn child to influence of harmful substances is quite weak. Unlike adults, it has very thin walls of intestines through which alien proteinaceous molecules and even the whole bacteria can pass and get to blood. They cause infectious diseases, unexpected for the parents drinking the same water, but without any consequences for themselves. Even more often children have an allergy and other pathologies, the origin or the reason of which do not manage to be established, despite all efforts of parents and doctors. Possibly, there is a lot of reasons - the ecological situation in the large cities leaves much to be desired. And water from - under the crane - only one of adverse factors. But in our forces to bring its adverse action to naught and to reduce thereby risk of diseases of mother and child.