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We and children`s policlinic of

The other day the sonny (2,7 years) surprised with the persistent desire to go to policlinic to take a blood test for the analysis though there is no need for it. For it it is not torture, not painful procedure, and something other: travel, research, game to the fairy tale...


, there is no person to whom visits of policlinic together with the child would give pleasure. Only units from medical institutions provide services of visit of doctors - experts and sampling of tests at home, and that not in all regional cities (I just dream when such services appear in Transbaikalia).

According to modern medical requirements each pregnant woman has to not only visit regularly a maternity welfare unit, but also children`s policlinic to which her child will be attached then. The local therapist and the nurse should carry out “Dorodovy patronage“ and to get a card on yet not been born child where data on the pregnancy course course are entered. An idea, of course, good, but not in the Russian conditions. More than once met in lines to the pediatrician of the pregnant women who are cautiously glancing on soplivo - the little patients coughing or covered with brilliant green. At the same time masks were only on 2 - 3 from several tens pregnant women who met at different times visits of policlinic.

If to speak about me, then this form of interaction with children`s policlinic practically did not concern me. In ZhK nobody mentioned that I, the pregnant woman, has to visit the local pediatrician. And actually pediatrician and the local nurse remembered it only when the synulka was 5 months old. It is visible, they needed to report on “the done work“, and the nurse, having come to me home, half an hour tortured about all stages of my pregnancy, up to the address of those places where I did each of 4 - x ultrasonography. Then in a card of the son there was an insert with information on how valorous physicians carried out “dorodovy patronage“ over me and future child.

In the first month of life was synut as it is necessary, at least 1 time a week came the nurse, the pediatrician or students are probationers of Medical academy and medical college so we were not deprived of attention from physicians.

the First visit of policlinic took place right after the synula was 1 month old, and from this day it was necessary to master survival science in polyclinic walls.

I Think, you should not describe system of work of policlinic since. in everyone the rules (for example, in one, coupons to doctors - experts are issued for the month ahead, in another once a month - in a week, in the third the queque is accepted). Even having changed 1 policlinic for another within one city, we felt significant differences.

But for 2 years and 7 months I collected by

a peculiar “kopilochka of poleznost“ for those who are going to visit child care medical institution.

myself always, besides documents and actually a medical card, I take

C: a diaper (even adult children ask to undress and for survey to lay down on a couch, and couches cold and them not so often wash), wet towel wipes, a toy, a handkerchief, the book (happens, the sonny even was not going to thumb through the book, but saw it at another and began to demand the book from mother), something to drink (juice, compote), pampers. About pampers I will write separately.

Once we with two-year-old synuly came behind purchases into big shopping center. And when we came far, on 2 - y the floor, he reported about the desire to pee. The toilet was on the first floor, up to the street further away. And though the sonny ceased to carry pampers also for a long time refused flatly to sleep in them, in my bag (what there is only not present!) the new pampers were found. I developed it and suggested a synula to pee in the center of pampers as though it is a pot. The sonny made “murder“, and pampers I right there threw out in a ballot box. Since then I always carry with myself pampers, and suddenly nearby again there will be no toilet? So, in our children`s policlinic 3 floors, offices of pediatricians are located on 3 - m the floor, and the toilet - on 1 - m quite often us helps out Pampers.

Testing. Children are frightened more often by not an intake of the analysis, but uncertainty that there, in a procedural office, with it will be done. Therefore we are very much helped by explanations that from synuly will be done. Before the infectiologist`s office when testing on enterobioz is necessary or intestinal group, synulyu I warn: “We in an office will show to the aunt a bottom and at once we will leave“. And in the office with a smile: “Well - give to the aunt a bottom we will show!“ More than once heard how kids never cry at an intake of these analyses, mine. Even when was very small.

it is one blood test more difficult than

With a fence. So, during a fence the child has to be awake, and it has to have warm hands, and for accuracy it is important to make the test on an empty stomach. It is difficult for children to cope with the first condition about one year, especially when time of delivery of the analysis from 8 to 9 in the morning. More than once was when synulya (in 1 and 3 months) in any did not want to wake up why the nurse - the laboratory assistant was literally in rage. The last condition is also difficult feasible: if the child was woken, then he wants to eat, and will not explain to him that at first it is necessary to take a blood test. Strangely enough, but also the second condition (about warm hands) too not so - that is simple, especially in a cold season and at teenagers (at me still hands are more often cold, than warm). Therefore before a procedural office it is a high time to do finger-type gymnastics.

If to a synula has to take a blood test for the analysis, I begin with “preparatory work“: for the night I tell the fairy tale - improvisation how the boy Igoryok (so call the sonny) took a blood test. “Once upon a time there was a boy. Called him Igoryok. Once the angry sorcerer bewitched it...“ There is a narration as the boy woke up further in the morning, put on - washed, has breakfast, went with mother to a stop (called a taxi), went to take a blood test in policlinic as its finger “bit komarik“ as blood appeared... And as all this rescued it then from a paternoster etc. In fact it is the detailed story about what expects it next morning. Before a procedural office enthusiastically - an insinuating voice at first I offer: “Let`s remove the sorcerer`s paternoster too!“, “Let`s go, we will look what blood at you!“ Or: “You want to learn what color at you blood?“ And then I warn: “At first the aunt will prick in a finger as though komarik, and then it will be so interesting!“ However, when you tell it before an office, other mothers ask not to frighten their children, but on persons of kids who hear me, it is possible to read not horror, but interest.

So what will occur behind a door of a procedural office frightens by

more parents, than children, and the fear of parents is transferred to children. Yes, during the prick synulya, happens, starts up couple of teardrops, but then is interested in what occurs. At the same time always I comment on the events: “Watch how blood climbs a tubule! And what it is red! What interesting fragment of glass! And that will be farther!“ We leave an office without tears, with a smile and by that we let know that who else should take a blood test for the analysis that there nothing bad and terrible occurs.

When to a synula was 3 months old, it was channelized in the Center of recovery treatment with the diagnosis of “TsNS software“. Within 10 days he should complete a physical therapy course. The first two days we with the husband synulyu accompanied together, but then problems with health at me unexpectedly began. At the same time, that was appointed to the son, it was necessary to receive medical treatment also to me. Thus, 3 - monthly the kid of 8 days was accompanied only by the father. Also it turned out that medics treated with special attention to “lonely to daddy“, treatment was carried out with special diligence with higher quality. I admit, as I squeezed heart at the sight of the father with synuly on hands: so it looked touchingly and even caused admiration. But the kid needed healthy mother therefore the husband in these had to cope with the son without my participation.

It appeared that it is simpler to husband to receive the coupon to the expert, to register p in procedures... And actually visits with the son of policlinic are more productive. Unfortunately, often it is necessary to rebuff zealous mothers, at me it turns out badly, it is impossible absolutely more true: I will not push elbows and to push away parents of other kids to come into an office of the doctor, let also in time fixed to us or in turn. And to the husband in this plan it is simpler: even will come to nobody to mind it to push away. If there is opportunity at the husband to go to policlinic with the son, then he will go, it is desirable even without me.

System in our policlinic coupon, talonchik only on Fridays the next week are also given. The announcement with capital letters hangs on a door of each of medical offices:“ Without coupon not to enter“. However many of those who are an owner of the coupon for one reason or another (wanted to check sight at the oculist, but ached with flu; the frost of 40 degrees, snowfall, etc.) do not come to reception. If to come for half an hour - hour before the end of reception, then for certain you will be accepted even without coupon instead of those who did not come (doctors should carry out the plan too). There was even it: approached the dermatologist with rash (reaction to food, the pediatrician accepted in other change), we are interested: “To us to you, to the allergist or the infectiologist?“ Sends to the pediatrician that that sent to the one for whom it is necessary, but at the same time the dermatologist at himself and in a card writes down:“ Rash of an undetected etiology. Recommendations: consultation of the pediatrician“. 20 seconds reception lasted, but the doctor made to himself “tick“ about the performed work.

In 6 months the underdevelopment of the right coxofemoral joint - a dysplasia was found in a synula by results of inspection. The orthopedist gave us the direction to the orthopedist in the Center of recovery treatment. Record was there for the month ahead, but for the next month already ended, and in a month to register to the orthopedist on reception it did not turn out (employees of registry began record for 1 day earlier, than it was planned, and to our arrival record already ended), but it turned out that in the Center reception the same orthopedist conducts that channelized us (i.e. the doctor gave us the direction to herself). As a result we returned to our policlinic to our orthopedist, and by new results of ultrasonography and survey it cancelled to a synula the diagnosis, at the same time from the moment of the previous address to her there passed 1,5 months, and we did not receive any recommendations about treatment. And I did not understand why all this (to channelize most to myself) was necessary? To create to itself load on 2 - x works? Fear not to implement the plan?

Several words about treatment of the house. There are unpleasant procedures and very unpleasant. So, to us it was worth pumping out big nerves during cold sopelk earlier. The son ran away, hid, twirled by the head and just cried. The kalanchoe juice instillation (the child begins to sneeze strongly and long) helped not always. But once the doctor advised to wash out a nose. Tried this procedure... Now, if at a synula cold, we offer at choice: pumping out or washing. The choice always for the first (by the way, diligent washings of a nose can end with an inflammation of a middle ear), and already we do without game of tag and tears.

I Hope, our experience will be useful to somebody. Health to you and your children!