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Riddle of the nature of

“Dekabristki for the husband
During bad weather and an icy cold
Went for years to a jail...
our mother is not worse,
In the same way for the husband,
In the same way to Siberia
I for term...“

I Studied always well. Such was as then spoke, “a firm horoshistka“. It is possible to tell, almost the honors pupil. If not physical culture and behavior. I such terrible created nothing, but from - for the fact that I wore glasses, sat at the first school desk eternally, and, once I moved, I right there received the remark in the diary. To sit as the idol, I had no forces, I moved constantly, and therefore all my diary on fields was used up by red:“ Span at a geography lesson, was late not the first lesson, stirred at a history lesson, was late for the first lesson, read the foreign book at a literature lesson, was late for the first lesson“ etc.

A with physical culture in general there was a trouble. A rope, a horse and bars seemed to me sophisticated tools of torture, and in height I jumped not above a half a meter. Games-masters considered that I scoff at them, I was sure that just the opposite - they over me.

is shorter than

, in the sheet I had all five, on behavior four, on a P. E. class - three. The father laughed, and mother was out of herself: “The coma is put by four on behavior? Only to inveterate hooligans! Shame! Before people it is a shame! You will be punished!“

About what people there was a speech

- for me remained a riddle. Who is concerned by my mark on behavior? Nobody ever asks anybody about it! But mother was other opinion, and will not argue with her and when I was invited to somebody to birthday, mother always had an occasion to tell “no“. And for the rest, as all children from “a good family“, me were tormented with music, figure skating, English... Be they are damned... So the childhood from me was finally stolen.

Only that remained to me - it is books. The father managed it, regularly throwing me on a desk one book another is better. However not just like that. Sometimes unexpectedly the father could ask: “And how called all sisters of Soms Forsythe?“ And if I was confused or, God forbid, did not know, there came punishment - two days without books, three days without books, and the most terrible - week without books!! Therefore I knew everything and all. And still I remember it.

In a class. Not that I. As I that was not considered, I managed to be on friendly terms both with “round“, and with normal. And brand new Luda Shabarova came to 8 - ohm a class to us. Pure effigy. The Muzhlanisty figure of the undersized weightlifter, gait as in the song - “The seaman waddlingly descended on the coast...“ two kosyulka and spiteful physiognomy. Now would tell - “active lesba“, but then did not know such words.

She entered a class, saw me on the first school desk and at once began to hate. From that minute Shabarova did not lower from me eyes. Wrote to the wall newspaper rhymes about my delay, hissed to me in a curse trace, laughed loudly over me on a P. E. class, it is not clear why nicknamed me “writer“ and all the time around me turned. In addition, it turned out that she with mother lodged in our entrance, two floors below. Since that time I as escorted by, went also to school, and home - I ahead, Shabarova behind. She bothered me to death, but there was nothing to do, it was necessary to suffer.

Ya pretended that I notice nothing, than enraged the nasty maid even more, and she decided to teach a good lesson me. Once after lessons I noticed that after school there is home one. Just holiday! I had a remarkable mood, but I rejoiced early. In a front door, between two entrance doors, I was waited by a toadstool - Shabarova. And as soon as I entered, she lashed out at me with fists. And here... No, it is necessary to return to my far childhood.

I remember

Ya of long ago.

the Father after postgraduate study defended the dissertation (something like that on bruises), mother finished internship, and two young specialists - sudmed the expert and the pediatrician - received distribution to Siberia.

Stalin was still as it is live, could banish further, all knew about it. When we from Leningrad arrived to Omsk, I was only three years old, but I remember the constant tension which as if soared in air, significant disturbing pereglyada of parents, the unclear favourite father`s word “shvayk“ (be silent (German) ), which it unexpectedly shot, cutting mother short. Mother instantly became silent and darted a guilty glance at the father. It was not similar to it at all, and I every time was surprised.

the Father with mother at me often told

in German. Hoped that the child understands nothing. Therefore shuddered when I suddenly gave out during food: “The father, well, tell, at last, “genuk“ (enough (German)), I cannot eat any more!“

after that at me parents ceased “to shprekhat“ long on opposite “Deutsche“ and used it only at disagreements in my education though I perfectly understood who for me (the father is more often), and who against.

In Omsk lodged us on the street 5 - oh Armies. What this army so caused a stir in that in honor of it the street was called, I then did not know. Now I know that right after revolution this Army exempted the city from belgvardeysky Czechs and successfully smashed Kolchak. I remember that there was our street on the suburb, the yard was surrounded by a barbed wire behind which terrible unshaven uncles in torn quilted jackets with figures went to breasts, the patched valenoks, the shabby caps with ear-flaps and huge mittens. On the yard huge dogs - sheep-dogs ran, the house was wooden, and in the room stood very tall, to a ceiling, the round iron furnace which mother was not able to heat, and snow lay.

U me ears hurt, all my head was bandaged as at wounded soldiers from the movie about war, mother cried and threatened to go back to Leningrad where there was a reserved room. The father ran on the room and shouted: “Well also leave! With suitcases!“ The father`s and mother`s friend is a lawyer the uncle Lenya Lenenfeld sat with me on a sofa, over round points reproachfully glanced at my parents and read to me aloud “the Fad - Gorbunka“: “... From all foolish urine:“ Fine you are eyes“. It was the only time in life when I saw how mine the father and mother swear.

Mother did not leave. Three years of parental distribution flew by, but from Siberia nobody was going to release them. Having once again been refused on return to Leningrad, parents cancelled a reservation from the Leningrad apartment and exchanged it for two rooms in the most prestigious house in the downtown, on Dzerzhinsky Street.

the House stood on the mountain, and there lived in it the most dear people of Omsk. In our apartment the neigbour on the right Margarita Aleksandrovna Podolskaya worked as the chief manager of Regional dramatic theater (now I know that she of “regional dramas“ - means “regional drama“), and the neigbour at the left - Taisiya Ivanovna Ryabushkina - the deputy first secretary of a district committee of party. From this apartment I went to school.

both of our neigbours had sons. Igor Podolsky, the pale curly abstruse four-eyes - the tenth-grader who was eternally vanishing in library and my age-mate Valerka Ryabushkin, the first domestic hooligan Ryaba whom all was afraid of the district - small small streets around the mountain on which ours towered, on those concepts the high-rise, stone five-floor house.

All were afraid of Ryabu. Except me. I was on friendly terms with Valerka. In the evenings, when there came the day of reckoning, Mountain ashes the father, having listened to all complaints from neighbors and teachers, thrashed him within an inch of the life, and the blood-stained Valerka hid in a dark corner of our corridor, behind bicycles, I wiped to it blood from a face and secretly brought grandmother`s cutlets.

Valerka had a grandmother, the silent hunched rural old woman in a long black skirt, a print blouse, blue in white peas, and in the dark kerchief tied by knot under a chin too. She lived in a family constantly. My grandmother, mother`s mother, the candidate of medical sciences, noisy and imperious, came to stay for a while from Leningrad few times in a year and lived at us about a month.

we Studied

with Valerka in the second change therefore since morning we left to walk. In the winter our favourite entertainment was called “to lead up the grandma“. On the street there was a severe frost, all children were dressed equally - valenoks, long trousers, shapeless paltukh and a cap, warm with a pile, with a scarf. The difference was only in color and a cap style. If to exchange caps, and then to jump in a snowdrift and properly in it izvalyatsya, to sort where I and where Valerka, it was absolutely impossible. On it there was also a calculation. Similar to two snowmen, we were home. Valerka went to me, and I - to Valerka. So far snow thawed not up to the end and to sort who is who it was possible only on a cap, it was necessary to do a lot of mischief as much as possible. Valerka rushed on the room, sweeping away everything on the way, publishing wild cries. I quietly laid down on the polished parquet and not movably lay facedown while from me all snow did not flow down, then got up and left, leaving on brilliant brightly - a yellow floor the whitish dim silhouette so in the evening at once all was visible to Valerka`s parents from a threshold. After hooliganism it was necessary to jump out in a corridor, again to exchange caps and, indifferently, to be to itself to the room.

of the Grandmother reacted to our tricks differently: the rural grandmother lamented and wailed: “The father will kill, oh, will kill!“ And my cultural grandmother, mother`s mother, for some reason damned the father and shouted that I - his spawn!

in the Evening of the grandma complained to parents. We were punished, naturally: Valerka was thrashed, and me deprived of everything - books, a visit of theater or on birthday, new things. I do not know, what is worse, sometimes it seemed that would beat better. The one who was punished less therefore we led up grandmothers each other on conscience won. Such there were idiots.

Krom of “house“ games, still. But there Ryaba was an ataman, and I in gang without check was not accepted. Were divided winter of the boy into two teams and stormed a hill. From all directions poured over a huge snow heap with the small flat platform on the top water. The team which managed to occupy a top won. Played without rules, it was possible to get rid of the opponent in any way so fought very much.

was played in the Summer in “Secret of two oceans“. One of us departed and closed eyes. We were interchanged the position at this time, rearranged things, changed clothes, changed hairdresses and poses. Then the player came back and had to call precisely that around exchanged. In one movie the spy so trained the boy - the main character, and that thanks to training found then a bomb on the submarine. Still I unmistakably know that someone looked in a box of my desk or took the book from the shelf, moved a knickknack in a sideboard or moved a jacket in a wardrobe. With me it is hard for my daughter. There`s nothing to be done - a habit since the far Siberian childhood.

But the most interesting in gang was “washed an ugly face“. To Ripples as to the godfather, offended came and complained. All gang ran on the waste ground and laid down on the edge of the mountain under which there passed the usual asphalted road. The gang waited for the offender, with whooping rolled down from the mountain and rubbed to it a physiognomy in the winter with snow, and in the summer - sand and dirt.

We with Valerka studied at one school, at parallel classes, after lessons waited each other and together went home. Once I stood below, at an entrance door. Valerka was late - at them in a class carried out a political information. At last it ended, and in a locker room on one schoolmates stretched sleepy Valerkina. Egorushkin, the lanky sloven - the repeater to whom Mountain ashes of monastery haunted long ago went ahead. Having seen that I stand one, Egorushkin started, stopped opposite to me and joyfully shouted: “Look, children, the Mountain ash the bride costs! Mountain ash bride! Mountain ash not...“ Egorushkin shut up stop short. Probably, he was confused by my malicious grin. Having tracked my look, Egorushkin turned back. Behind his back there was Ryaba and is emphasized - attentively listened Egorushkina to cries...

- let`s Pass

, - I pushed Egorushkin with a shoulder, and we with Valerka went home.

... In the evening all gang and I, by way of exception, lay on the edge of a hill and waited for Egorushkin that “to soap to him an ugly face“. Waited and soaped snow and granulated sugar behind which his mother sent to shop.

to get to gang, it was necessary to fight on a lot with one of her members. And Ryaba undertook my training - beat me every day, and I suffered - so I in gang wanted! At last, Ryaba decided that I am ready, cast lots, rose on the waste ground around, and I fought with Tolka Chistyakov to the first blood. Fought and heard how someone delightfully shouted: “Look, look as Ryaba fights!“

After fight I near Speckled, on an equal basis with other boys fought for ice top, played spies and “mylit an ugly face“.

we returned To Leningrad from Omsk only after Stalin`s death. Parents threw two rooms in the departmental house, others such as they, odd fellows to change Leningrad for Omsk, was not. We to herself were registered by the grandmother, that mother`s mother. I went to the 6th class. And with anybody did not fight any more, lived and studied as the good girl.

Shabarova did not know

O of my Siberian biography. It seemed to it that I, father`s - the mother`s daughter - a chistoplyuyka, only also do that from music I run on figure skating and English (there are they are damned), I read clever books and before going to bed I rehearse curtseys.


But, it is visible, a fight is as to ride the bicycle. Once learned - for the rest of life conceived a liking. As soon as Shabarova seized me, I at first became puzzled of surprise, and then threw a portfolio, and further everything occurred itself most, as if besides my consciousness. I overheard as Shabarova puffed: “The writer, the swine, you will receive now!“

Suddenly I felt that nobody resists any more. Having flung away from itself the nasty maid, I recovered and looked round. My white collar from a uniform dress dangled on one thread somewhere behind. Shabarova wiped a nose from which whipped blood.

Ya silently lifted a portfolio and went to the elevator.

- Go - go! Complain to the daddy! - Shabarova shouted to me in a trace.

Ya silently looked back, tore off the dangling collar, put it in a pocket, has derisively a look on a drachunye and threatened a portfolio. Shabarova started back. I turned away from it and entered the elevator.

Next day the father came from PTA meeting alarmed.

- At our entrance the girl was beaten, your schoolmate Shabarova. Her mother at meeting was indignant. The girl does not tell who her beat, but beat terribly, till it bleeds. In a class nobody offends you?


Ya made an innocent face.

- Me? No.

- And in the yard?


Ya it okrysitsya.

- And I have time to walk in the yard?

- Here and well that is not present, and that, God forbid! - mother got into conversation. - Go, practise music.

- Ugu, - I nodded on the run, choking with laughter.

- As it is not a shame to you? You read books! And you do not feel sorry for the girl? - I heard the father behind the back.

- does not grudge, - I muttered, without turning around.

- What now children cruel, - mother sighed.

- It you speak to me? I on reception see them every day. Youngs of wild animal! - the father answered. - This still got off light. And that is surprising - maids a hundred times worse than guys, fierce! Thank God, our not such!

Further I did not listen to

any more, ran away into a toilet and there narzhatsya much...

... Today grandmothers - old women sit on small benches and lament:“ Well and youth! What is created! And on the TV about these school students the nightmare is shown! We such were not!“

... And I come into bookstore, I see how the books written by me are on sale and I think: “It is interesting how this bitch Shabarova animal intuition smelled hundred years ago what I will become a writer?“

I do not know

. Nature riddle.

Anna Levina