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The creamy hare of

At birthday everyone waits for words of love and confirmation of the necessity. But happens so that those to whom the person is dear are far from him. And it happens even so that in all this world there is nobody, to a lump of people it would be necessary. Though is not present, not so. Sometimes, that the person finds not at once those to whom he is necessary.

All night long it was drizzling. It seemed, with a weather forecast for today everything was clear. Then, as if having remembered that outside - February, in the morning the sky began to throw out heavy gray flakes of snow. On sidewalks pedestrians moved zigzags, trying to find places where it was less dirty swill. On any meteorological cataclysms the city responded traffic jams and a cock-a-hoop on roads.

I already precisely was late For work. Made music louder, leaned back more conveniently. In the next car the man missed too. Perhaps it has a sad birthday too?. Every time red light on the traffic light was replaced green for only 10 seconds, one car managed to cross the road.

phone Rang out:

- Yes, mummy, hi! Thanks! No, I late arrived yesterday, but it is necessary to go to work... Even at birthday... Yes, of course, many thanks! How are you? well, I will call you in the evening. I kiss you!

Ya remembered our small city, the house, mother, the father (it with us was not two years). In the childhood parents prepared for my birthday long before significant day. There were several gifts, one big and is a lot of small. They accurately collected my wishes which are incidentally dropped in talk within several months. “Eh, today Valka had such beautiful zakolochka, a heart, represent?“ - I said to the father. And at birthday found beautiful elastics and zakolochka on a chair. “How you think, I will manage to learn to ride on are big?“ And already the reddened father runs on the yard for me who is writing out a curve scribble by bicycle.

Since morning, in a pajamas, I jumped out of a bed and ran to look for gifts on the house. They could be anywhere. At night the father placed and hid them on all house. Gifts were till the evening. It was healthy. I always knew that my birthday - a special holiday. Also it was always sure, as I am a special girl. For the father. Making happy me, he was happy.

It became sad

. There is no father. Mother after death of the father went out. And I stopped being the special girl.

When I at last reached by

office, I already four times was called by the secretary, two times were reminded of themselves by partners, once the chief wished happy birthday and pleased with what at office clients wait for. Still the schoolmate Lenka congratulated, we were on friendly terms with her from the very first class, were as little sisters. Now and it it is far, in America.

Near office me nearly sshib from legs the huge big fellow with a bouquet of flowers and a huge plush hare. The hare was ridiculous - very soft, creamy color, joyful such, though strongly slanting.

- Evgenia Aleksandrovna, happy birthday you!

the Bouquet I will take away

with myself in office, and it is necessary to leave a hare in the car, all - clients and so on...

In the elevator phone rang out again:

- the Sun, forgive! Itself could not arrive, I have a meeting. Happy birthday! You liked a hare? I will present a gift to you in the evening. You remember, we have supper at “our“ restaurant today?.

Ya sighed. And for someone I was a special girl, and he did not sleep all night long to see how my birthday begins...

At office of half a day had no time to sigh - calls were replaced by letters, letters meetings...


To twelve hours appointed visit to orphanage. The guy from initiative group organized a trip to orphanage of deputies and lawyers, developers of amendments to the law on adoption in hope that after that business will go quicker.

Snow and brought down

. Gray day. Almost same gray, as my birthday...

At first I long could not find children`s home. At last, at the deadlock of small small streets suddenly buried in a blind concrete fence. At an entrance I was waited by that guy. He was not such boy as I imagined. Young man, nice. Why it to it?

to Come inside suddenly it was ceased to want, it became awkward.

Artyom briskly told

to me how the group of volunteers arranged for children on Sunday a holiday, swung hands, complained that wanted to carry children on hills them have nothing to ride and dress, many for the winter remained in sneakers and autumn jackets. I mowed on it, it is not enough problems, perhaps, at the person...

We only rose by the second floor as from doors of one of rooms to us the boy was rolled out. Ran, dropping slippers. Ran up, saw that Artyom with someone unfamiliar, stopped. Slippers - that were very big therefore they were lost on the run. The boy was such small, years of five - six though I badly understand age of children. Lop-eared, with huge glazishcha in eyelashes... And dimples on cheeks. At me same. Body stockings, a sviterok some green with specks on a breast. Thin. Stood, shifted from one foot to the other.

- Marrying, hi! Happy birthday!

Too Zhenya? Namesake...

Artyom bent to me:

- We congratulate children on birthdays. Each child has to have a birthday, the truth? Zhenka thought that it is already guests to him. Ours will come to it in the evening, will bring cake, a gift... Well, generally, all as is necessary... However, it will play with a toy itself only today, tomorrow it will become the general. Here all the general... Well, except birthday, certainly...

the Kid understood that he was mistaken, hasty went along a corridor. From one of rooms voices of children and the woman who brought together children for lunch were heard.

For some reason it became a shame to

. I shook the head. Eventually, I have very important issues.

the Round table passed

as always. Deputies swore to do everything possible and impossible for orphans that as much as possible children found the families. Public funds and the charitable organizations made a claim. Near me some young woman sat. Unpleasant. Looked at me with fastidiousness, angrily. I thought that some bureaucrat from the area or something like that. The woman was beautiful, young, with the dark hair which are smoothly combed back.

- And now we will listen to opinion, so to speak, firsthand, how it is hard to adopt in our country... And that it is necessary to make to help those who want to give a family to the thrown kid...

Suddenly the unpleasant young woman got up, strictly looked at me.

- I have five children, two we brought from maternity hospital, and three - from here, from this orphanage. We long had to wait and to endure a lot of things before my children could go home...

it became a shame to

Again. What is it?

Ya took off for a corridor, ran in a toilet, pressed a hand to a mouth, there was a wish to cry. I got it together. How it will look?!

Incidentally saw

: in the empty game room on a chair before a window - Zhenka. Waits. Interestingly, how old is he? What he - and to have dinner did not go? And will sit till the evening, to look at the gray street? Little, shchuplenky, lonely man.

In two minutes I, happy, already stood near Zhenka who strong embraced the huge cross-eyed hare who appeared above it by growth.

- Thanks! - it exhaled.

of the Hare carefully seated on a chair, pulled handles. Why it? Second of awkward silence. Ah, here I am a head! I sat down. Thin handles embraced for a neck. I pecked it in a cheek. It was possible also without tendernesses... Handles are cold.

- You, Zhenka though warm would put on a jacket... And in general, go on a lunch, you should eat - what thin!

Ya turned and, without looking back, left. Because was afraid to look to it in eyes.

of Hours in six, having seen off the next party of clients, I approached a window, snow and brought down. One by one from the parking before business - the center expensive cars drove off. People hurried home, to the families, children. Hoped to manage to slip home until the river of people came up from offices on roads. It was suddenly thought: “And how there Zhenka, has a sleep already, probably?“ I resolutely took the receiver in hand.

- Is not present

, I will not be able today, I have a meeting, very important, late. Let`s descend in restaurant in other day? Yes, of course, on Saturday it will be very convenient. No that you, I do not take offense...

I rose By the second floor with strongly fragile heart. Suddenly someone will stop, will ask: “You where?“ What will I tell?

From that room where during the lunchtime Zhenka sat, looking in a window, music was heard.

Ya was slightly opened by a door. Five adults and a lot of children played some game, running round. And the birthday man - in the center of a circle.

the door wanted to slam

Ya. Packages in hands rustled. Eyes joyfully extended, Zhenka rushed to me:

- This aunt to me came!

On children`s little tables plastic plateaus with small pieces of cake and glasses with juice stood.

Zhenka began to pull out

on tables from the sweet packages brought by me, fruit, toys.

- Here, you see how many the aunt brought gifts for me!

did not know

Ya where to put hands - legs. Children looked at me from all directions. The morning unpleasant young woman was too here, clapped, laughed as the little girl, and looked at me already for some reason in a different way.


Suited Artyom, gave a hand:

- it is good

that you came. We are always glad to new friends. Zhenka was already tired of waiting for you.

A then the kid long sat at me on a lap and ironed my hands and hair, is proud I look at other malyshnyu.

in the Evening, already filling up, I still felt how Zhenka embraces me, I smell his thin neck, I smooth soft fluffy hair... Whether will release it with me on Saturday in circus?.


- I Ask you do not argue with me, we will give birth only together! Was not enough yet that I missed birthday of the own daughter!

Artyom bent to a stomach and slightly knocked on it with a finger.

the Stomach responded a soft pleasant push: “The father, I agree!“

- Well, well, only do not get excited, and that you will wake Zhenka!

Well, here, she was not born

yet, and they were already sung - I smiled.

- But as the son is similar to me, - I approached a bed where, having thrown a leg on creamy strongly cross-eyed hare, razmetav hands, the lop-eared special boy slept...