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Deja vu phenomenon, or We somewhere met

Vast majority of people at least once in life endured a deja vu - one of the most mysterious phenomena connected with our memory. It is that the person to whom there is this or that event suddenly has a feeling that all this with it was already once. Actually, the this word which came to us from French also means “already seen“ - “d é j à vu“.

For the first time the name “deja vu“ was offered by the French psychologist of the 19th century - Emil Buarak, it described this phenomenon in the book “Future Psychology“. Since then there passed more than one hundred years, but among scientists still there is no uniform explanation for this phenomenon. Meanwhile, it still occupies minds of psychologists, physicians and other researchers. Only the fact that the similar state endured up to 97% of people is authentically known, and at young age it meets much more often, than in old age. Why so - nobody plainly knows, but the fact remains. Besides, a number of scientists inclines to what at having epilepsy of a deja vu happens more often than at healthy people. If it occurs too often and has character of hallucinations - psychiatrists regard a deja vu as display of a mental disorder.

the deja vu Cases mentioned by the famous people


About deja vu cases in the life were told by many great people, some of them made attempts to interpret this phenomenon. For example, Siegmund Freud calling by his supernatural and wonderful phenomenon explained a deja vu with presence at the person of unconscious desires and imaginations. In the work “Psychopathology of ordinary life“ it describes the history 37 - summer the woman who in 12 - summer age endured incredibly bright case of a deja vu and many years later told of it to Freud.

Being a girl, she was invited on a visit to the school girlfriends, to the village. And though till that time in that place never happened, having hardly entered a garden, she felt feeling that everything is well familiar to it here. Further - it is more: entering the house, she knew beyond doubt as in it rooms what situation in each of them are located...

As Siegmund Freud interpreted an event? In his opinion, going on a visit, the girl was aware that her girlfriends have a brother. Having seen it personally, she found that the young man looks very bad, and thought: he will die soon. Meanwhile her own only brother was dangerously sick with a diphtheria several months ago. And so, Freud considered that the girl to remain the only beloved child in a family, at heart wished death to the brother when that was ill (without realizing it at all). There passed some time, and it came up against a similar situation - the brother of girlfriends is in danger. It revived in it memories that several months she endured similar. Here only instead of remembering the unconscious forced-out desire of death of the beloved brother, it moved the feeling of a remembering to the house, a garden, the district, an interior and so on. It here offers a sophisticated explanation Freud.

Carl Gustav Jung`s

too the deja vu subject very interested. He considered that this phenomenon can be caused by a dream remembering. And this dream, according to Jung, can reproduce events of antecedents of the person (including in other body). He for the first time tested this state in 12 years. Future founder of analytical psychology saw at someone on a visit an ancient porcelain figurine in the form of the old doctor living in the 18th century. The aged doctor was put in boots with buckles, - they - that also made indelible impression on young Jung, - he suddenly understood that this pair of shoes once belonged to him: “I for some reason remembered these shoes at myself standing and could not explain from where this mad conviction undertook“.

Here that else Jung tells those about the experiences years:“ In the head of me there was a porridge: in me two persons as if met: one - the school student who does not get on well at mathematics and is not self-assured, the second - the important person... This “second“ was an elderly person, he lived in the eighteenth century, wore shoes with buckles and a white wig, went in the hired crew with high wheels equipped with goats on springs with leather belts“.

Bright experience of a deja vu visited

once and Lev Tolstoy. He does not try to explain this phenomenon, but colourfully describes a case which somehow happened to it on hunting: the horse of the count stumbled about a snag, and that fell, having painfully hit the head against the earth. At the same moment before Lev Nikolaevich there was a strange picture, - he suddenly distinctly remembered that he already fell from a horse 200 years ago, being absolutely other person.

... And the stories told by mere mortals.

Should tell

that, very often cases of a deja vu are connected with quite ordinary, banal everyday situations, from nothing meaning, boring, apparently, things: the green car passed, by there passed a person in a hat, music in the distance sounded, drizzled a rain, smelled of a lilac, in one of windows the white cat sitting on a window sill was seen... Like anything special. And suddenly... Stop! And all this already was once!

However, sometimes also brighter stories occur.

Here experience of experience of a deja vu by the young girl which is given in the work by the domestic researcher of this phenomenon Andrey Kurgan:

“My friend with the husband moved to other city. In a year I went to visit her, earlier there never was. Next day they by the car carried me to look sight. Decided to show me the pedestrian boulevard. We parked the car and went to this place. Cheerfully talked, rejoiced to our meeting. And at me the concern grew inside - it seemed to me that I here already was and everything is familiar to me. I told about it to the girlfriend, but she only laughed. Soon we needed to turn for a corner, there and this boulevard began. I felt strong heartbeat - even legs gave away. I speak:“ Now we will turn, and on one side it will be black - gray church, and on another - very big shop on the mountain and that to come into it, it is necessary to pass many steps. Here my friend nearly slipped on the earth. We were frightened very much, but quite so and was. The church was Armenian - Greek, the 16th century. It was restored in that look only half a year ago as I also described. And the shop was there since the 19th century, belonged to some merchant. He lived there, let out a manufactory and traded in it. The shop was restored too, but much earlier, and now there department store. Since then there passed many years, still I do not know that it was, but feelings were very strong. Any more I there never was“.


A this story is told by the visitor of one of the websites:

“The brightest deja vu at me was at school, a class in the seventh. The teacher, in an office utter chaos was late, all run. At last, the teacher enters, and here I understand that I know: now will hit against his head paper samoletik. I turn and I see that one of pupils raises a hand with samoletiky and throws it. Further - shouts of the teacher etc. I knew beforehand that everything will occur quite so. As though overwound a fragment from the movie back and once again looked“.

of the Hypothesis, hypothesis...


only sophisticated hypotheses of emergence of a deja vu were not made for the last more than 100 years!

Some explained to

it with reincarnation - what together with a body of a shower does not die, and continues the terrestrial existence in a new body. But we this theory, perhaps, will leave alone. Though, to be fair It is necessary to tell that it has many supporters (the singer Madonna, for example, claims that, having appeared in Beijing; in the imperial palace, understood that already lived here many centuries ago; Keanu Reeves remembers that he once was a dancer in the Bangkok temple; and even such famous wise man as Pythagoras, believed in resettlement of souls - he considered that he in antecedents was a rooster). But we will stop also on other hypotheses.


For example, at the end of the 19th century made the assumption that the deja vu can be caused by excessive fatigue: when the brain is too loaded, in its work there is a failure - processes of “perception“ and “understanding“ rassoglasovyvatsya among themselves.

To the contrary, - it was supposed that the deja vu often visits the one who has properly a rest and it is full of strength (the vigorous brain of such person perceives any difficult information so quickly and easily that any new subject or phenomenon can seem to it to the family and acquaintances).

the idea Moved forward that the deja vu is no other than a slight and short-term epileptic seizure (it was based on the fact that epileptics, according to researchers, often endure a deja vu just before an attack).

Still remains actual the version about dreams (it is considered that deja vu situations are familiar to us because once in a dream we obtained and processed similar information). Besides, we can learn not only what dreamed us, - it is possible, we remember that we already observed in real life or at cinema that was represented before in the imagination...

the Holographic theory

Recently many men of science incline to the holographic theory of emergence of a deja vu offered by the Dutch scientists - Herman Sno and Don Linchen. They claim that the perception and memoirs are similar to holograms. The deja vu arises while some number of elements of one hologram (an event, the events at present) coincides with fragments of other hologram (last reminiscence). Thus, mixing up with each other, they also have effect of a deja vu.

It is known that the principle of holography means that each point of the volume image contains all necessary information in order that on it to recreate all picture. Also the phenomenon of a deja vu can be similarly arranged. What if all information obtained by us in the course of life is stored in our brain in coded form? And sometimes there is enough one small detail, only piece that the complete picture was built, there was all puzzle? And to cause in us feeling that all this already was with us once...

is still not present

But, anyway, an unambiguous explanation of effect of a deja vu. And it is not surprising, - it is difficult to investigate objectively the phenomenon which is so closely connected with subjective feelings, experiences and feelings of each specific person which to measure or to cause artificially - is very problematic. And there is a deja vu to us not too often. Meanwhile, scientists do not lower hands, and all - hope to solve this riddle sometime. Researches continue.