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I adore giving gifts …

the Gift! Its value, but not the price is expensive! To present pleasure, a smile, the moment of happiness and even magic is not necessary a lot of money, is rather warm, warm-heartedness and has some imagination. It is possible to present the small globe with words: “I give you the whole world“. To present Little Hoteychik and to tell: “Rub this little wizard on a puzika, and it will grant all your desires!“ I can bring many examples...

just Would like to tell

:“ You give to people a part of the heat and warm-heartedness“. It is possible to present a banal gift, but at the same time to tell such words and to present it so that this usual thing will be apprehended absolutely in a new way.

Ya I derive pleasure when I give that the person wanted long ago but did not buy due to various reasons. I adore watching the friends, to notice that is pleasant to them that they would like and to give them such gifts.

to See pleasure and delight in the opinion of the dream gift presented at delivery - simply irreplaceable feeling! A gift - a surprise - here in what its charm. I do not understand “orders“ of a gift for birthday or an envelope with money. Yes, in it there are a rationality and sense, but... But where magic, where secret and essence of the word “gift“!?

Simply present to emotion of the people who received here such surprises on the holiday. The girlfriend, the fan of martini with ice, received from me as a gift a bucket for ice, forms for its production and wine glasses for martini. To the nephew dreaming of “Heppi Mil“ from “McDonald`s“ I brought these lunches with a toy from business trip. In the night from a hot package at once from the airport rushed to it. To the girlfriend, the lover of a bath, gave a set of herbs for a sweating room.

my husband is a hunter and the fan of spearfishing. From me he received as a gift the gun ordered especially for it, with its measurements for a butt and a sight, made at plant in department of the highly artistic weapon. Gave a suit for spearfishing that did not freeze that it was comfortable; the navigator, that always found a way home; a case that important papers did not roll in the car on a back seat and were not crumpled. This list can be continued and continued, but an essence at all not in the gift price, and that it is necessary to be more attentive to close people. It is necessary to give them the fairy tale. Even if for a short time. .