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Zoofashion - an urgent need of

When walk a dog in overalls or take with themselves in shop a tiny being in a dress and bows, it seems to many people around that to dress a dog is already search. However for most of owners of animals such clothes of the pet are not a craze or the owner`s whim, but real need.

For example, short-haired breeds of dog freeze in the winter very strongly, at dogs of advanced years arthritis develops, and the feeding mother needs to be protected from mastitis that quite easily and really becomes by means of correctly picked up clothes.

Long-haired breeds also sometimes need clothes which will help to protect wool from dirt and moisture, and dog paws from wounds and cuts, deletings of wool on fingers, and in the winter from the cold and reagents covering sidewalks. Some cat breeds too quite strongly freeze, and to accustom a cat to a suit it is much more difficult, than a dog, sometimes it is necessary to dress up also the graceful beauty in overalls or a dress. At the same time it is important to remember that cat very clean beings therefore too long she should not sport in a dress - it will cause inconveniences on wool licking, and then further it will not be possible to dress up an animal in clothes.

Some veterinarians consider that the clothes are harmful to animals, and the organism of our canine friends is capable to support normal thermal control independently, but most often it is caused by the wrong selection or service conditions of overalls. So, it is important to realize that the clothes from low-quality materials complicate aeration of skin that can lead to wool growth violation, its withdrawal pains and loss, and to cause skin seborrhea in some breeds. Also the clothes can influence very inadequately mentality of an animal therefore the clothes from the rustling fabrics are not recommended or with a smell of chemical means - the dog begins to be capricious and refuse walk.

At the choice of a suit should pay attention to fabrics: it is the most preferable to gentle short-haired dogs soft woolen and cashmere fabrics, as decorative elements silk, flax, cotton, at the same time the more naturally fabric are used, the it is more than chances that the favourite will like a new thing. It is the best of all to use clothes from fabrics with microfiber in the summer not to overheat an animal and not to lead to a heatstroke. Also it is worth paying attention to the “healthy“ fabrics which are slowing down development of fungi and microorganisms. And, certainly, not to forget about the footwear protecting paws.


as the Important element at the choice of clothes for animals serve seams and fasteners which should not hinder the movement or rub in various places. For this reason it is also important to choose clothes by the size - small will reap, and big - to hinder the movement. In clothes for animals it is better for lightning not to use - it is too easily possible to damage a thin skin or the pet`s wool. Best of all buttons or flypapers which are safer approach. All decorative elements have to be properly fixed that pastes, laces and a fringe did not get into a stomach of an animal.

By the way, It should be noted that every year there are more and more interesting clothes for animals. And if it was possible to meet on the street of a Rottweiler in an old sweater of the owner earlier, then now it is possible to see it in fashionable camouflage overalls much more often. Not without reason much attention is around the world paid to fashion for animals, displays of haute dog couture are carried out, fashion houses create new models for dogs on an equal basis with human. For example, the British company Diamond Dogs makes accessories and clothes for luxury animals, creating at the same time the line of women`s clothing: the pet should not lag behind the hostess and when their suits are combined, it looks especially effectively.

However the zoofashion not always goes in step with usual, our favourites - beings peculiar, and not everyone will like a pink vest or varnish sneakers. Besides designers need to consider that moment that animals react at each other, sniff, so, not all human fabrics can be used. Well and, of course, animals who will not allow to put on for anything themselves something except a collar always meet. That they, however, do not prevent owners to experiment at least with this collar.