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Both of us are happy that we gave birth to the kid of

Ya became mother in 24 years. I became pregnant in 23 years, it was on love, we lived in the apartment of his mother. Then all also happened. I took the test for pregnancy and was checked, the test showed positive result. I was glad that we will have a child.

When I told

to the husband that a positive test, it was in the shaken state. We did not know how to tell about it to parents, and I the first told mother about it. I went to ZhK, and I was told that the term of 5 - 6 weeks, generally, month. He told the mother too, but she was shocked too. Mother told me:“ Now it is necessary to submit the application“.

We submitted the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE and in 2 months got married. Term was 3 months. The first three months I ran in a bathroom every day in the mornings - I felt sick from everything. When the tummy became more, I started going to occupations for future mothers.

When we learned that the boy will be, I called mother and told: “I congratulate on the next grandson“. All wanted the girl.

to me it was heavy to p to go, lie as if in me the giant, but not the child. I ate constantly chocolate every day. Drank waters much. My doctor said that supposedly do not drink much, otherwise puffiness will begin. So it also occurred, I began puffiness in a uterus. I went as a Teletubby. The husband so called, was so ridiculous. I was told that you will not give birth from - for states of health but only Cesarean section.

was afraid of

Ya - suddenly I will die on the operating table, suddenly I will not survive, cried, even spoke to the husband:“ If with me that happens, take care of the child. Also cried. He calmed me, said that everything will be good.

In several days went to hospital, I had a term already of 36 - 37 weeks, the doctor told:“ You already should go to hospital“. And in three days we with the spouse went to maternity hospital. It was in the morning on September 8, 2008.

We arrived, there were many pregnant women. I very much missed the husband, every day called him, learned how at it business, and he asked, how from me.

In chamber us was four.


When suited operation term, to me the anesthesiologist came and asked what anesthesia to do. I told that the general.

I here long-awaited day came. I was led to the operating room, put a prick, and I fell asleep, woke up already in postnatal office. It was painful to me to move - the seam hurt. I called first of all the husband and told that I gave rise, he was delighted, then told all other relatives. All were glad. The kid was born weighing 3500 gr. and 54 cm in height

Next day I started walking slowly, went to feed the kid. When I saw the kid, I burst into tears... I speak:“ What you beautiful, here you were also born“.

filled up

Ya only at daybreak - the son cried all the time. I lay in maternity hospital 2 weeks.

day of an extract, our with the son, Here came. The boy was at first tyomnenkiya, thought, will go to me, but then he began to brighten. Means, in the father.

We went to mine, there all met us and congratulated. Elder sister began to cry, I too. Then we went to ourselves home. I very much missed the husband, I did not release him from embraces. Both of us are happy that we gave birth to the kid. All 9 months were not in vain. I gave birth to the beautiful, lovely kid, named Daniil.

Now to it 1,5 years, stirs, it just the lassie.