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Often ill children. Myths and reality. Part 2

the Beginning

In the previous article we already dispelled several myths about often ill children. Here we continue discussion of this subject.

the Myth 4

the Child often is ill

as he catches a cold.


the Raised susceptibility to respiratory infections at often ill children is connected by

with immaturity of functional systems of the growing organism and decrease in resistance to the changing factors of external environment. In this regard methods of rational physical training and a hardening are of great importance. The child does not need to be perekutyvat, he should be dressed on weather and in due time to begin the tempering procedures. Under the influence of the tempering procedures the condition of vegetative nervous system is normalized, immunity improves and resistance of an organism to various climatic influences increases. However it is necessary to remember that the tempering procedures are shown to children not earlier than 5 - oho day after the postponed ORZ. And, of course, it is better to carry out a hardening of the child after consultations with experts.

It is very important to p to carry out the tempering procedures systematically, gradually increasing loading.


the Myth 5

Often ill child - it is not hazardous to health, the organism itself will cope.

the Reality

At often ill child against the weakened immunity is formed by

“vicious circle“: the child gets sick with ORZ which, in turn, weaken immunity even more and break mechanisms of age adaptation. It leads to lag in physical and nervously - mental development. And that is very sad, the chronic centers of an infection and somatic diseases - chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, pyelonephritis are formed. Therefore the child should be helped.

for this purpose needs to provide to

a rational day regimen, to exclude the occupations and games leading to overexcitation and overfatigue of the child the day dream is shown, walks in the fresh air, duration of a night dream it is necessary to increase by of 1 - 1,5 hour. besides for normal functioning of immune system needs to provide optimum food that in a diet of the child there was a necessary amount of proteins and fats of an animal origin (dairy and fermented milk products, meat, fish), vitamins which main sources are vegetables and fruit.

For restoration of the broken immune system needs to use various immunomodulators which in therapeutic doses make the directed impact on different links of immune system.

the phytogenesis immunomodulators possessing the complex anti-inflammatory, antiviral and soft modulating action which can be used both for treatment, and for prevention of acute respiratory diseases at often ill children are of Great importance for children. Among them the special attention is deserved by Tonzilgon of N who is allowed for use for children with the preventive and medical purpose. This preparation prepares from special collecting vegetable raw materials on modern technologies of cultivation, preparation, extraction and creation of dosage forms that increases its medical efficiency and safety of use.

“Tonzilgon of N“ - the combined preparation which part are a root alteya, camomile flowers, a grass of a horsetail and yarrow, a dandelion, leaves of a nut and bark of an oak. Active ingredients provide multilateral immunomodulatory action of Tonzilgon of N: increase protective properties of mucous membranes of airways, significantly make active fagotsitoz, at the same time levels of immunoglobulins A and M in blood several times increase, the content in saliva of a lizotsim increases. Polysaccharides, essential oils and flavonoids of a camomile, alteya and a yarrow, tannins of bark of an oak have also anti-inflammatory and enveloping effect, promote reduction of hypostasis, normalize permeability of a mucous membrane of airways and reduce a sore throat. At Tonzilgon`s use N the surface of almonds becomes smooth, lacunas are sanified, the composition of lymphoid fabric improves. The preparation promotes increase of endogenous production of interferon - the active connections possessing powerful antiviral action.

Such combined effects of Tonzilgon of N allow to use a preparation during the sharp period at the expressed displays of a respiratory infection, especially with sharp tonsillitis, pharyngitis or adenoidity 5 - 6 time in day in an age dosage, the course of 10 - 14 days, and also for prevention of ORZ at often ill children 3 times in day the course of 4 - 6 weeks.

our experience demonstrates that “Tonzilgon of N“ is an effective and safe remedy and prevention of ORZ at often ill children.