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Motherhood - the greatest happiness on light! A crumb all expected


with huge impatience. It was born by means of Cesarean section. Operation was planned because of my weak sight. Having heard recommendations of the doctor, I began to adjust myself on operation, to study information on this type of surgical intervention, to ask relatives and acquaintances. And learned everything that I subtracted, added to me confidence, I was very quiet. Besides, I thanked my kid for absence of toxicosis! It was in a tummy when I fell in love with it with all the heart! And our daddy, and I talked to our miracle, stroked it, and he answered us with stir!

In two months prior to childbirth to my spouse had to go to tours to Holland. He deeply worried about us. We endured the happy moments of our life together in spite of the fact that we were at such huge distance from each other.

the Birth of the kid was for all a surprise!! Waters departed for 2 days before the planned operation. It occurred at half past eleven p.m. I jumped with joy! I was madly happy from thought that in several hours I will see our son. In chamber one of women suggested to call parents. I refused, decided to please all after the child`s birth! Besides, in the head words of my mother emerged, and heart supported it: “Alinochka, I, probably, will go crazy and to cannot find any peace when you lie on the operating table...“

I here I enter the operating room... One of nurses calls me by name - to a middle name! The woman was presented to me, she was the mother of one of my schoolgirls. Doctors and nurses were very polite and benevolent. The anesthesiologist accurately gave an injection in a backbone (I chose epiduralny anesthesia), I did not feel pain. I do not remember the exact course of time, but suddenly there was an unpleasant feeling, and I contracted.

the Doctor asked

about where I felt pain. I answered that inside.

“We just outside“, - she answered. And in a second I saw the small miracle! The child loudly began to cry, the doctor told: “Who it at us? This is the boy! Will be a singer as the father!“ And I already knew that there will be a boy! On ultrasonic research...

at once asked

Ya about time. 3. 17. My kid was born in 3. 17. I tried to look at how it was washed. Then showed me it once again, and I fell asleep... Woke up when brought to chamber. One of nurses brought my phone, I called the husband, mother and the mother-in-law! All were awfully surprised and happy! Here and all story about our birth...


In March to our son Danila executes 2 years, all of us it is crazy about it! And it, in turn, pleases us every day and gives us the smiles!