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The love letter - that can be finer than

Love letters wrote Tatyana Onegina, Napoleon - Josephine, companion Sukhov - to dear Ekaterina Matveevna. In my opinion, cave people did rock paintings for the purpose of a declaration of love to object of the passion: say, look what I am a good fellow - slaughtered a mammoth and found a cave where we will be able to settle down with you and the murdered animal...

In any case, all of us in school days or received, or wrote semiliterate notes of approximate contents “I love you“.

Now, unfortunately, about such simple thing as the love letter, was forgotten for a long time. Well, tell how now in general speak in love? At best - or reddening and mumbling, or having presented with a ringlet and a bouquet of roses at restaurant, and most often by means of SMS.

Well and where notorious romanticism, where that mysterious crape of tenderness and passion? Even for St. Valentine`s Day instead - the mobile or next e which is only hysterically notifying on the message - mail with a standard Valentine`s Day card.


A it is not thought up the best means yet in order that not only to make a declaration of love to the passion, but also to make a confession a remarkable gift for any holiday! Besides, the love letter will serve pleasant and useful service if you send it... to own husband. What can be more romantic?

Pluses of the love letter in comparison with other gifts:

you can tell

the Love letter is a compliment. This expression of sincere pleasure, tenderness and deep attachment in relation to other person. Pay a compliment to the beloved, and let he will feel pride and happiness because once again that it has you! Here you will see, any others, even the most exotic and expensive gifts will not be as valuable to it as the letter written by you for it!