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Grow, the braid, in two hours of

Is sure: many great ladies heartily are upset when they when studying tendencies of the next season suddenly find out that long hair come back to fashion again. It is not a skirt which can be turned easily from maxi in it pass or to get new in the nearest shop depending on relevance of its length. You will not buy hair in shop! Or all - you will buy?

it is a high time for em to think Of it when nearly every second stylist speaks about beauty of high “horse tails“ or carelessly dismissed wavy long ringlets. Even at very healthy hair and powerful properties of your organism fed with vitamins it is impossible to achieve so accelerated their growth that during one - two months suddenly to find magnificent “tail“.

In this case to you will be come to the rescue by such procedure as a hair extension which was thought up and began to use on a substantial scale in 70 - 80 - x years of the last century.

its Essence that at distance 5 - 6 centimeters from roots of your own hair (in a temporal or occipital zone) by means of thermal soldering, special glue or special imperceptible rings to them attach “others“ long locks. Such locks consist usually approximately of three tens hairs which are picked up according to structure and color of your own hair. By the way, it allows to increase also the volume of your head of hear.

However it does not mean that owners of playful boyish “hedgehog“ in a flash will be able to find a braid on a belt. The matter is that for finding of really long hair which can be collected in fashionable high “tail“ on the top your own ringlets have to be not shorter than 20 - ti centimeters. Otherwise the maximum effect which you will be able to reach building procedure is the average length of a caret 40 - 50 centimeters.

So initially set real tasks for yourself and do not force the staff of salons to follow the tastes your unrealizable desires. They, of course, will try to satisfy them (especially for such considerable, we will tell honestly, money), however at the same time, in - the first, the required result is not guaranteed at all; in - the second, impact on your hair will be more intensive and consequently, they will undergo an additional stress.

However, your hair will undergo a stress anyway. Procedure this rather long and connected with use of either chemical preparations, or high temperature. There are hot and cold ways of building, each of which has both advantages, and shortcomings.

K the first the so-called Italian way belongs, say. In this case ready hair with the special glue applied on them in the production way are used (or pitch). Under the influence of the special device this glue is warmed up to the necessary temperature, and then electric is clamped by nippers on your own hair, attaching an additional lock. Earlier nippers were unilateral - and therefore the created capsule turned out round as a bead. Modern nippers consist of two clips, and the capsule turns out flat and transparent.

the English building which, in general, is similar by the principle also belongs To a hot way. Also refractory keratin pitch is used, but it melts and then it is applied on hair by means of the special gun.

Can increase hair and without thermal impact on hair. Today are for this purpose used glue which does not need “warming up“, and also metal or ceramic-metal rivets (beads) which are clamped together with a lock of hair. These are much simpler, not such long and more sparing technologies.

However, in any salon which is engaged professionally in a hair extension you will be surely told that it is “absolutely harmless“ and does not make negative impact on your own hair. To expect other and is not necessary - procedure this very expensive, and besides its carrying out compels you again and again to address besides to the master. It is desirable to trust both coloring, and straightening, and laying of such hair only to professionals. And it means for them the additional income. And what only promises you will give out for the sake of it!

Nevertheless, in procedure of building also certain reefs which it is necessary to remember are. For example, you will be convinced that impact on hair hot glue or the melted pitch is not more dangerous than hot wax. But, in - the first, thermal impact on hair is anyway harmful to them, and in - the second, at especially sensitive skin it is possible to get burn and from the melted wax.


Besides, on your hair along with high temperature makes also chemical impact - glue (or pitch) melts, and under the influence of high temperatures some substances from it inevitably get on head skin and hair. In this sense building by means of metal clips is the most sparing, however at the same time mechanical impact which presses a live hair and promotes its fragility is made.

also one more unpleasant factor Is. As a rule, the increased hair stick to 3 - 4 months. During all this time your own hair will drop out as it is natural process of updating. However you will practically not be able to comb out them as they will be stuck together with artificial locks that will lead to additional load of hair.

All these at first sight insignificant shortcomings are eclipsed by the received beauty and pleasure from delighted man`s looks. Nobody argues with it. Just it must be kept in mind that beauty, alas, demands the victims. And beauty of long ringlets will demand from you such victims (as, however, use of special shampoos, careful use of the hair dryer and very quiet dream) to which it is necessary to reconcile in advance.

And at the same time more unpleasant circumstances which need to be found out before you are given in a charge of the hairdresser are. First of all you have to be sure of quality of those hair which shortly will become your own. Try to get acquainted with certificates and other documents on the hair acquired by you. Seldom, but nevertheless happens that salons from economy acquire them on the party, at the same time they do not pass special processing and can be not absolutely healthy.

needs So attentively to belong to the used chemical preparations and glue as they can provoke allergic reactions. Let it happen not so often, however suddenly you appear among those few “lucky“? Well and, needless to say, such procedure is admissible only for healthy hair. If your own ringlets thin, weak, constantly splitting and fragile; if you suffer from seborrhea (dandruff), then better at once refuse so expensive experiments.